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NXT - July 24, 2013

Date: July 24, 2013
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Brad Maddox, Tom Phillips

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

The main event this week is Paige vs. Emma for the inaugural Women's Title. Other than that we have new tag team champions in the form of Neville and Graves. They took the titles from the Wyatt Family tonight, meaning we need to find out what's next for Bray and company. Let's get to it.

The opening video recaps Emma beating Summer Rae to set up tonight's final.

Emma and Paige both say they'll win.

Welcome Home.

NXT Women's Title: Emma vs. Paige

The fans are split down the middle here as both girls feel each other out. Paige takes her down with a shoulder block but charges into a boot in the corner. A sunset flip gets two for Emma and she cranks on Paige's arm. Paige comes back with a heabutt but can't hook a backslide. Emma walks the backslide over to the ropes and spins into the Dilemma (Tarantula) as we take a break.

Back with Paige holding a chinlock and sending Emma throat first into the ropes for two. Paige is working as a very slight heel here. A PerfectPlex gets two on Emma and Paige stomps her down into the corner for two. Emma takes her down by the hair and hits a corner cross body for two. Paige gets two off a sunset flip but Emma comes right back with a chinlock before riding her with a reverse waistlock.

Paige gets to her feet and drives Emma into the corner for some rapid fire elbows to the face. She takes Emma down by the leg and puts on a kneeling Texas Cloverleaf with her knee in Emma's back. Emma is in big trouble but she somehow wiggles out and kicks Paige away. A very quick small package gets two on Paige, sending the fans into heart attack territory.

Emma tries a leg lock but Paige gets to the ropes before it's on. Paige fires off headbutts and goes up top but gets caught in a superplex to put both girls down. The fans rightly say this is awesome. Emma finally covers but Paige gets her foot on the rope. Back up and Paige hits a few kicks to the ribs and the Paige Turner for the pin and the title at 11:13 shown of 14:43.

Rating: B. This was excellent stuff and probably the best female match I've seen in WWE in years. Emma came to play here and more than kept up with Paige. Paige looked like she survived the match rather than won it which makes for more entertaining matches most of the time. They had me believing it was over on both that cloverleaf and the small package that followed and the fans bought it too. Outstanding match here.

The other Divas from the tournament come out to celebrate. HHH himself comes out to raise Paige's hand. This should have closed the show.

Colter and Cesaro video on the topic of Sami Zayn. Zeb thinks Sami isn't a real American and is in this country illegally. Colter's background check can't find any evidence that Zayn has ever existed. There's reason to believe that Zayn wore a mask at one point, which is the sign of a criminal. Colter promises to have Sami deported and Cesaro says he's going to make Zayn's life a nightmare in and out of the ring. This was solid heel stuff.

Tyler Breeze vs. Angelo Dawkins

Breeze is a combination of Fandango, the Narcissist Lex Luger and Rick Martel but with bleach blonde hair. He keeps taking pictures of himself with his phone before the bell, ticking off Dash. The bell rings but Breeze needs to take some more pictures. Dawkins charges at him but gets pounded down with ease. Breeze kicks him in the ribs but stops for more pictures. He puts the camera down and hits a great spinwheel kick to the face for the pin at 1:18. Breeze is fun but I don't see him having much of a shelf life.

Ascension promo with Rick Victor now on the team.

Ascension vs. Mickey Keegan/Aiden English

They're still going with the name Rick Victor which doesn't quite fit the Gothic Matrix look. O'Brien runs English over to start but it's quickly off to Victor top uppercut and chop Aiden in the corner. Ascension keeps up the quick tags with Victor coming in for a running boot to the chest for two. A double hiptoss into a double powerbomb puts Aiden down and a High/Low (back elbow from Victor and a chop block from O'Brien) is enough for the pin at 1:56. Keegan never got into the match.

Luke Harper vs. Sheamus

They fight onto the ropes to start and Sheamus grabs a quick headlock. Harper actually runs him over with a shoulder and Sheamus isn't sure what to do. Sheamus comes back with a shoulder of his own to send Harper to the outside before dropping some knees back inside for two. A running ax handle to the face puts Harper down again as Wyatt gets out of his chair to shout. Sheamus sends Harper to the apron for the forearms but Rowan gets some as well when trying a save.

Harper FINALLY gets in a shot to Sheamus' back due to the distraction and we take a break. Back with Harper in control and standing on Sheamus' head. We hit the chinlock as Bray is looking much calmer now. The goat mask hanging from the back of the rocking chair is a creepy image. Sheamus gets back up and hits a tilt-a-whirl powerslam to give himself a breather.

They slug it out and Harper hits a modified Boss Man Slam for two. Harper misses a middle rope splash and gets caught in the rolling senton for two. The Brogue Kick misses and the discus lariat gets two for Harper. Sheamus sends Luke into Erick and hits White Noise followed by the Brogue Kick for the pin at 9:45 shown of 12:15.

Rating: C-. Basic power brawl here and a way to make Harper look good. That's the cool thing about bringing someone like Sheamus in for a set of TV tapings: you can run a short term story like this but it takes so long to air the whole thing that you forget it was taped in one night. Decent match here.

Bray politely claps for Sheamus to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. As usual with NXT we hit on a lot of stuff here tonight. The big problem here is the order of action tonight. Sheamus is definitely a big deal on the show, but there was no reason to not have the girls close things out here. HHH coming out to congratulate the new champion would have been a great way to end the show but instead we get Sheamus winning a match everyone knew he would win. Odd choice but it's still a good show.

Paige b. Emma – Paige Turner
Tyler Breeze b. Angelo Dawkins – Spinwheel kick
Ascension b. Mickey Keegan/Aiden English – High/Low to English
Sheamus b. Luke Harper – Brogue Kick

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  1. TheRealCitizenSnipsJuly 25, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    " both girls feel each other

    Whoah, I suddenly wanna watch this show!

  2. Yeah, it's probably time to lose the grades for match ratings. Doesn't work. Star ratings are what we're used to for a reason: we know what a 3-star match is, what a 4-star match is, etc, and that just doesn't translate to what a B-, C+, etc. is. There's nothing saying you need to give a rating/grade in a review; Murph was doing pretty good ROH reviews for awhile with no such ratings.

  3. I don't think he really takes into account your opinion when deciding how to review a show tbh

  4. Was really hoping Emma would win, Australia doesn't have much of a representation in the WWE :(

  5. Is anyone going to talk about the particular smackdown spoiler?

  6. TheRealCitizenSnipsJuly 26, 2013 at 1:10 AM

    Nathan Jones ruined it for everyone!

  7. That fucking bullshit with Christian?

  8. kbwrestlingreviewsJuly 26, 2013 at 5:24 AM

    This criticism comes up every few months and I have the same response every time: if someone can't tell what I thought of a match with a full paragraph about it, that's not my problem.

  9. I can tell. Like I said, you don't NEED a rating. Your reviews are fine, the letter grade thing just doesn't work.

  10. ITS CAPS LOCK MAN, BITCH!July 26, 2013 at 7:54 AM


  11. What if they're building up to Cesaro beating Zayne in a deportation match which leads to a mysterious masked luchadore coming into the company and targeting Camp Colter. Like they use an El Generico-esque character, but actually build him up with an origin story. That would be brilliantly awesome.


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