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NXT - July 3, 2013

Date: July 3, 2013
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tony Dawson, William Regal

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's another big week on NXT as the Wyatt Family now has William Regal to deal with in addition to Graves and Ohno. On the singles side we have Leo Kruger looking like the first challenger for Bo Dallas, which is an odd choice as Dallas seems to be ready for a heel turn but he's facing a heel in Leo. Let's get to it.

Here's Bo Dallas in the back for an interview. Renee asks him about Leo Kruger coming out and holding up the title after Dallas' match last week. Dallas says the Bo-lievers (Renee: “Bo-lievers?” Dallas: “Yes the Bo-lievers.”) will be behind him against anyone. He brags about meeting Bret Hart at Wrestlemania and having a match at Wrestlemania Axxess, which he earned just like when he beat Big E. Langston.

Antonio Cesaro comes in and says Dallas hasn't earned anything. Tonight he'll take Dallas' title in the name of We The People. Dallas introduces Cesaro to Renee, calling him the most insignificant US Champion in WWE history. Dallas was acting much more heelish here and it helped him a lot.

NXT Women's Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Alicia Fox vs. Paige

Fox takes it to the mat in a headscissors with her long legs but Paige counters into a headlock. Fox pulls her down by the hair and immediately bails to the floor. Back in and Paige fires off rapid fire elbows in the corner but Fox sweeps her legs out and gets two off a northern lights suplex. Off to a chinlock with a knee in Paige's back but she escapes with a jawbreaker. Paige throws her around by the hair and hits a knee to the face, only to walk into a dropkick for two. Not that it matters though as Paige kicks her in the ribs and hits the Paige Turner to send her to the finals at 4:44.

Rating: C-. This was much better for Paige than the match against Snuka a few weeks back as Paige looked competitive against a former Divas Champion. Fox is good in a role like this as she's been around for awhile and is a name in the division (granted not a huge one) so a win like this makes Paige look better. You can only dominate the other NXT girls for so long before it stops meaning anything.

Andy Baker vs. Conor O'Brien

O'Brien now has Rick Victor with him as Kenneth Cameron's replacement. Conor runs Baker over and shouts YOU'RE DEAD. Baker tries to fight back with some shots to the ribs but a flapjack and a legdrop from O'Brien are enough for the pin at 1:00.

Kassius Ohno was injured by the Wyatt Family last week and can't compete for the tag titles. Corey Graves and Adrian Neville ask William Regal to join them.

Scott Dawson vs. Xavier Woods

The fans chant for Woods but Dawson kicks him in the ribs to take over. Woods comes back with a quick dropkick for a one count and it's off to an armbar on Dawson. Scott backdrops him over the top, sending Woods face first into the apron. The fans are all over Dawson as he elbows Xavier in the face and drops a leg for two. We hit the chinlock for a few seconds but Woods fights up, hits the Honor Roll (front flip clothesline) and Lost in the Woods is good for the pin at 4:11.

Rating: C-. This wasn't much to see but I'm glad Dawson isn't on a winning streak anymore. Woods continues to be so high energy that it's hard not to notice him. His antics are funny enough and having a nostalgia character is a good way to get your foot in the door. The match didn't have long enough to go anywhere but it was hard hitting and energetic enough to not suck.

Bray Wyatt talks about people judging him for the way he looks. He's a wolf and sheep's clothing and if you knew what was behind his eyes, you would know why people are scared of him.

Enzo Amore vs. Mason Ryan

Enzo continues to be incredibly annoying and therefore a great new heel. He has 7'0 Colin Cassady with him.....and the match is over in 12 seconds with a single right hand from Ryan. Best part of the match is a line from Regal: “Is Amore the love child of DDP?”

Amore wants Ryan to fight Cassady RIGHT NOW.

Mason Ryan vs. Colin Cassady

Ryan throws him around and ends Cassady in 33 seconds with a cobra clutch slam.

NXT Title: Bo Dallas vs. Antonio Cesaro

The fans don't care for Cesaro but they can't stand Dallas. Cesaro is even cheered a bit during the big match intros. There's a WE THE PEOPLE chant as Cesaro and Dallas feel each other out. Dawson: “What does it mean if Cesaro can beat Dallas tonight?” Regal: “That he'll be the champion.” Cesaro cranks on the arm and the fans are have a “Let's go Bo” and “No more Bo” dueling chant going between the women and men.

A shoulder block gets two for Cesaro as Dawson has to explain who Tim Tebow is to Regal. Cesaro sends Dallas to the floor as we take a break. Back with Cesaro holding a chinlock as Leo Kruger is standing on the ramp. A kick to the back keeps Dallas down and the fans ask Cesaro to do it again. He loads the kick up but drops down into another chinlock to tease the people.

Dallas fights up again and pounds away in the corner before getting two off a bulldog. Cesaro's slam is countered into a reverse DDT for two more but the corner climbing bulldog is blocked. Cesaro puts him on the top for a gutwrench superplex for a very close two. A middle rope knee drop gets two on the champion and it's off to the swinging chinlock.

Dallas rolls the chinlock over into a cradle for two but Cesaro comes back with a fallaway slam for two more. Cesaro goes up top but Dallas runs the corner for a butterfly superplex to put both guys down again. Antonio is sent into Kruger to knock Leo off the apron, allowing Dallas to hit the belly to belly to retain at 10:15 shown of 12:45.

Rating: C+. Very interesting crowd reactions aside, this match really took off in the last three minutes or so. Kruger interfering sets up some interesting dynamics down the line and gives Dallas an extra challenger to face. They'll need to move forward with that heel turn soon, because the fans were cheering for the protege of a white supremacist over the young face champion.

Post match Kruger lays out Dallas but Cesaro knocks Kruger to the floor. Cesaro pounds on Dallas until Kruger gets back in for a staredown. They double team Dallas until Sami Zayn comes in for the save to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This show had a lot of filler, but the main event was solid and it sets up a very interesting four way feud for the title. Zayn is fitting right into this show and WWE sending big names down to Florida can only help things out. This was a good sign for the future and was an entertaining hour of wrestling.

Paige b. Alicia Fox – Paige Turner
Conor O'Brien b. Andy Baker – Legdrop
Xavier Woods b. Scott Dawson – Lost in the Woods
Mason Ryan b. Enzo Amore – Right Hand
Mason Ryan b. Colin Cassady – Cobra Clutch
Bo Dallas b. Antonio Cesaro – Belly to belly suplex

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  1. On the point of Zayn fitting in, I believe had an article on him being the next big thing or something like that the other day.

  2. kbwrestlingreviewsJuly 5, 2013 at 12:07 AM

    I'd buy it. He has that presence to him and you can't teach it.

  3. Great, so now WWE has both their main roster champ and the NXT champ as irritating would-be faces that half the audience hates.

  4. kbwrestlingreviewsJuly 5, 2013 at 12:39 AM

    It's a lot more than half in NXT.

  5. Bo Dallas sucks massive balls. The only way it's gonna work out for this guy is if they bring him in as a babyface (WWE) and quickly have Wyatts brainwash him and turn him into their 'Kidman'

  6. Dammit I don't know why but I like Mason Ryan. Hope he improves enough that they give him another chance on the main roster. Yes his body type is something we wish WWE would shy away from but for me it's never been sorely about that, it's how well you do in the ring.

  7. But...he sucks in the ring....

  8. That's why I said I hope he improves more. Or maybe put him in a tag team or group so he doesn't have to do all the work.

  9. Pretty sure they mean for Dallas to be an irritating quasi-face here. Although to be fair when Cena is actually serious he's a much less irritating face.

  10. They already did the group thing and whenever he was in the ring, he was dangerous and terrible. He's right where he needs to be, but you like him because of his look. It certainly can't be for any evidence of in ring talent.

  11. He's a guilty pleasure to be sure but so was Chris Masters when he first showed up. But Masters did eventually improve and I hope Ryan does the same that's all. I don't want to see him on Raw until he does, if ever.


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