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I saw where you were debating scrapping TNA for NJPW or Mid South, I assume this is the Bill Watts and what sometime pops up on YouTube as Memphis wrestling with Jerry Lawler.
Either would probably be fascinating depending on how far back you get with the Mid South stuff.
One other question, have you ever recapped the 1994 When Worlds Collide PPV?  It was headlined I believe with an Eddy Guerrero/Art Barr match and I believe was a joint WCW/AAA venture pre NWO venture to introduce Lucha Libre to US audiences.

ever reviewed When Worlds Collide as a whole, no, although the famous tag match was one of my ***** ones.  Lucha libre is pretty far out of my comfort zone and I wouldn't have much of interest to add.  

As for Mid South, I have a variety of stuff bought from the Micah Watts site before they got bought out by WWE, and a 12-disc "best of" set that I got online as well, which isn't the full shows but follows the chronology.  There would be many hours of content there.  Memphis is also an intriguing idea.  


  1. Mid-South rants coming before the release of the big Mid-South DVD would be popular, no doubt.

  2. I have that 12 disc set as well. That would be a cool review. It would take forever though as each disc is 4 hours.

  3. I know there will be many down votes for this, but NJPW!

  4. When World's Collide is a great ppv. As kids, my best friend and I used to rewatch that tape all the time. At a time before WCW had exposed the U.S. to Lucha, the ppv really made an impression on us. I haven't watched any of the ppv outside of the fantastic Gringos Locos match in years, but I think I'll have to dig up my copy sometime soon and see if it holds up.

  5. Do you get ESPN Classic? If so any chance you'll follow the GWF when it starts up?

  6. Why would there be downvotes? It's the hottest promotion on the planet...


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