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Win-Loss Records

From: Craig Whiteman 

Here is a summary of the win-loss records at the end of June.  Again this is only for televised matches on Raw, NXT, Main Event, Superstars, Smackdown, Saturday Morning Slam and PPV.

 Most Total Matches

  • 56 – Randy Orton
  • 51 – Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro
  • 50 – Damien Sandow
  • 49 – Sheamus
  • 48 – Cody Rhodes

 Most Total Wins

  • 37 – Randy Orton
  • 35 – Sheamus
  • 32 – Alberto Del Rio
  • 27 – Daniel Bryan
  • 26 – Kane

Best Win Percentage (5 or more matches)

  • 1.000 – Christian
  • 0.917 – Curtis Axel
  • 0.875 – Paige
  • 0.857 – R-Truth
  • 0.818 – Luke Harper

 Most Total Losses

  • 34 – Cody Rhodes
  • 32 – Damien Sandow
  • 31 – Antonio Cesaro
  • 27 – Wade Barrett
  • 26 – Heath Slater

Lowest Win Percentage (5 or more matches)

  • 0.000 – Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, Zeb Colter, Rosa Mendes, Alex Riley
  • 0.045 – Primo
  • 0.048 – Epico
  • 0.067 – Aksana
  • 0.091 – Drew McIntyre, Michael McGillicutty

 Fewest Wins (5 or more matches)

  • 0 - Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, Zeb Colter, Rosa Mendes, Alex Riley
  • 1 – Primo, Epico, Aksana, Michael McGillicutty, Alicia Fox, Triple H
  • 2 – Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Santino Marella, Scott Dawson
  • 3 – Heath Slater, Sasha Banks, Emma

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Link to win-loss records after week 26 -


  1. The top 4 for most losses is retarded.

  2. Wasn't someone saying in the Randy Orton post that he isn't protected and jobs all the time? I think this proves otherwise.

    And Christian lost his first match since coming back. To guess who...Randy Fucking Orton.

  3. Why are we keeping track of these again?

  4. No wonder why few cares about the world heavyweight MITB match. The top 4 losers this year are in the match.

  5. Maybe it will help winning and losing matter again someday. Sure seemed to mean a lot more years ago and made the matches more fun because of it.

  6. Mcgillcutty went from one of the lowest win percentages to one of the highest with Axel. Gee maybe not treating someone like a loser will make them start getting over.

  7. "Bryan tapped Orton out clean? Big deal! Kurt Angle did it over seven years ago!" was one of the my favorite reasons why beating Orton wasn't a big deal.

  8. Where the hell is Rosa Mendes having 5 matches?

  9. Agreed. I want to NOT care anymore, yet it annoys me to no end. Damn wrestlingfan-heart-of-mine.

  10. I am shocked - SHOCKED - to discover that Yoshi Tatsu has had at least 5 matches on TV this year...

  11. via

    Smackdown, 1/4: with Primo & Epico, lost to The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, & Natalya

    Smackdown, 1/25: lost to Natalya

    Raw, 2/18: with Primo & Epico, lost to Tensai, Brodus Clay, & Naomi

    Smackdown, 4/19: same as the first match

    Saturday Morning Slam, 4/27: same as the first match

  12. In Booking revolution I just had the final blow-off to a Sting vs. Undertaker...erm, "Core Crow" vs. "Nightshift" feud that say them hook up at PPVs and exchange wins, but otherwise plow through most of the upper mid-card during TV tapings.

    Easy 5 star match. 'Taker went over clean.

  13. Has anyone pointed out that the Top 5 losers are all heels? THIS is the problem. Heels need to win to look strong. It doesn't help anyone that Cena and Sheamus combined have pretty much beaten everybody.

  14. Halfway through the year and 90% of the roster is at .500 or so. LOL what a crappy company.

  15. Are you talking singles? He jobbed in a tag match to Ambrose before that. Also, Orton tapped to Bryan, and lost to Kane. He jobs more than their other top faces.

  16. He still has more wins than anyone else. Why? They aren't planning anything for him. The guys they are pushing the most should have the most wins and the least losses.

    Not a guy who's spot must be protected.

  17. I didn't even know they used this new entrance theme. Not really manly at all...hence, another problem with the current product.

  18. Aside from SummerSlam '98, what great ladder matches has Triple H been in? This crowd is so mean wanting Vickie to fall off the ladder.


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