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MOTD: Rock N Roll v. Bulldogs

Today in crazy matches I never knew happened... The Rock n Roll Express vs The British Bulldogs. With Pat O'Conner as referee, for some reason. And some of the worst announcing I've ever heard. But still, RnR vs the Bulldogs!

I have this one on one of my endless RNR comps that I picked up in my tape trading days, and it kind of sucks.  But yeah, as historical curiosities go, holy shit. 


  1. About halfway through it becomes obvious what the finish will be and that they are just killing time to get there. Still, it's an interesting to see. It just comes off more as a demonstration of wrestling than an actual match.

  2. I think once you see how long the file is you know how it's going to end.

    Anyone know when and for who this match takes place? It looks like it says AWA on the mat, but it sounds like Johnny V and Craig DeGorge on commentary.

  3. Central States territory. Match is okay, too bad the place is so empty.


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