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QOTD - August 29th, 2013

Greetings. "Ricky Springfield, he's a buddy-ah mine!"

I'm interested in the blog's thoughts on some entrance music related items. We all have our favorites, but here's what I want to know:

1) What is your favorite "so bad it's awesome" wrestling theme?

2) Which totally forgettable or underachieving wrestlers had awesome themes that were, well, too awesome for them?

For me, the answer to number one is a tie between Billy and Chuck's "You Look So Good To Me" and Rick Rude's "Simply Ravishing" Black Cat ripoff. 

And for two, D'Lo Brown and Rob Conway. 


Billy & Chuck's song is an N'SYNC tune. I remember being at a friend's house back in the day and his little sister all of a sudden started listening to B&C's theme song. After further investigation, I found out the details.

I don't know about so bad it's awesome, but I can certainly go with bad. Sting's theme from the mid-90's is absolutely God-awful. Probably the worst lyrics in wrestling theme history. Someone was literally paid to come up with "he does this, he does that". Steiner Ride is really f'ning terrible too.

As for the second question, I always dug Drew McIntyre's theme song before 3MB. It had a really hard, slowpaced edge to it.

How say you?

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