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RF Video Shoot Interview with Bad News Allen

This Interview was filmed in 2005.

The interview starts with Bad News being asked if he was a fan of wrestling growing up. He said that he was until the age of ten, when he bodyslammed his younger sister and his dad would not allow him to watch anymore.

He got into martial arts and started Judo at age 18. He was asked when he knew that he was good and Bad News said he won his first tournament is when he knew.

He was a five-time USA champ in the Pan-Am games and made the Olympic squad in 1976. He said he tried out in ’72 but ending up blowing out his knee. He said the training was difficult but he enjoyed training hard and claims he was known for that among his peers. He said that if made money in judo, he would have stayed. He then states he wrestled because of the money. 

Up next, Bad News is asked how he got into wrestling. He said when he was 33, his judo coach told him to take a year off after he didn’t get to make the Olympic trials, which he claims was due to politics. He came back the next year and his coach told him to go into wrestling, which caused Bad News to laugh as he thought wrestling was phony and a joke. His coach told him to train in Japan, where they take it seriously and he could train in the dojo.

Bad News is asked about his initial impression of Antonio Inoki. He liked him and said he was smart and could draw crowds and talk but not a great worker, comparing him to Hulk Hogan. At the time, he states that Inoki was looking for a legitimate athlete, similar to Muhammed Ali, and saw a tape of him, liking what he saw.

When asked about training, Bad News said that it was nothing compared to the Olympics. From judo, he learned how to fall properly so bumping came naturally to him. His typical day in Japan consisted of waking at 6am, running for an hour, eat breakfast then go to the dojo and do a thousand squats and jum rope before going in the ring. He is then asked if anyone tried to test him during training and he said no but a few tried during matches and they were sorry. Bad News also says that he was first to enter and the last to leave, as he was the foreigner and their guest. He said he never bitched about anything there.

He is then asked about getting Chris Benoit to Japan. He said he told Inoki to bring him in as he didn’t like how the Hart’s were treating him in Calgary. He said over time, he brought 2 Cold Scorpio and Pat Tanaka to Inoki.

At that time, Bad News says there was no politics in Japan. His initial name was Buffalo Allen, which was the result of a contest they had to name him. He was then asked how he was treated by the sponsors and the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Bad News said they both loved him, the Yakuza liked the heels, and they would take them to good restaurants.

Bad News is asked about his thoughts on Tiger Jeet Singh. He compared him to Abdullah the Butcher, saying they were both out for themselves. He then is asked about Abdullah taking money from the guys he helped bring to Japan and Bad News said it was wrong and that he brought in guys because he wanted to help and didn’t ask for a dime.

Up next is how he worked with Andre in Japan in the late 1970’s and the incident they had on the bus. Bad News said that they were on a bus that also included Dusty Rhodes, Stan Hansen, Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Hulk Hogan, who was sitting directly behind Bad News. Andre was talking and started to use the N-word and Bad News told him to watch his mouth. Things quieted down then Andre told Bad News to go fuck himself. Bad News got pissed and ordered the driver to stop and told Andre to come outside and say that to his face but Andre refused. Hansen tried to smooth things over by saying Andre was drunk but Bad News was pissed an immediately went up to his hotel room. The next day he saw Andre and asked him to go outside but he refused. He then talked to him and said that he was mad at Andre for insulting his people, bringing up the fact that he never insulted Andre’s people. Andre then apologized. Bad News said they buried the hatchet right before his death.

He is then asked how he wound up working in the WWWF under Vince McMahon Sr. He said at the time, they had a working agreement with New Japan. Bad News liked Vince Sr., stating he always treated him well, unlike his son. He then says that Vince Jr. should have stayed on the mic and that he was mad that his dad wouldn’t let him be one of the boys and once he took over from his dad, to forget about it. He said he was green and was working prelims at the time. He said that it took him five years to become a good worker. He traveled with Peter Maiava (The grandfather of the Rock) and said that Maiavawas like a big brother to him and a legit tough guy. He puts him over a lot in this interview for being a great guy.

From there, he went to work in Los Angeles. He is asked about his memories of the Guerreros and said they all had huge egos and were jerks but Eddie turned out to be nice and first met him when he was ten years old, commenting on how he was pudgy. He then recalls running into Eddie in Japan years later and couldn’t believe that it was the same kid. He also thought that Al Madril was a jerk who believed his own gimmick, which he refers to as “Believing in your own BS.”

He is then asked about working with Tito Santana in Japan. He liked Tito and learned from him by watching. He is then asked about teaming with Hogan and references back to the Andre incident on the bus. During that confrontation  and just before he went outside, Bad News put his earrings in his bag and Hulk thought that he was reaching for a gun, because no one talked to Andre like that before and if they did, he assumed that they would have a gun. Bad News says that Hogan was a better worker then and had an unbelievable amount of charisma. He calls Inoki the Hogan of Japan.

He then tells a story of a drunken bar fight at a strip club in Japan. He was with the Samoans (Afa & SIka), Ken Patera, and Tom Prichard. Anyway, they got Prichard hammered to the point that he took off all his clothes. The Yakuza were there and told Bad News they all had to leave as they were drunk then the Samoans got into a fight and the riot police arrived. Bad News was holding Prichard’s clothes, trying to get him to leave and he ended up dragging him back to the hotel just before they tried to arrest them.

He is then asked if he ever cracked under the pressure of touring. He said no as he didn’t do pills and that the mind controlled the body. He said that the NWA never tried to recruit him, recalling that he met Jim Crockett once while in Florida.

He said that the promoters in Japan asked him to control Abdullah the Butcher. Whenever he told Abby something, he would do the exact opposite. He is then asked about the jealousy between Tiger Jeet Singh and Abdullah the Butcher. He said that they drew the first million dollar house in wrestling (The match is largely considered to be horrendous) then mentions how it was due to the relation between All-Japan and New-Japan.

Bad News is asked about his thoughts on several workers. He liked Bill Eadie, thought he was a smart man. He hated Dick Murdoch, stating he was a bigot and also hints that he might have been part of the Ku Klux Klan. He claims to have told Murdoch when he first met him to not start any racist crap with him and he was fine with that. He said he was also crazy. He said that Freddie Blassie was a good guy and was jealous of him because he had dark skin and Blassie was always trying to get tanned. He also loved Jim Duggan but hated working with him as he start to laugh whenever he looked at his face. He also puts over Duggan for being a funny guy.

He is then asked how he developed his promo skills. Bad News says that Strongbow told him to become the character he was supposed to be and that Inoki once told him a story of how he pushed Tatsumi Fujinami over a better worker because he could tell a story with his facial expressions.

Up next is how he wound up in Calgary wrestling for Stu Hart. He said that he was warned by the office in Japan that they were known for messing around with people. He liked Stu Hart, who also took a liking to him, but said that the Hart family was the definition of a dysfunctional family. He also said that he did not work out in the dungeon, as Stu loved the fact that he was in the Olympics thus did not feel the need to test him out.

Bad News is asked about Bret Hart. Bad News always thought he was a good technician in the ring but never changed his facial expressions and always believed his own BS. He also said that Bret would do a lot of moves that did not make sense in context of the match. He also said he told Bret he wouldn’t bump for moves that missed by a lot and Bret would get pissy over that. He is then asked if he believes the Dynamite Kid’s story of doing drugs with Bret and he says that he does, as he believes Dynamite was not a bullshitter.

He is asked about Davey Boy Smith. He said he called him Jethro Bodine (the character from the Beverly Hillbillies). He also says that he liked him but would get mad when instead of selling in the match, he would be pulling up his pads and trunks instead.

Bad News is asked about another story in Dynamite’s book, this time his confrontation with Bret Hart. He confirms the story then tells us what happened. He said that Bret was false in his claims that he had never hurt anyone in the ring, as he gave him two concussions.  Before one of their matches, Bad News told Bret not to hit him in the back of the head with a chair. Well, Bret hit him anyway and Bad News said he got up and choked him out, calling him a “fucking asshole,” then rolled out of the ring and grabbed a kendo stick and cracked him on the nose. He then went to the locker room and found out that Bret had someone else grab his bags and he took off for a few days before returning. When asked about their relationship in the WWF, Bad News said that they were okay but he always kept an eye out for him.

He is then asked how he got suspended by the athletic commission. Bad News said that Dynamite can up with an idea to hit him and Davey Boy with his town car. Bad News said he told Dynamite to quit using drugs. 

He then did another program with Bret. Bad News said that he was moody the entire time and would always want to go over. He said that they did an angle in which he stabbed Bret in the eye with a fork that would require Bret to wear a patch afterwards to sell the attack but he would refuse to wear it out in public and he would walk around the town the day of their matches, with the people seeing him without the patch and knowing that it was all bullshit. He then recalls one story of the police, who thought the attacks were real, showing up in the locker room and trying to arrest him. He said he asked them if Bret was pressing charges, they said no, and he kicked them out.

Bad News is asked about Bruce Hart. He calls him “mommy’s favorite” who would always look out for Bret. He then claims that Stu once told him that he wished someone would take Bruce to their territory and turn him into an opening match guy and beat his ass on a daily basis, as he knew Bruce was ruining the territory.

He is asked about the brutal driving conditions. He said there were frequent accidents due to the inclement weather and when they had to work in Vancouver, would travel 15 hours to get there.

He is asked his thoughts on some more workers. He hated David Schultz, calling him an asshole. He tells a story from when he was in Japan with Schultz, the office hated him because he always wanted to talk instead of wrestle. They were scheduled to team together and before the match, Bad News was told to refuse any tag that Schultz tried to make and during that match, Schultz got the shit kicked out of him by the opposing team. He liked Jim Neidhart and tells a story of how he once left Davey in charge of his cat and when he went to pick it up, he found out that Davey’s rotweiler had eaten it. He liked the Honky Tonk Man but said he was not a good worker. He said that Mike Shaw was a stooge and if you kicked Stu Hart in the nuts, you would break Shaw’s nose because it was so far up his ass.

He is asked about Smith Hart, who Bad News refers to as a low-life degenerate. He says that he almost adopted Smith’s daughter but decided not to as he and his wife did not want Smith in their lives.

Up next is when Ed Whelan quit Stampede Wrestling over the angle in which Bad News piledrived the “son” of Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie and broke his neck. He called Ed a mark and said that he was bad as a commentator, always putting himself over instead of building up the heels for the faces. He also said that people were sending cards and calling the hosptials to ask about Gouldie’s son, who didn’t even exist. Bad News also said that he did not even want to do the angle, as he had heat with the athletic commission at the time.

Bad News is now asked about the time that Andre shit on him during their match. He said that Andre had diarreah and had been drinking too. Bad News was tagging with Bam Bam Bigelow in the match and Andre went to whip him then lost control of his bowels. He said he rolled out of the ring, nearly puked then ran to the back in the shower with all his clothes on. When asked about Mexico, he said the fans were nuts and they would throw lit cigarettes at you and they would stick to your skin because of your perspiration.

He is asked about working a few shows for the WWF in 1984. He said that he was supposed to go there with Bret, Jim Neidhart, and the Bulldogs but declined as his wife was having a baby at that time. He also said that no one asked him if he wanted to go to there, and he didn’t want to, but agreed to do a few shows.

Bad News said that he knew Stampede was in trouble when Bruce started to run things. He also said that Stu never told his sons that he was selling the company and they found out by watching the news.

He is asked about his earliest memories of Chris Benoit. Bad News says that he wanted to bring him over to Japan as the Hart’s were abusive towards him, because they were jealous. He recalls a story of how they were in Edmonton on Chris’s birthday and he had his sister-in-law make him a birthday cake. In the locker room, Bruce Hart sees the cake and asks who it has for and when he found out, he muttered under his breath that he was not going to be eating the cake and had Mike Shaw smash it into his face. He tells another story of Benoit of how they teamed up against Shaw and Steve DeSalvo and Bad News switched the finish from him pinning DeSalvo to Benoit. When Benoit got the pin using the Dynamite Kid’s headbutt, the crowd went nuts and Bad News said that made the Hart’s jealous.

He is asked about the UWF. Bad News said that they went out of business as there were too many chiefs and they were skimming off the top and as a result, went out of business, despite selling out a majority of their shows.

He is then asked about his thoughts on several workers while in Florida. He liked Wahoo McDaniel and said that they were similar. He said that Mike Graham was an asshole and a spoiled, little rich kid who thought everyone should lay down for him. He thought that Lex Luger was a total moron and recalls when he tried to teach Lex about working, as he was fucking up constantly in the ring, and Lex wouldn’t listen and started to pose in the mirror. Bad News is then asked about the incident in which Brody beat the shit out of Lex. He said that Lex was disrespectful to Brody and was telling him how to work the match in the locker room and after that, Bad News knew that Brody was going to kill him. He said that he found out about his death when on the road with the WWF in Denver and went off in the corner and cried. He thought that Kevin Sullivan was one of the craziest people he has ever met. He liked Ron Simmons and says that they use to share a car together and Simmons would take off without telling him and his girlfriend would ask Bad News where he went. He liked Ray Candy and thought that Buzz Sawyer was nuts. He also liked Brian Pillman and thought he worked hard and said that he told him to stay away from Bruce Hart, who would try to influence him.

Next, he is asked about Owen Hart. At first, he thought he was difficult to work with. He also said it was difficult to get heat on him because he wouldn’t sell, and he needed to as a young babyface. He recalls a story of beating Owen at a house show in Saskatoon when he was the Blue Blazer and after he pinned him with the Ghetto Blaster. They had another match shortly after that and Bad News told Earl Hebner that he would kick the shit out of Owen if he celebrated on the ropes after losing. Well, after that match, Owen thought that Bad News left and stood on the ropes, but Bad News was still there and he said he beat his ass then screamed at him in the locker room.

Up next is how he wound up in the WWF. He said that Hogan went to Vince looking for fresh heels and suggested him. He then said that Bret actually spoke to him and said that Vince wanted to talk with him. He said Vince called him and made promises such as getting the belt. He initially thought that Vince was a genius, emphasizing that it was in the past, but said you should watch your fingers after he shook your hand. He said that he was not accepted in the locker room right away and that Vince told him the office staff talked him out of getting the belt.

He liked working with Randy Savage but said that his mood was always labile. When they wrestled a main event at MSG, he said that Vince came up to him after the show and said it was the best main event he had seen there in years.

Bad News said that he made more money in Japan than the WWF. When he first signed, Vince told him that he could retire after his run. He said that while on the road, his wife called and said that his check was for $250. He said that they would get $100 advances on the road but at that time, Vince lost cash from “No Holds Barred” and was recuperation his losses by skimming off the wrestlers payoffs. He said that he yelled at Vince about this at a TV taping.

Bad News said that he got to win the Battle Royal at WrestleMania IV because he was lied to so many times and this was how they made that up to him.

He is asked about the Ultimate Warrior and tells a story at a TV taping in Bakersfield, CA. Pat Patterson came up to him and said that he wanted him to put over the Warrior in a ten minute dark match. Before the match started, Davey Boy, who was close with Warrior, told him that Bad News would blow him up. Bad News then goes on to state that the Warrior already blew himself up before the match started from shaking the ropes. After it ended, two ushers had to help Warrior up the aisle and he was looking purple. Bad News then said that he liked him and that Warrior went up to him and said that Vince told him what to ask for a payday in his match against Hogan at WM VI. Bad News told him to ask for a million, as the worst that could happen is he would say no, and when Warrior told Vince the amount, he agreed.

He is asked about some other workers. He liked Ken Patera, saying he was easy to work with. He said that JYD was a mess because of his drug use. He liked Big John Studd and said that he took a lot of growth hormones as he always wanted to be bigger than Andre. He thought Hercules was a nice guy. He is then asked about Ronnie Garvin’s chops and said that before they had their match, he told Garvin to leave those chops in the locker room.

Bad News is asked if he had a reputation as a tough guy in the locker room. He said that he might of because he was a no nonsense guy but Haku was without a doubt the toughest.

Up next is the confrontation between Jacques Rougeau and the Dynamite Kid. He said that he helped break that up then tells the story. He said while eating lunch at a TV taping, he was with Dynamite, Haku, and Pat Patterson. Shortly after Patterson walks away, Dynamite gets up and leaves then they hear a ruckus in the hallway. Bad News goes out and sees a bloody Dynamite and yells at Jacques to go stay away. Ramon comes over and Bad News tossed him against the wall and told him to get out. They cleaned up Dynamite and when Davey Boy heard what happened, he wanted to kill the Rougeau’s. Bad News said he told Davey to take Dynamite to the hospital and he went looking for the Rougeau’s himself. They ended up being sent home and Bad News said that everyone was pissed as they all hated the Rougeau’s to begin with. A week later, the Rougeau’s came back to the locker room and when Jacques went to shake hands with him, Bad News told him to get the fuck away. Bad News believes that Patterson was in on this, because no one would have done this if he was present. Bad News does admit that Dynamite brought some of this on himself but he was innocent of what he was being accused of doing.

He is asked about Dusty Rhodes. Bad News tells a story of how when they were in the WWWF in the early 1980’s, Dusty was talking with SD Jones and dropping the N-word constantly. When Dusty left, Bad News went over to SD and asked him why he let him speak like that and SD said it was okay because Dusty was his man, which caused Bad News to tell him he shouldnt let Dusty say that word. When it came to wrestle, Bad News was scheduled to team with Stan Hansen against Dusty and Inoki. Bad News was supposed to be pinned by Dusty but refused and said he would gladly job to Inoki. He then does a pretty funny Dusty impression and said that he threatened to stretch him out in the ring, causing Dusty to almost cry.

He tells a crazy story in Japan involving Bob Orton and Chris Adams.  He said that they were in a bar that had a lot of Yakuza present and Adams ended up judo-tossing someone and a fight broke out. Orton ends up kicking a guy in the nuts, who turned out to be the godfather of that area. He was watching TV in his room then came down and saw about 50 gang members looking for Orton. Bad News said the office heard what happened and immediately shipped him off to Tokyo and got back to the United States before the Yakuza associates in Tokyo could get to him. He is then asked if it was true that Orton and Dick Slater killed Koko B. Ware’s parrot, Frankie. He said he didn’t know but tells another story of how he went to rent a car from a company and they used because he worked for the WWF and later found out that Orton and Adrian Adonis rented a car from that company and ended up leaving it on the train tracks so as a result, they stopped renting to wrestlers.

Bad News said that he hated Roddy Piper, calling him a racist. He also said that Piper was supposed to put him over but he bitched to the office. He then said for their WrestleMania match, Piper got $50,000 and he received $10,000 Canadian Dollars.

He is then asked if he was treated like shit on the way out. He said that he was jobbing to everyone and approached Vince about that, who pretended that it wasn’t happening. He then recalls how he gave notice. At a TV taping, he showed up six hours late and went right to Vince’s office, which usually required an appointment of sorts. He opened the door and Vince was in with Greg Valentine. Bad News said that he wanted to see him next and waited by the door. When Valentine left, he came in and told Vince he was sick of the lies and bullshit. Pat Patterson walked in and Bad News threatened him and he left. Bad News said that Vince humbled after that.

He is asked about any crazy ribs and said he once saw the Bulldogs try to inject air into someone’s veins and he yelled at them as they could have killed him.

After the WWF, he wound up in Japan. He said he called WCW but Dusty was the booker and when he called, he was put on speaker by the receptionist and Dusty could be heard in the background saying that he had “no time for that asshole.” Bad News said that he saw Dusty today, who gave him his typical bullshit routine.

He said that Vader was an asshole and recalls how when in Japan, Vader was pouting because their six-man match was asked to be shortened as Riki Choshu was not feeling well and he said that he couldn’t get in all his highspots. He liked Masahiro Chono and also thought that Doug Furnas and Dan Kroffat were good guys. He loved Sexton Hardcastle (Edge) and said that at one particular show, the crowd was heavily booing the faces and cheering the heels and he was nervous so Bad News told him they should switch roles. He said that he loved Chris Jericho and always knew that he had talent. He also loved Don Callis, saying that he was funny as shit.

Bad News is asked his thoughts on the “Montreal Screwjob” and he says that Bret should have known better that not only would Vince screw him over but that he should drop the belt as he was leaving for another company as his dad taught him that. He tells Bret to get over it and tells us that he has a replica of every belt he has ever won then adds that he didn’t cry when he jobbed in front of his home-crowd at MSG against Savage.

He is then asked about his wrestling school. Bad News said that it is going well and they have an upcoming TV show. He also says that he is trying to work on a book deal.

When asked about the young wrestlers in Calgary today, he said that Teddy Hart is a great worker but crazy and his own worst enemy. He then says that Harry Smith can go places but needs to stay away from Teddy, as he is a bad influence.

He tells a locker room story while in Calgary about Jason the Terrible. In the locker room, Jason kept telling everyone that he was a bad ass, four days into his stay so they decided to play a joke on him. Kerry Brown told Jason to ask Bad News about his son being a concert pianist. When he did, Bad News flipped out and said that his son lost both of his hands in a lawnmower accident then held a knife to his throat. Jason started to cry as Kerry started to laugh. They kept this going for a few days and on the bus, they told Jason that Bad News quit over the joke as Kerry asked Jason why he was picking on his son. Bad news then said that he was on the floor laughing at this point then told Jason that if he wanted to learn, he should keep his mouth shut and ears open instead of going around stating how tough you are.

Bad News blames Vince for the current state of wrestling. He said that guys lose the belts quickly and the champ wrestles for free on TV all the time instead of doing interviews promoting the house shows. He also says that everyone looks the same and that is not like regular life, where people come in different shapes and sizes.

He closes by stating that his one regret was not seeing his kids grow up and thanks the fans for his support, as well as the opportunity to wrestle against Jake Roberts and the Dynamite Kid.

Final Thoughts: One of the best shoots interviews I have ever seen. Bad News doesn’t hold anything back at all. I highly recommend this interview to everyone. He tells a lot of great stories and if you are really interested in Stampede and Japanese wrestling, Bad News offers great insight.


  1. This was a good one.

  2. Vince was stupid not to push this guy harder, even if he wasn't that great in the ring. I missed his whole run but when i'd go back and watch him on old videos I remember just being like "goddamn, this guy is awesome!" Just seemed like such a legit scary badass.

  3. Like this shoot, big fan of Allen.

    Vince could have made him champ.

  4. Never liked this guy at all. By the time he got to wwf, he was just a big fat guy. A talking Kamala. Savage drop the belt to him? Fuck no.

  5. What exactly do Bad News Brown and Kamala have in common?

  6. Both out of shape black guys that slapped jvc113 in the face.

  7. My biggest memory of Bad News is the feud with Jake Roberts. Jake brought Damien to the ring so they had Bad News carry around sewer rats. Also, him turning on Bret in that battle royal was the greatest!

  8. I just watched that MSG match with Savage recently and I thought it was a very fun brawl. Way better than the street fight match they had that is talked about more.

    I've seen some clips of this shoot and Bad News seemed very well spoken which makes for a great interview.

    Great review!

  9. The bus story involving Andre is easily in the top three of greatest wrestling stories.

  10. I love Bad News as a wrestler, but to hear him talk, you'd think that 99% of the world is racist.

  11. Gonna take a shot in the dark here: You're white.

  12. Gonna take a shot in the dark here: You're from the south.

  13. Nope. Several relatives down south, but I'm from PA.

  14. Gonna take a shot in the dark here: You're young and naive.

  15. He only brought up race in regards to Piper, Andre and Dick Murdoch. Where do you get 99% of the world from 3 people?

  16. Every time I think that the WWF was dirty, I think of New Japan and its constant link to the Yakuza. Way, way dirtier.

    It's interesting to get people's various viewpoints on Bret. It used to be that every single worker would take Bret's side, while promoters would take Vince's. Now more and more guys come out to say that Bret was being selfish and whiny. Hearing Bret & Bad News' opinions of each other is interesting as well- Bad News says Bret was pouty and always wanted to go over (no problem believing that- his book is full of him always wanting to win in those early years especially), while Bret says Bad News was too stiff and gobbled up all the offense for himself all selfish-like. I don't have a problem believing either, actually.

  17. How "in bed" were NJPW and the yakusa? Was it an actual business relationship, or was it just like every other "mob screwing with a business" shakedown like you see in the movies? (i.e. Yakusa to NJPW: "Pay us or we start torching rings and breaking ref's legs. For starters.")

  18. Well, Andre WAS roughly the size of a small planet....

  19. He really comes off as a real life version of his "Angry Black Man" character.

    I also like the story that starts "He, Haku, and Pat Patterson are having lunch..." all I could think is "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong"

  20. From what I understand, the Yakuza are/were big investors, always hung around with the boys, and several spots are there designed to appeal to the gangsters in the audience. I don't know how big their involvement is anymore, though.

  21. I'm well aware of the racism in our country. I've seen cops plant evidence on people, I've seen people walk faster when a black guy is near them. I've heard black people say that white people want them to riot so they have an excuse to beat them. But Allen...I didn't live his life, but I think that maybe he's skipping to racism instead of the far more likely "they were just assholes".

  22. Part of me wants to say to you "You're not black, so you don't know" and generally tell you to hush.

    Part of me realizes we're talking about professional wrestlers, therefore "they were just assholes" is a very realistic possibility.

    So I'm just gonna say "agree to disagree" and leave it at that.

  23. Kind of funny to hear Bad News refer to David Schultz as an asshole, I generally found their characters to be pretty similar. Those are the two guys that have always struck me as the precursors to "Stone Cold." Schultz did come off like a dickhead outside the ring, though.

  24. Yeah, the Stossel thing pretty much branded Schultz as a prick. (although considering what Stossel turned into, some would say he had it coming)

  25. Part of me wants to tell you that saying only black people know about racism is in itself pretty racist.

    But most of me doesn't really care.


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