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Scott Keith ****+ has moved!

Hey Scott, 

Was hoping you could let everyone know, via a plug, that Scott Keith ****+ has a new home at 

My bandwidth was exceeded at the old home and I've had reports of the website going in and out, sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't. Anyway, I hope everyone will update their bookmarks, as I'll (hopefully) be updating this new site a little more frequently than I did the old one. I'm still working on the design and a few odds & ends, but all the content is there and ready for everyone's viewing pleasure. The archives are gone and basically you're just getting the bare bones here, but at least there's no worry of getting shut down. Thanks a lot!

No problem.  Pretty sure you won't crash Blogspot's bandwidth at least.


  1. Anyway to fix the broken links?

  2. I've given up that endeavor, unfortunately. I just didn't have the time required to go back and fix all the links. Maybe in the future, I'll try to put together something, but for now, it's just going to be the ****+ ratings site.

  3. When did HHH/Austin vs. Benoit/Jericho become *****


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