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SummerSlam Week at Place to Be Nation!

Hi Scott - wanted to share all our wrestling pieces from the last week.  We'll also be having a live blog w/ real time results for SummerSlam on Sunday Night
The Five Count: Top SummerSlam Main Events:
Place to Be Podcast Old School SummerSlam Roundtable:
Summer of Brock:
SummerSlam List-a-Mania!:
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and the Summer of 1990:
Goldberg & The Elimination Chamber:
Place to Be Podcast: Headlines and SummerSlam Preview:
We have tons of other great wrestling stuff like:
A look at the worst wrestling surprises:
Total Divas Watching Total Divas column:
Vintage Vault Repost of Royal Rumble 1988:
Commentary on Darren Young coming out:
New podcast "Titans of Wrestling" looks at the WWWF from 79-83:
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Look forward to talking to you next week on the podcast! Thanks again for all your support.


  1. Good work PTB. I always listen to the pods at the gym or bored at work. Any Kevin Kelly pods on the horizon? Keep up the good work

  2. Yeah, should be a new one this week hopefully. Kev's schedule has been crazy lately!

  3. And thanks, Farva! Enjoy your liter of cola.


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