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Big Brother 15

Have you been following big brother 15?  I am curious about your opinion about the remaining folks in the house and how the season has gone so far.

Of course I've been following it!  I wanted Elissa to win but obviously that's out, so basically everyone left can die in a fire and I don't particularly have any favorite left.  Judd is the least deplorable of the scumbags left in there so I guess I'm cheering for him by default.  I don't watch the feeds so I don't know what went down after the double eviction on Thursday, but I'm assuming Ginamarie is gonna get tossed by the boys' club because she has too many votes in Jury and then from there it's anyone's guess.  McCrae absolutely does not deserve to win at this point after hiding behind Amanda for 90% of the game instead of playing his own game.  Spencer is entertaining but kind of an awful human being.  Andy is a backstabbing weasel and really I'm just hoping he goes first.  Probably a Judd v. Spencer final would be the best case scenario at this point, but honestly this has been without a doubt the most butt-awful season of the show I've ever seen aside from a couple of awesome episodes that got rid of Amanda FINALLY.