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Bizarre Pairing of the Day: Eddie Guerrero vs Terry Funk

Bizarre pairing again. From 05.20.89, Terry Funk vs Eddie Guerrero. Right in the middle of the Funk/Flair feud. Eddie still has his rockin' mullet.

Man, that's crazy.  I barely even knew who the other Guerreros were at that point in time.  


  1. I have seen this match a couple of times and i don't understand how its bizarre.

    Eddie is from West Texas... Funk is from West Texas

    I'm sure the Guerreros and the Funks have crossed paths before.

  2. Nice match, I love heel Funk.

  3. It's always interesting to see "before they were famous" matches featuring people who became stars later.

  4. That's the one where afterward Funk told Hall, "Thanks... but don't get too good at doing jobs, kid... or that's all you'll ever do."


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