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BoD Daily Update

More Details on Edge's RAW Apperance Next Week
Edge is appearing to promote the season premiere of "Haven" on Syfy. As of right now, there are no other appearances lined up for Edge in the future

Credit Mike Johnson, Article on the Rhodes Family Reacting to the Firing of Cody

Jay Briscoe will appear at "Death Before Dishonor XI" on 9/20

He is scheduled to present the title to the winner of the tournament.


  1. Really trying to keep the kayfabe going re: Rhodes, eh?

  2. is bizarre like that. Part kayfabe, part interesting behind the scenes stuff and sometimes their lists (at least the ones that other people post here) are good too.

    They get a lot of traffic so at the end of the day it proves someone (Joey Styles) is good at their job.

  3. Cool, one of the rare examples of good network synergy. Edge gets to play and Haven gets a boost hopefully.

  4. Threadjack: I LOLed at this. I <3 HHH.

  5. Threadjack #2: Christian is out with a concussion?? Again? Man this dude is injury prone.

  6. So, a sarcastic and mean-spirited response is the best way to promote the BeAStar campaign. Very nice

  7. Maybe him and Sin Cara should form a tag team.

  8. Christian vs Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio

  9. I still Dusty has to come out on Raw and beg for Cody's job back, only to be on the receiving end of a beat down. The heel heat would be insane and Dusty can still talk.

  10. Only if they let him blade.

  11. How about this one?

    Man, the business has changed. lol

  12. Kevin Nash as the ref. I'd pay to see him ref.

  13. Dr James Andrews on a pole match!

    Because Nash can't bend down to make the count.

  14. They should break his leg for old times sake...

  15. Hey John, this sounds like it's not a serious question but I am curious about a couple of things (I'll let you know where I'm going with it after...I promise it is not to bully you ;) )

    a) How tall are you
    b) What sort of shape are you in
    c) How old are you

    Trust me, I will reply respectfully.

  16. 5'10" (and 1/2, dammit)
    190, but could lose about 10

    I'm about as average sized as a 'murican can get, but I'm interested in where you can take this if you read this reply

  17. "Hey, 'Thield, make it good!"

  18. Hey bud,

    That's actually exactly what I was going with. Bear with me cause it sounds a bit weird but it's been a curiousity of mine since the gigantic Nash "airport" arguments with the BoD.

    I think there's a predisposition (not scientific in the slightest, but I've never done a study obv) towards people getting up in arms about Be A Star

    And the demographic (from the people who've been willing to talk to me about it ;) ) ends up being (on average) people less than 6 feet tall.

    This is not to discount your opinion on HHH's Be a Star comments (although I respectfully disagree). I'm just finding it interesting that the people who seem to care about the Be A Star initiative so much are generally in the demo of average or below average height &body shape. Like you said, you're as "average sized as a 'murican can get" and I know you're pretty passionate about it.

    I'm an outlier on this theory anyway as I am 5'10" (no half) and don't have an issue with HHH's comments (but I like the guy and respect him for his work ethic and accomplishment).

    Here's a new question if you're not totally offended by my earlier line of questioning ;). What do/did you think about the following:

    a) Daniel Bryan's semi-push last year when he was jobbing all the time
    b) HHH in general
    c) Nash's "you need to stand out in an airport" comments about Punk and Bryan?

  19. A. With Bryan last year, I was happy. They constantly had him doing something and I was happy he wasn't being sucked into the same midcard vortex that Barrett, Cesaro, Kofi, Truth, Swagger, and Miz have succumbed to. (They can win and lose the US or IC title on any given month it seems).

    B. HHH tends to buy his own BS a bit much as both a businessman and as a performer too attached to his character. He had a great run in 1999-2001 and an oft overlooked run in 2007-08. He will never be able to buy himself as an inferior character (faces kissed his ass in promos during his reign of terror in 02-05, he gets to smirk off most threats, or the bigger threats have to be portrayed as epic and get prime spots on the card). He will never not see himself as the coolest or the smartest or the toughest person in the room. He may relent on one or two traits in a feud, but he let go of all three--even his feud with Batista, he had to be portrayed as this epic badass and Batista finally won HIS respect at the end.

    C. I created the Airport Wrestling Federation, so that's where I stand with his shortsighted comments. Wrestling needs diversity. You need two types of faces in the company at any given time (otherwise, shit just gets boring): 1. A slightly smaller guy you can relate to, a David to the Goliaths. 2. Someone you can dream to be or be in awe of, the charismatic big guys that can take on all comers.

    Still, in both cases, HHH and Nash like to play it both ways. If they say something that strikes a positive note with fans, they'll bask in the adulation. If it doesn't and it actually enrages fans, they'll scoff, "Marks." They're masters of office politics, though.

  20. I *completely* agree with you on the Vickie thing. That absolutely made no sense and was a terrible example for girls. I'm really glad they've toned that down.


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