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Quick idea I wanted to run by you. Since the WWE seems at least somewhat interested in reestablishing the tag team division, why not stage a "Tag Team Money in the Bank" ladder match? With teams such as The Usos, The PTP, The Wyatt family & The Real Americans, I think that this could add to the relevancy of the division. Or, do you think this would make one too many MITB briefcases floating around the WWE?

Thanks for the opinion.

The teams you listed are the ONLY ones in the division.  I think they should worry about establishing the tag titles as something people care about before they start coming up with more briefcases.  


  1. With such a lack of teams why put your body through a mitb match when you'll probably get a title shot within a month or so anyway?

  2. it would be idea... if they gave a damn about tag teams

    they have been running hot and cold with tags since 04. i gave up.

  3. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 4, 2013 at 8:24 AM

    This is why I miss the old JCP/NWA days. They would take two people and have them team up. Not because they planned on turning one of them but because they believed in a tag division.
    The WWE has so many people not doing ANYTHING now so why not team them up? Oh I forgot., tag matches take away from vital HHH interview time.

  4. I really liked the team they were building with Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd before Kidd's injury. They had matching tights and everything, and even went on Twitter to declare their unofficial tag team name, "International Air Strike."

    There are any number of guys they could pair together into new acts that could potentially make them money, instead of continuing to employ a bunch of guys simply to take up space. And if they're keeping guys separate in order to keep them as JTTS, I don't see why jobbing to, say, Antonio Cesaro on Main Event precludes a guy from being in a midcard tag team.

    Underused guys still on the roster whom they could put in a tag team (some guys are injured, but could be used well upon return):

    Alex Riley
    Evan Bourne
    Curt Hawkins
    David Otunga
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Mason Ryan
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Zack Ryder
    Santino Marella (injured)
    Tyson Kidd (injured)
    Hell, even The Great Khali

    Just start pairing guys up and see what happens. If you're paying them, you might as well use them.

  5. What do you think of the WWE reuniting the Kings of Wrestling, only with Zeb Coulter as the mouthpiece?

  6. Yup. I'd love to see a bit more emphasis on the tag teams, but that ship seems to have sailed, hit a rock, and sank.

  7. The pros/cons of having another briefcase around are debatable, but I've been saying for years that the company needs to do another big multi-team ladder match, preferably at "WrestleMania" (or at least "Summerslam"). ESPECIALLY if most of the teams are composed of smaller guys like Bourne, Kidd, Gabriel, Hunico, etc., that can come up with crazy spots. I mean, Primo and Epico aren't the most charismatic team, but let them do a bunch of flips and bumps off the ladders, and the fans would actually start to care about them.

    The last one they did was at "Armageddon, 2006"! We need another one, stat.

  8. I've been saying this for a good year or two, but the following teams really need to happen:

    Kofi & Gabriel (Basically "Air Boom, 2.0")

    Hunico & JTG (The street thugs that can actually wrestle)
    Ezekiel & Mason (The big brawlers)
    Rey & Cara (If they can stay healthy for more than five minutes)

    Add in a "super team" like Show/Kane or Show/Henry, and you actually have a pretty good division. You could even reunite "Awesome Truth" or Ryder/Hawkins, and maybe even do a short-term Sheamus/Barrett pairing. And Punk/Bryan HAS to happen at some point.

    The potential is certainly there, it's just that the company doesn't care.

  9. Totally agree with you. Tag ladder matches are a different kind of spectacle and can be freaking great. And they could easily do away with the WHC briefcase now that it's clearly a secondary belt to make room for the tag briefcase.

  10. Yes, exactly. Tons of guys languishing in the midcard could be great tag team wrestlers. As long as they're not immediately turned into comedy jobbers a la 3MB.

  11. I'm all in for an Awesome Truth reunification. I've never liked two monster lugs pairing together though. I think Ezekiel and Mason would benefit from having a smaller guy so they can show off different styles during their matches.

  12. That would require them to admit that RoH had a good idea. Ain't happening.

  13. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 4, 2013 at 10:09 AM

    If anything, Tons of Funk should be turned heel. Show and Henry will end up being more of a comedy team then they are.
    Cameron stays as the heel valet. (Have some bullshit pop off on that Divas show) and they do a Nancy "Woman" Benoit/Doom type of heel team. Naomi goes solo or they pair her with JoJo.

  14. I'm not a fan of the separate briefcases - there should be one "MITB" match (with both Raw and SD competitors), with one briefcase that could be used for either title.

    If they were to do that, then I wouldn't have a problem with a tag-title briefcase, it wouldn't seem as overcrowded.

  15. Realistically, yeah, doesn't make much sense, but in kayfabe, none of these teams "know" when they'll be getting a title-shot.

  16. I think one good "monster" pairing is always good (though it may be redundant with Show/Kane or something there), especially as a way to eventually put a smaller team over.

  17. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomerySeptember 4, 2013 at 11:17 AM

    Hell, 2002 SmackDown. When they got their own tag team titles, GM Steph forced big stars to team together (Edge/Rey, Angle/Stevie Richards) simply because she wanted the best tag division around, and it went over like gangbusters. Instead of trying to do 17 individual things, tag teams would def. streamline a lot of story juggling, not to mention giving guys things to do in a division that needs a shot in the arm, and the formula for tag matches make it easy for get crowds into it.

  18. They're not establishing a division. They're making it look they have four teams so they do a fatal-4 way at the next ppv so the tag titles can be defended. Then everyone but the Shield will be forgotten about again.

  19. This idea would be absolute money in late 80's NWA

  20. Ugh. Please don't let Henry become a comedy act after he's done so well as a mosnter heel. It'd be a huge step back to the Mae Young days.

  21. I 100% agree with this. But I think the cat is out of the bag as far as a #1 briefcase being used for anything but the WWE title. I mean, why woudl you use your only briefcase for the WHC at this poitn?

  22. Given that the company's hottest star (Bryan) is a recent grad of the tag team division, and went from really good to nigh-Austin hot because of his work with Kane...I'll never understand why the company doesn't emphasize tag.

    Actually, WWE lately seems to be REALLY good at hyping the top team- Team Hell No, The Shield- but not so good at developing a mid-card of tag teams. Without that, we never would have gotten the Dudley/Hardy/E&C classics. They need to put more work into the mid-card teams- develop two-man finishers (which crowds LOVE), coordinated outfits, team names and interviews, etc.

  23. As much as the WHC is the clear #2 title, I think it works as a "springboard" for a lower-card guy - I could see Sandow cashing in on Sheamus, for instance.

  24. Fuck tag teams in this day of age. Tag teams -RIP 2001

  25. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 4, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    They don't have to be goofy, just a serious face threat against the Shield.

  26. Primo and Epico aren't really good at high flying, are they? Part of their problem to me always seems to be they look like they should be high flyers, but they aren't. It's like being another Chavo Jr.


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