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Impact Wrestling - September 19, 2013

Impact Wrestling
Date: September 19, 2013
Location: Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, Missouri
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're officially heading towards Bound For Glory with AJ Styles as the #1 contender to Bully Ray's title. The main story for tonight though is AJ having something to say to Dixie Carter's face, which sounds to me like a war is about to start. Other than that we're likely to get the start of the build towards Bound For Glory, which isn't really clear aside from the world title. Let's get to it.

Magnus is annoyed that he lost last week when Roode comes up to say it was all the Brit's fault. EGO comes in and beats Magnus down.

We recap last week's events.

Here's Magnus to get us going. He talks about being sore from the end of the Bound For Glory Series, but the only thing he can think about is EGO. Magnus thinks the crowd wants nothing to do with them because this is Mafia country. He issues an open challenge to Kaz, Daniels or Roode for a fight right now. Kaz hits the ring but gets stomped down into the corner, only to have Daniels come in from behind to start the double team. Magnus fights them both off and stomps Daniels, only to have Roode make it 3-1. Sting and Joe come out for the save, followed by Sting making a six man tag for later tonight.

Video on AJ vs. Magnus from last week.

Chris Sabin congratulates Manik on challenging Hardy while talking down to him at the same time.

Manik vs. Jeff Hardy

Non-title. Sabin and Velvet Sky come out to watch the match. Feeling out process to start with both guys working on a wristlock. They head to the outside with Hardy hitting a clothesline off the apron before missing the slingshot dropkick back inside. Manik drops Hardy into 619 position before hitting a dropkick to the side of the head to take him down. A missile dropkick misses though and Jeff comes back with the Whisper in the Wind for two. Manik hits a fireman's carry into a kick to Jeff's head for two of his own but Jeff blocks a neckbreaker out of the corner. There's the Twist and the Swanton pins Manik at 4:00.

Rating: C. I might be alone in this, but I don't get the appeal of Manik. He's not bad or anything but I don't see the huge appeal of what he does. I won't say he's generic in the ring or anything like that, but I've yet to be excited when I hear he's on the card. Also did we really need to see him get beaten clean in four minutes? At least it was to a bigger star though.

Post match Hardy shakes Manik's hand but Sabin turns heel by jumping Manik from behind.

Dixie has no comment on AJ.

Sabin says Manik is disrespectful and that no one can fill his shoes. He's going to make the fans respect him.

Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Mickie James

Mickie is defending. ODB easily turns back a sneak attack and pounds away on Mickie but gets dropkicked down for two. Mickie charges into an elbow in the corner but she pulls ODB down off the middle rope to take over. A spear puts Mickie down for two more and there's the fall away slam to send Mickie to the floor. She wants a timeout but trips ODB up, catching her inside the ring skirt as we take a break.

Back with Mickie getting two off a neckbreaker and catching a charging ODB with a boot to the jaw. A hurricanrana out of the corner is countered into an ODB powerbomb to put both girls down. They slug it out with ODB taking over and putting Mickie down with a clothesline. Back up and a suplex is good for two on the champion but she catches ODB with a spinning kick to the face to take over again. Mickie loads up a tornado DDT out of the corner, only to have ODB counter it into the Bam for the pin and the title at 10:55.

Rating: C-. The match was ok but how many times can we have the same pairings over and over again in this division? Mickie is apparently leaving after this match, so who in the world is ODB supposed to fight now? Velvet? Brooke? Are either of them even active wrestlers at this point?

Eric Young and Joseph Park (sipping chocolate milk) come out to celebrate but the Bro Mans have something to say. Robbie calls it the weirdest threeway in history but Joseph Park goes off on them, saying they're embarrassments. If he wasn't wearing a suit right now, he'd be ready for a fight. Eric says he's not in a suit so let's have a match.

Eric Young vs. Robbie E

Eric wins in 6 seconds with a rollup.

Robbie wants Park and calls him an unpleasant name, ticking Joseph off. The match is after a break.

Robbie E vs. Joseph Park

Park wins in 6 seconds with a rollup.

The Bro Mans beat up Eric and send Park into the steps, blood is drawn, Park goes Abyss and cleans house. Park really should see a doctor about how easily he bleeds. That can't be good.

Video on Bully Ray vs. Anderson from last week with Anderson being piledriven on the stage to write him off TV.

We look at AJ vs. Magnus again.

Here are the Aces and 8's for the first time tonight. Brooke is in chaps, half a swimsuit and is being pulled along by a chain. Not exactly PG but it's working to say the least. Ray says this is a great night, even though Anderson isn't there. The champ asks the people if they know who he is. He's Bully Ray if you weren't clear, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Ray says he has to thank someone special, which winds up being Brooke. He couldn't have kept the title without her but the guys aren't happy with that idea. Wes and Garrett complain about this because they've been with Ray since day one. Ever since Brooke came along, the champ's priorities have been way out of whack. Ray says he loves Bischoff but shoves him into the corner, telling him to never stand up to Ray again. If they stand up to him again, Ray will slap them in the face.

Knux asks if that goes for him too because he's been here for a year and a half. Ray has a big mouth and maybe Knux is the man to shut it for him. After a year and a half they had 25 members or so but now it's just 4. The club is falling apart and for what? Club business? It's been Bully Ray business for a year because Ray is breaking the first rule of the club: bros before hoes. Ray shoves Knux away but bails when Knux steps up to him.

Sting says the Mafia is down to three with Angle gone and Rampage training, so Magnus needs to stay focused. Joe says it's time for revenge and Magnus is ready to go.

Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez vs. Gunner/James Storm

If Chavo/Hernandez win, they get a title shot, presumably at BFG. Chavo says he isn't cleared to wrestle tonight so it's Hernandez against Gunner instead.

Hernandez vs. Gunner

Hernandez runs Gunner over to start and drapes him ribs first over the top rope. The over the shoulder backbreaker gets two on Gunner and Hernandez hits the run down the running dive from the ramp to the ring for two. Gunner counters a suplex into a slingshot suplex to put Hernandez down again. A slam puts SuperMex down and Sheamus' Irish Curse (Rock Bottom backbreaker) is good for the pin for Gunner at 4:17.

Rating: D+. This wasn't awful actually but I have zero interest in seeing Chavo and Hernandez on the same planet, let alone on the same team, ever again. They're just not interesting at all and they never have been. Nothing much to see here, but it would imply another team gets the shot at BFG, thank goodness.

EGO vs. Main Event Mafia

Daniels pounds away on Joe in the corner to start but charges into a Rock Bottom out of the corner. Off to Kazarian who has about as much luck with Joe chopping him into the corner and walking away from the cross body out of the corner. Magnus gets the tag and hits a modified Hart Attack for two on Kaz. Sting comes in and sends Kaz into the steps as the dominance continues. An atomic drop has Kaz in trouble but EGO double teams to take over as we go to a break.

Back with Sting fighting out of a headlock but getting clotheslined down for two. Daniels hooks a chinlock and stops a Sting comeback, allowing a slingshot legdrop from Kaz to get two. We get the always fun spot of Sting powering over to the corner but EGO distracting the referee so the tag isn't seen, keeping Sting in trouble. Sting finally gets over for the hot tag and brings in Magnus as house is cleaned.

Sting is back in to take out Bad Intentions with a double clothesline but Roode grabs a DDT to put him back down. Joe comes in with his snap mare to set up Magnus' elbow for two as Daniels save. I actually thought that was it. Joe hits the suicide elbow to take out Kaz but Daniels' charge is caught in a Sting backdrop. The Stinger Splash sets up the Deathlock, only to have Roode grab the ball bat. Magnus takes the shot for Sting, allowing Roode to get the pin at 14:30.

Rating: C+. This started off looking like it was a thrown on main event but there were some awesome false finishes in there that had me actually surprised. The two stables fighting up to BFG is better than what it could have been with Mafia vs. Aces, but I don't like them pushing the idea of Magnus being on a losing streak. That's a step backwards for him.

Here's AJ's big speech to Dixie. He talks about how he's been here since day one to try to make this an alternative for people who wanted to see wrestling. Then one day Dixie Carter's dad bought her a wrestling company with no experience or effort at all. Then Dixie started bringing in MMA guys and people who wanted a two year vacation before going back to where they came from.

It's because of stuff like that that people like Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal and Low Ki aren't here anymore and it's why the X-Division guys have all left. Not that it matters as no one in the back respects Dixie anyway. Despite what the internet says, he doesn't have a contract right now. There's one guy of the TNA originals left and he's going to win the world title at Bound For Glory so he can make Dixie Carter beg and then pay.

This brings out a sad Dixie who says AJ must mean everything he says. As president of the company, she has to be accountable to everyone from the investors to the fans to AJ. She owes him an apology....for letting him stay around as long as she did. He's just a fish in a pond that's way too big for him and the Phenomenal One is a marketing gimmick she created.

She can't remember the last five star match AJ had and with everything he's done in front of and behind the camera, he's lucky to even be the marginal one. Without Dixie's dad's paycheck, AJ would be living in a trailer. She owns the house that AJ Styles built and he's lucky to have ever played in it. Dixie goes to leave and AJ tells her to put the mic where it belongs. She grabs a headset and says cut off his mic and cut the lights because the show is over at 10:58.

Overall Rating: C. This show started the build for Bound For Glory which is a good thing as there was only one match established. However, the Dixie stuff makes me cringe as it looks like it sets up a power struggle between Hogan and Dixie which is about as uninteresting an idea as I can think of. Still though, some good stuff here tonight mixed with story development is a good thing so this show passes well enough.

Jeff Hardy b. Manik – Swanton Bomb
ODB b. Mickie James – The Bam
Eric Young b. Robbie E – Rollup
Joseph Park b. Robbie E – Rollup
Gunner b. Hernandez – Rock Bottom backbreaker

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  1. If that's seriously it for Mickie in TNA... :(

  2. who are these 25 former members of A&8 knux was talking about?

  3. since theres been rumors of jarrett getting more involved again, look for him to be TNA's savior

    and then turn heel a month later

  4. Gut Check failures who probably only wore the masks, and vanished once Bully took over.

    (Not literal, just a funny thought.)

  5. AJ throwing out the "shoot-work" comments about the company now then?

    Bully is a bad guy, who will do whatever to make a crowd hate him, AJ is the most consistently over guy in the company. Just for a laugh, and this will sound weird since its a wrestling angle, why not leave people who work in the office/management out of things, get some interaction between Bully and AJ base it entirely around, I don't know, lets say "challenger wants belt, champion wants to keep belt" and not talk about contracts or business. Sounds silly I know.

  6. I miss them repeatedly showing the press conference footage of Jarrett hitting Hulk with a guitar (before he went back to WWE leaving the feud before it started) every two weeks.

  7. so apparently mickie's already done with tna? weird, i haven seen mention of it anywhere

  8. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 19, 2013 at 9:46 PM

    I saw it on 411 Mania. They are trying to work out a deal with her but they did the safe thing and took the belt off her.

    They REALLY need more Knockouts.

  9. Sylvester Terkay, Big Bully Busick, Jonny B. Badd, The Kiss Demon, Mad Man Pondo, the guy Randy the Ram bought steroids from and that team from an episode of Rent and Stimpy. The rest were just those little Muscle figures placed on screen at clever angles to give the impression they were actually human least that's how I remember it, OH! There was that Microphone Kenny guy too.

  10. thats where i go, too, but i guess i missed it

  11. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 19, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    I about just show slow motion shots of Tessmacher getting in and out of the ring,

  12. So now Dixie is the evil owner...power struggle...establishment...same recycled 15 year old WWE shit...

    Yeah, fuck this company.

  13. Looks like we've officially begun the Autumn of Styles.

  14. "Do I haf yer attenton nowhhhh?"

  15. To keep on that topic, going past AJ Styles cutting a worked shoot... why would Dixie complain about the quality of his matches? It's supposed to be real, Dixie. Hate stuff like that. He should win his matches as quickly and boringly as possible to spite her.

  16. Match quality is something people talk about in "real sports" so it doesn't bother me if it happens in wrestling.

  17. It takes two to tango. It's a weird shoot-y line.

  18. I'm more annoyed that it seems Dixie will be supporting Bully Ray, or at least not opposing him. As in the guy whose group has tried to destroy the company for a year and a half now.

  19. Exactly.

    What I got from your review is that Bully Ray is a heel, turning face (after dumping the overall suck of Aces) and AJ is a "face", turning heel because he isn't getting the respect from mgmt, because they keep bringing in outsiders and shoving them to the forefront.

    I dont know about you guys but if Hogan is still in charge of creative, he is a genius.

    Year one: He tried to be the good guy GM and it flopped.
    Year two: He turned heel and did the Immortal thing and it flopped.
    Year three: He went back to being a good GM, and did the Aces storyline and it is flopping.

    Year Four: Power struggle by making Dixie an on-screen character? It keeps Hogan on camera. It plays to most peoples' wish of being famous and on TV.

    Especially his contract is running out. If he uses himself and Dixie ad nauseum on TV until his contract runs out, it will upset the flow of the Hogan/Dixie story, which means he might get a contract extension.

    Hogan did this in 98 while he was working without a contract.

    Tommy, around the time of GaB- Road Wild 98, do me a favor and see how many segments Hogan is in. Particularly in June-July of 98. Of course discount the common 20 minute interview, but theres one Nitro where Hogan is like in 7-8 segments. I think thats around the time where his contract ran out.

  20. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 20, 2013 at 6:15 AM

    I addressed this before. Does Dixie side with Bully or AJ? Also Hogan and AJ "allegedly" have their contracts ending soon. Do you trust then to carry out a major angle?

  21. Unless he accepts a MASSIVE pay cut, I say Dixie tells him to get off at Exit 9.

  22. I meant Terry Gene Bollea.

  23. my bad, pimps fuck up sometimes

  24. God I hope Jeff Jarrett smartens her up on this.

  25. David Stern's dream NBA Finals matchup is Lakers - Lakers. I'm okay with Dixie 'shooting' on her perception of AJ's recent in-ring performance for that reason, but she just did it horribly.

    With Hogan leaving TNA (god I hope) and Stern retiring from basketball next year, maybe...

  26. Will do.

    The other interesting thing about Hogan and BFG: this is the third year out of four where something has looked to keep him from being at BFG.

    2010: medical issues, no way he's there. Hogan appears.
    2012: medical issues, no way he's there. Hogan appears.
    2013: contract issues, not likely he's there.

    This is Hogan's play at BFG.

  27. TNA somewhat addressed an issue I have always had with the "wrestler revolts against management" angles that come up, especially with non-wrestler GMs and owners: AJ started mouthing off and Dixie came in and basically said, "go fuck yourself, you whiny loser." Really, that's what would happen in real life.

    If I decided to go off on my boss, hijack space in the paper to complain about how badly the owners treat me and those I supervise, I would be fired, no questions, no arguments, no explanations. I sure as shit wouldn't be up for a promotion or a raise afterwards.

    Instead, AJ gets a World Title match at the company's biggest show of the year.

  28. So TNA thinks the solution to their problems is having Dixie Carter do a second-hand Stephanie McMahon impression?

  29. Next week, on Impact Wrestling:

    Dixie Carter forces Abyss to do her bidding when she points out that he's blown all of his money and is going to die soon. She threatens his iron clad contract, despite repeated objections by lawyer Joseph Park that this isn't how iron clad contracts work.

  30. So AJ Styles is pulling a CM Punk? Will he win the title and leave with it, too?

  31. Nobody is gonna back those losers (kayfabe)
    They might not even be around after the Aces storyline is through (non kayfabe)

    it'd be like Orton turning face cuz Evolution dumped him... kinda.

  32. Oh I know. Last night when I was watching the show I was thinking "this would be a lot better if it wasn't Bischoff, Brisco and Knux saying it."


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