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Konnan Interview

Hi Scott, just passing this on...Konnan on an hour-long podcast talking about everything under the sun!

"Officially, 60,000 people have been victims of Mexico's ongoing Drug War, and there doesn't appear to be any end in sight. In Episode 95 of Smells Like Human Spirit, Guy Evans discusses the issue with legendary pro wrestler, soap opera actor, and Mexican icon Konnan, marking his second appearance on the podcast. This is an episode that you don't want to miss…Enjoy, spread the word, and peace!"


  1. Konnan was pretty goddamn awesome with Bryan & Dave the other night..

  2. I'm surprised Scott is actually posting a Konnan link, he hates K-Dawg. He must be a straight up strawberry.

  3. Yeah, K-Dawg's usually great on the Observer podcasts, but I can't take him and Court Bauer rambling on for hours.

    And considering some of the homophobic and somewhat racist things I've heard him say over the years, I can't take anything he says about politics seriously, and I have no respect for the man.

    Plus the bad sound quality on MLW usually gives me a headache (the same thing happens with Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcasts).

  4. That's a pretty loose definition of "legendary" if it applied to Konnan, isn't it?


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