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Match of the Day: Bam Bam v. Hashimikov

Found this on YouTube. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. a legitimate Soviet wrestler named Salman Hashimikov in a very short match. Never heard of Hashimikov but he is a former IWGP champ, beating Vader of all people to win that belt.  

Yeah, Hashimikov only had one appearance on PPV, in that terrible Starrcade 90 tournament.  Real Russians don't generally get into pro wrestling because they look like this guy instead of Nikita Koloff.  There was some heat with his IWGP reign as well because Dr. Death wouldn't lose to him, I guess.  But the Japanese love their shooters.  


  1. Note that is IS possible to tell a story in four minutes. It's not the duration of the match, it's the workers in it.

  2. Bam Bam's entire left side was off the mat at 1. Come on.

  3. Finisher was pretty bitchin' though.


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