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Sting vs. DDP WCW Championship - 4/26/99

I recently caught this forgotten classic on the first Nitro DVD set. Both guys are really in the zone and DDP's white trash heel persona is actually pretty damn good. This also led to me checking out the old Slamboree 99' rant. I was hoping you revive the "cool refreshing bottles of Surge up the ass" rating system (possibly for Night of Champions). A star rating for this match would be cool. Thanks.

White Thunder.

Originally ****, dropped it to ***1/2. It was still a hell of a TV match.  


  1. Even taking Starrcade '97 into account, I think joining the Wolfpack is what really killed Sting's momentum. Being a silent, unpredictable badass was the whole charm of the Crow gimmick. Even the "you've got no guts / and you, you're a dead man" exchange fit, because it had some weight to it. Joining the nWo and going back to his old mannerisms, mic style, and catchphrase didn't fit his character at all, and keeping the Crow image didn't help matters any. Within six months of getting WCW its highest PPV buyrate, he was just another guy in the Wolfpack. 15 years later, he's still stuck in that awkward middle ground between the two gimmicks (apart from a couple of diversions).

  2. I agree. Not so much because it was a character 'reversion', but it just made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  3. I'd like to again call attention to the Sting/DDP match on the recently released Volume 2 Nitro set, which was also very good.

  4. Same match......

  5. Disagree with both of you. Sting was still right there with Goldberg as a top babyface. See his match WITH Goldberg the night after Fall Brawl '98 for proof. The crowd was DYING for Sting to win....

  6. Oh man some how I had never seen this match! Really good.

  7. In 98, DDP is a gritty come from behind babyface.

    In 99, he's a slimeball heel.

    NOT the same match.

  8. Word on that, yo. I bought Slamboree 99 for Sting/Goldberg, thinking I'd get an epic along the lines of Hogan/Warrior (or a reasonable imitation).

  9. Yep - revisionist history here I reckon.

    I watched WCW until it's demise and Sting was easily, easily number 2 face behind Goldberg and pretty much overtook him again before the end.

    The WCW fans always loved Sting - look at the 99 heel turn for proof of that.


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