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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #61

September 17th, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

A video shows us a four-team tag match to determine the Number one contender. They are America’s Most Wanted, New Church, 3 Live Kru, and Kid Kash & Abyss

Number One Contender Match
3 Live Kru vs. Kid Kash & Abyss vs. New Church w/James Mitchell vs. America’s Most Wanted

BG and Killings are representing 3LK, who are apparently dropping a single next week. AMW double-teams Slash to start. They get a few near-falls until the New Church beats on Storm. Harris backs Mitchell away as Sinn punches away on Storm. BG tags himself in but Storm catches him with a super kick. Konnan, on commentary, refers to Slash as “Wolfie D,” the name he used as part of PG-13. Kash flies across the ring into BG’s nuts with a dropkick. BG avoids another attack and tags Killings. He gets in his signature spots then double-teams Kash with his partner. Kash flips of the Truth and tags Abyss. Kash orders him to attack the Truth and this starts a rapid-tag segment between all teams on Abyss. Kash slaps him then Abyss cleans house for a bit until AMW spears him then takes him out with pescados on the outside. In the ring, Kash has Killings for an underhook piledriver but Terry Taylor hits him low then Killings hits a gordbuster for the win (7:16) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not much happened here but the crowd dug 3 Live Kru so they were happy. The feud between Kid Kash and Terry Taylor continues as well.

Roddy Piper comes to the ring for his long awaited promo as Tenay spouts off historical facts. Piper starts if we heard any Piper jokes lately. He says he is not crazy, just a little unwell. Guess he is a Matchbox 20 fan? He also says he is as real as it gets then rants on and on and I have no fucking idea as to what point he is trying to get across. Then he tells us his son asked him if he was an addict and goes on about god knows what. He yells about a “Dumbass shit promoter” called him out on the internet as this is just getting sad. I think they are trying to portray him as being down on his luck but it is tough to make sense of his psychotic ramblings.  Vince Russo comes out and gets Piper to stop talking, which is easily the highlight of this segment so far. Russo says he is here to talk about what happened last time they met. Russo says he doesn’t give a shit about him or his kids and that he and AJ will leave if Piper stays and the decision is up to Don Callis. Way too long of a segment and Piper was a disaster but the fans didn’t completely shit on the segment as they still liked Piper.

Casket Match
Sonny Siaki w.Trinity vs. D’Lo Brown

The casket is set up in the ring. D’Lo starts by beating on Siaki and has him halfway in the casket but Trinity and her new tits distract D’Lo, allowing Siaki to attack from behind. D’Lo comes right back with a jumping calf kick and a suplex then places the casket in the corner. He rams Siaki into the casket but gets sent into it himself when Siaki pancakes him off a charge. Siaki takes forever to set up the casket on the ropes then rams it against the back of D’Lo, whose hands are held by Trinity. D’Lo puts Siaki on the casket after a Sky High then hits a frogsplash. All of a sudden, the recently fired Jamal from Three Minute Warning in the WWE (better known as Umaga), comes out and beats on D’Lo then splashes him off the top rope and puts him in the casket and Siaki closes it for the win (5:24) ½*.

Thoughts: The match was pretty bad and the spot when Siaki set up the casket killed the momentum. Jamal debuting wasn’t bad and he was just announced as “formerly Jamal from WWE.”

Scott Hudson is with Don Callis. He doesn’t care about what Watts said about Lynn then Watts himself comes out and says he has all the power and flips him off. Russo comes out and says that AJ will take on anyone tonight then tells Callis he needs to talk.

Nosawa & Chris Sabin & Michael Shane vs. “Showtime” Eric Young & Frankie Kazarian & Juventud Guerrera

Eric’s graphic read “David Young.” The announcers state that Juvy was the MVP of the Super X tournament. Shane and Juvy start things off. They work a nice fast-paced sequence. Juvy is now in with Nosawa and hits a basement dropkick. Juvy chops away then tags Young. He and Nosawa work a sloppy sequence that went nowhere. Sabin tags and Young hits him with a pair of dropkicks. He tags Kazarian and they double-team Sabin for a bit. Shane yanks out Kazarian and rams him into the guardrail. Shane takes him off the top with a swinging neckbreaker. Kazarian gets beaten down then snaps off a rana before taking down the others with a springboard back elbow smash. Tag to Juvy and he hits a springboard crossbody. He runs wild on everyone until Shane attacks him from behind. They do a car crash sequence that is capped off with an insane springboard flip dive by Sabin. In the ring, he and Juvy have a reversal sequence that ends with Juvy hitting the Juvy Driver but Shane cuts him off on the top rope. Everyone hits their finishers until Sabin lays out Young with the belt and Shane runs in and covers for the win (9:12) **1/4. After the match, Kazarian is shown flirting with a girl in the front row, not caring that his team lost.

Thoughts: Not much outside of a few hot moves near the end. Young didn’t have a good showing. They stated on commentary that he had worked against Sabin numerous times before. It looks like they are turning Kazarian and that is fine but why so many heels in the X Division. Nosawa did not do much at all. Juvy stood out the most.

After a lengthy video package, Christoher Daniels is shown cutting a promo along side his altar boys. They are Altar Boy Luke (Luke Hawx), “Spyder” Nate Webb, and someone else who I am unable to identify. He orders them to prepare Jeff Jarrett for his cleansing.

Jarrett comes out to the ring and says he has three points to make. He wants his title shot against AJ, he tells TNA officials to pick between Piper and Russo, and that Christopher Daniels is the hunted, not the hunter. After this he leaves.

Hudson is with Mad Mikey and Shark Boy, who are facing Swinger & Diamond tonight. He yells at Shark Boy, calling him “Jaws,” for playing with toys then starts breaking everything.

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger w/Glen Gilberrti vs. Mad Mikey & Shark Boy

Mikey gets a bit of offense on Swinger as he and Shark Boy also hit a few double-team moves too. Diamond tags but Shark hits a rana and does the Big Wiggle before dropping an elbow. Simon catches Mikey with a super kick for two. The champs beat on Mikey as we go split screen with Jarrett talking with Hudson in the parking lot. Mikey manages to tag Shark Boy and he hits a few moves until Diamond stops him. In an unbelievably contrived spot, Shark Boy uses his momentum to send Simon to the outside and onto Gilbertti. Shark Boy hits the DSD on Swinger but Gilbertti is able to put his foot on the ropes. Mikey attacks Gilbertti but that allows the champs to hit the Problem Solver for the win (4:54) *1/2.

Thoughts: A fun, little match. The crowd didn’t care but it was short and all action. Mikey and Shark Boy don’t seem like that bad of a comedy team but Mikey does not have the same chemistry with Shark Boy that New Jack had.

Jarrett is shown fighting off the alter boys as Hudson is doing commentary. He tosses one of them off the balcony and through a table.

A video airs on the feud between Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles from last year.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles w/Trinity

Lynn slaps AJ down after he was acting cocky. Lynn takes AJ down again with a clothesline as the announcers bring up Lynn beating AJ in the past. Lynn hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Lynn dropkicks AJ off the apron then softens him up. AJ slides through the guardrail and tries to hit a sneak attack but Lynn knees him off a crossbody. Trinity distracts Lynn then AJ catapults him into the steel steps. Lynn is busted open and just bleeding buckets. Lynn tosses AJ in the corner after blocking a tornado DDT as both men are down. Lynn fires away and hits a backdrop. He catches AJ in midair and hits a TKO but that only gets two. Lynn’s hair is now covered in his blood. Lynn hits a running powerbomb and that can only get two. Trinity knocks the ref into Lynn and that allows AJ to hit a spinebuster. He kills Lynn with a brainbuster then goes for the Styles Clash but Lynn blocks that and hits the Kryptonite Krunch. Trinity pulls the ref outside and AJ takes the chair Trinity placed on the apron and hits a nekcbreaker after a brief struggle but Lynn kicks out then AJ hits the Styles Clash on the chair for the win (9:05) **3/4.

Thoughts: Best match of the night but these guys have had way better matches last year. Lynn is just treading water right now.

Russo comes into the ring and demands Callis chooses between him and Piper. However, Dusty Rhodes comes out instead and cuts an excellent promo on AJ, telling him about the pride of the NWA Title and told him he was the leader of the NWA and to leave Russo. Dusty even talks about the “pay window.” AJ acts as if he is listening to Dusty then jumps him from behind. Dusty fights back but Russo trips him up and AJ stomps away. Piper comes out but is dragged away by Red Shirt Security. Jarrett runs out and chases AJ Away.

West runs down next week’s show but is interrupted by the chaos backstage. Callis orders Piper out of the building then Jarrett chases everyone else away. Callis said he is doing his job and that he is just talent. Jarrett fights him.

A video recapping the feud between Raven and Shane Douglas is shown.

James Mitchell and promises that Raven will be shaved bald to the bone. He has there will be no crew cuts, like the one Nash received in his hair match. Douglas tells Raven he will be franchised.

Hair vs. Hair Match
Shane Douglas w/James Mitchell vs. Raven

The camera zooms in on the scissors and clippers that will be used on the loser. After some stalling, they start trading punches. Raven tosses Douglas to the floor, who then runs right back inside. Raven knocks him down as Douglas cowers in the corner. They fight over a lockup then spill outside. Raven tosses Douglas into the guardrail then they start brawling in the crowd. Raven uses a chair in various ways on Douglas then has fans hold up chairs as he whips Douglas into them. They finally end up back in the ring and Raven puts Douglas in the Cobra Clutch. Douglas slips out of a DDT then sends Raven to the floor with a drop toehold. Douglas is sucking wind as he uses his feeble offense. Raven fights back and beats on Douglas around the ring. Douglas takes control, with his head bloodied, and sends Raven into the steps. He busts up Raven’s forehead then taunts the fans with Raven’s blood. In the ring, Douglas snaps Raven’s neck then puts on an abdominal stretch. Raven breaks that up with a hip toss and tries an abdominal stretch but Douglas sends him to the floor with a hip toss. He goes outside and is really blown up and tosses Raven back inside then pukes in the ring as he enters, which was caught right on camera. He pukes again and again one side of the ring now contains puddles of vomit. Raven grabs a chair but Douglas pulls a chain from his boot and hits him. That only gets two then Raven sends Douglas into the chair with a drop toehold and that gets two. A bulldog on the chair gets two. Super kick gets two as Slash pulled out the referee. Everyone then collides in the ring as Raven tried another bulldog. Sinn catches Raven with a super kick as they all beat on Raven. The New Church slides two tables in the ring but the Gathering run out and take them out. Raven fights back and hits the Raven Effect but Douglas kicks out. He tries to superplex Douglas through the table but Douglas shoves him off and through the table. Raven kicks out and the fans popped for that but Douglas puts Raven on the other table. Douglas goes on top but Raven DDT’s him through the table in a sick spot. Raven covers and the lights go out before three. When the lights come back on, the mystery man is revealed as Vampiro and he DDT’s Raven, allowing Douglas to cover and get the win (17:01) **. After the match, Douglas yells at him while Mitchell shaves his head, digging the razor in as Raven’s head is bleeding from everywhere. Tenay is blowing a gasket on commentary on how this sucks.

Thoughts: Douglas was an embarrassment but the match was laid out well and Raven was awesome at this point so it worked well enough. Raven and Mitchell allegedly had a confrontation backstage after the match as Raven was mad that Mitchell bloodied his head.

Final Thoughts: This was the worst show in a few months for TNA. The Piper stuff ended up going nowhere and the fans are getting sick of Jarrett. The X Division is starting to get stagnant too as everyone is seemingly turning heel.