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NXT - September 18, 2013

Date: September 18, 2013
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Alex Riley

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

There isn't much to say after last week's show. The main story is still Zayn chasing a title shot with Bo Dallas but Bo coming up with excuse after excuse. Last week was the first bad show NXT has produced in a long time so hopefully this show can pick things way up in quality. Let's get to it.

Welcome Home.

Sami Zayn vs. Curt Hawkins

Hawkins takes him into the corner to start but hides in the ropes. Sami hooks a hammerlock and some armdrags before chopping away in the corner. Zayn drives in right hands in the corner and gets some near falls off rollups. We hit a chinlock on Hawkins but Curt takes over with a basic slam. An elbow drop and a knifeedge chop get two each and we hit a chinlock on Sami.

Back up and Sami scores with a leg lariat for two, making Curt begging for mercy. Zayn is sent to the apron and rammed face first into the post as we take a break. Back with Curt getting two off a suplex and hitting another chinlock. Hawkins trips Zayn down to stop a comeback and we hit chinlock number three. Back up and there's a double clothesline to put both guys down.

They fire off simultaneous right hands with Sami taking over via a dropkick. A high cross body gets two for Sami as Riley talks about how Sami must be 225lbs before saying Sami is 180lbs at most. He was announced at 192lbs but that's probably too far back for Riley to remember. Hawkins hits something resembling a Pele kick for two and an Impaler DDT gets the same. Back up and Hawkins hits a freaky looking throw (something resembling an Angle Slam with Sami's leg around Curt's head) for two, only to have Sami kick his head off and walk up the corner for the tornado DDT and the pin at 11:18 shown of 14:18.

Rating: C+. This was an interesting match as Hawkins had nothing for the nearly the first ten minutes (three chinlocks should tell you something) but he turned it way up in the last bit to make up for it. I'm not sure what more Sami can do in developmental other than winning the title and having a quick run and moving up to the main roster. The guy clearly knows what he's doing and can hang with anyone. Nice stuff here and the fans love them some Sami.

Aiden English asks for a spotlight. He says he's the only legitimate artiste to cross over into this industry. English sings a promo about facing and defeating everyone he faces, even defeating their “fancy pants and technical maneuvers”. Not a horrible voice either.

Aiden English vs. Michael Cuellari

Cuellari is more famous as QT Marshall in ROH. English shoves him into the corner and sings a bit before shoving Michael down. A big clothesline and some right hands have Cuellari in trouble and a cobra clutch into Matt Hardy's Side Effect is good for the pin on Michael at 1:25. I've seen worse than English

English demands a spotlight and sings an encore.

Bo Dallas is very excited about his new Bo Dallas Hotline, currently testing in Bo-Livia. He thought Zayn's win was nifty but wonders how much a win over Hawkins means. Good point actually. Bo says he might have a say in who gets a title shot and he'll make said announcement next week.

HHH also has an announcement next week.

There's a tag team turmoil match next week for the #1 contendership.

Tyler Breeze/Ascension/Leo Kruger vs. CJ Parker/Xavier Woods/Corey Graves/Adrian Neville

Graves and Neville are tag team champions. That's quite the packing of several feuds into one match. Entrances alone take up about seven minutes. Neville takes Victor down by the arm to start before bringing in Graves. Parker and Woods get in their own shots to the arm before it's back to Neville for a top rope ax handle to the arm. Some good old fashioned hair pulling takes Adrian into the corner for a tag off to Kruger, only to have his arm pulled on as well.

All four good guys work on Leo's arm with Neville again staying in longer than anyone. Woods and Parker both come in off the ropes to work on the arm as we're on about the 12th tag in three minutes. Graves hooks an armbar to slow things down a bit as the fans want to see the tagging cycle again. Kruger finally pulls him over to the heel corner for the tag off to O'Brian, even though the fans want Breeze. Back to Leo for a pounding in the corner before it's back to Victor to work on the ribs.

Graves rolls away from a charging Kruger to bring Woods back in. The Honor Roll sends Leo to the floor and the heels have a meeting but Parker and Graves hit baseball slides followed by planchas from Woods and Neville. We take a break and come back with Victor cranking on Woods' arms to slow things down a bit. Back to Kruger as Breeze still hasn't been into the match yet.

O'Brian and Leo take turns stomping away in the corner until it's off to Breeze for the pop of the night. Tyler hits a single right hand, gets punched in the ribs and bails to the corner for a tag. Fans: “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Leo hooks a chinlock on Xavier to calm things down a bit but a jawbreaker gets him out. It's back to Breeze for some knee drops but again a single shot to the ribs sends him running off to Conor for a tag.

Woods gets caught in a bodyscissors but it's back to Breeze. Tyler's suplex is countered into one by Xavier, allowing for the hot tag to Parker. CJ cleans house and gets two off a side kick as everything breaks down. Conor misses a splash in the corner but catches CJ in the flapjack. The fans want Breeze though, only to have Parker throw Tyler off at two. Parker gets all fired up as Breeze's partners walk out, allowing all of the good guys to hit Breeze in the face. Fans: “NOT IN THE FACE!!!” The Red Arrow gets the pin on Breeze at 13:00 shown of 16:00.

Rating: B-. This wasn't a classic or even very good, but it was such a fun match that it was hard to not like it. Breeze is so goofy and over the top that the fans have made him the flavor of the month. Ascension vs. Graves/Neville should be fun for a power vs. speed match and Woods vs. Kruger was fine. Really fun stuff here.

The winners all pose over Breeze to end the show.

Overall Rating: B+. I had a great time with this show. They didn't take anything too seriously and the main event was done perfectly with the Breeze stuff stealing the show. Aiden English is something that has potential and I got fifteen minutes of Sami Zayn. What more can you possibly need out of an hour long TV show?

Sami Zayn b. Curt Hawkins – Tornado DDT
Aiden English b. Michael Cuellari – Corba clutch side slam
CJ Parker/Xavier Woods/Adrian Neville/Corey Graves b. Ascension/Tyler Breeze/Leo Kruger – Red Arrow to Breeze

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  1. I am so seeing Aiden English and Fandango as a tag team. Or even better English as an Alex Riley type lackey for Sandow to sing him down to the ring.

  2. Tyler Breeze is awesome, he did a mean Zoolander impression on the mic too.

  3. Glad you liked the episode much more than the previous one. The next batch of shows were pretty good, more Sami Zayn awesomeness (Kinda worried about possibly being on tv after how much I got into the final match of that taping he was involved in).

    Aiden English is interesting, always have liked him at the house shows as he has always had good fan interaction and the crowd started off hating him, lots of cat calls as he started his routine, but then everyone cheered as he finished his song. Same thing happened at his next appearance, cat calls and boos turning into cheers and unanimous applause, very very odd thing to witness. And yea Breeze is so over, fans love to do the "Breeze is Gorgeous" and "Not in the Face" chants.

    The next tapings do have a lot of good, don't want to spoil anything but the crowd was real hot most of the night.

  4. I think he'd be perfect as a tag team partner for Sandow once Sandow's Money in the Bank stuff is over. You can so see the characters getting along, and can eventually lead to a breakup theatre vs literature feud.

  5. He hasn't even shown his in ring skills, but he was pretty good at house shows before the Breeze character. He's also the first guy trained by Lance Storm to be signed by the WWE.

  6. Wasn't he the last FCW champ before it all got rolled into NXT.

  7. He was a champion, but not the final one, they traded the title around a lot before FCW rolled into NXT

  8. Arts and Entertainment would be a good name for that team.

  9. odds that Corey Graves saw a rumor about Punk not re-signing nodded intently and said "soon"?


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