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QOTD 4: You Against The World

Hola, Blog Otters. With the current Daniel Bryan situation, I was thinking about how everyone has some sort of chip on their shoulder, a belief they hold that is either in the minority, or not well respected. Hell, we're all wrestling fans here so we know this sort of thing first hand better than most.

So the question is: 

What are you currently fighting for? 

What cause do you champion above all the others? Maybe you're on a mission to civilize? Essentially, what are the passions you refuse to let go despite being told time and time and time and time again that they're useless, dumb, and a waste of your time?


Blog Otter Award:  BeardMoney for posting CAGE RAGE. his award can be found here

Ducktales Code. The Fuj technically had the most upvotes for advocating in favor of women with nice asses, which is probably up there with Ice Cream in terms of "easiest thing to like ever", So if the fellah has an Xbox, the code is his. Inbox me, bro!

3. It looks like the Blog of Doom Poker Tournament can be a reality. So, it's time to see how many folks want in. Comment below about when you'd want to play, and I can send out an e-mail to the interested parties. There may also be a for funsies NFL wagering league sprouting up. Declare your interest, guys! 
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