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Random ass idea

I was thinking about hosting a rap battle on the blog. Basically just start a thread where everyone just lays out freestyles and whoever gets the most upvotes wins. If I did that would you be willing to offer the winner a repost, rant, or Scott Sez of their choice? Lemme know what u think, I know that isn't normally your kinda thing but it could be fun.

Christian:  "Tomko, give me a beat!"
Tomko:  "No."


  1. Hmmm. A rap battle, you say? (stroking chin while gazing up contemplatively) -- Genius; it's just what the BOD needs -- Make it so Number One, make it so...

  2. "Sir, can I host a rap battle?"

    "No. That's just what they would be expecting us to do!"


  4. Verbal headshot. Through the brain and out the back of the head.

  5. Give me a topic

  6. Verbal headshot. Through the brain and out the back of the head. (Did this repost? Disqus has been eating some of my comments lately)


  8. Let's try something upbeat -- Syria...

  9. It just has to go to the men on a mission beat

  10. Dumbest blog idea ever!

  11. I spit flow at hos, make they body shake down to their toes, who knows, might get in the ring with Cena and go blow for blow, show the bella twins I can go,

    all night strong

    all night long

    you cant cross me

    I stack bills like Dibiase

    and I get high like Jimmy Snuka

    or RVD, you still can't C me

    beleive me

    I swing rythmes like steel chairs,

    slam weak MC's like steel stairs

    and make you tap out

    it's that WT, this is what I'm about.

    So gimme that upvote, don't touch that remote, foriegn objects is what I tote,
    I might smoke every dime, commit every crime, and like Tony Schiavone - we outta time.

  12. I haven't really paid too much attention to the news recently but I think it's something about Syria being pissed at Miley Cyrus for twerking and sticking her tongue out like a window-licker at the VMA Awards!

  13. Anybody that posts a haiku accurately summarizing just how... uh, how absurd this whole thread is I'll send a $20 visa gift card to...

  14. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  15. Yeah, they were kinda pissed about the whole poison gassing of children thing but then Miley pulled her shit -- That was just too much for Syria...

  16. I don't think you understand proper haiku structure -- No gift card for you -- But you're welcome to try again...

  17. Asking for a rap
    No one gives a flying fuck
    Who started this shit

  18. Somewhere Tomko is nodding in approval...

  19. Don't know who downvote
    Has to love stupid ass rap
    fuck em in the neck

    (you're the frontrunner)

  20. Unless we can upload songs or meet in person, it's not a rap battle. It's a poetry battle. If we do poetry, I suggest wrestling themed Haiku.

  21. Bryan must stand tall
    for this new angle to work
    wake the dragon now

  22. Threadjack
    The 2000 WCW Timeline with Vince Russo won the vote for the shoot interview I will be reviewing this week.

  23. Damn. You beat me to the haiku idea.

    Bryan must stand tall

    for this new angle to work

    wake the dragon now

  24. You sould always suggest a limerick battle or something...

  25. and apparently
    I don't know how to delete
    posts on the Doom Blog.

  26. Who are you doubting?
    One hell of a jam-up guy?
    His name is El Dandy


  28. Awesome, that looks really good.

  29. pretty sure he has 17 syllables.

  30. Yes! Looking forward to it

  31. (shaking head in exasperation)

  32. Hillbilly Jim rules!
    Don't mess with a country boy,
    Or get yourself slopped.

  33. Stranger in the AlpsSeptember 1, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    Suckas gotsta be playin'

    Talkin' 'bout a battle of rap

    Ain't no foo's on the Blog O'Doom sayin'

    They give a flyin' fuck 'bout that crap.

    So you take your ideas

    And shine 'em up real nice

    Then stick 'em straight up your candy ass

    Then jerk off to Miami Vice.

  34. did the BoD jump the shark?

  35. Have you seen it yet?
    Saw some of it today. He seems to use this as a platform to blame everyone else for his problems

  36. Mike The Miz you suck,
    Go home and never come back,
    Give Flair back his move

  37. I'm gonna go host my own blog rap battle, with blackjack and hookers! In fact, forget the rap battle!

  38. no, the latest shoots ive seen were nash youshoot and brutus timeline 89

    when i go home for vacay, ill be catching up.

  39. Nash's YouShoot was too long. The wine and picking up chicks stuff dragged it down.
    Haven't seen Brutus yet.

  40. the picking up chicks and wine was retarded.

    brutus timeline is coked out goodness

  41. Miley Cyrus was just trying to fill the void left by the LA Porn industry have to shut down for a week.

  42. Amsterdam_Adam_CurrySeptember 1, 2013 at 7:07 PM

    Meh, forget the whole thing...

  43. Amsterdam_Adam_CurrySeptember 1, 2013 at 7:10 PM

    The porn industry had to shut down? Why, another disease scare?

  44. So far there are 2 player haters in here. Sip some more hatorade.

    Meanwhile I get AJ Lee twerkin on my D.

  45. Well. This did not go as I had thought. Ill just be over here drinking my tea. Y'all disappoint me, man.

  46. This is just about the dumbest idea ever.

  47. A girl got the Hivey and they had to test everyone to make sure she didn't give it to anyone else.

  48. This idea is so bad, I'm convinced Caliber came up with it.

    Goat Knees Pizza.....

  49. Yeah, no, Bro
    this life is not a show, ho,
    I'd rather blow King Mo, yo,

    Wouldn't mind having a fro, though

    forget that shit, it's all whack
    Lets be fair, what, two of us are black?
    We have a battle, J-lawl would have another attack
    land on his back, and we'd get the flack, live in a shack, be called a hack, without a knack...

    for anything, good bad or ugly,
    Shit, we'd get less poontang then puggsly,
    Alone forever jerkin our gerkins snuggly,
    Going to diva sessions for some huggsly,

    Call that our sex life and be all alone,
    Crying at night a bestial moan,
    hating it all, suicide prone,
    Rap or die? I'd take a bullet to the dome.

  50. I don't know if I should upvote or downvote this.

  51. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomerySeptember 1, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    WE'RE MEN!

  52. That's an ass idea alright!

  53. Stranger in the AlpsSeptember 1, 2013 at 9:00 PM

  54. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 1, 2013 at 9:08 PM

    Haiku? (No to be confused with the wrestler.)

  55. At first King Tonga
    Then became known as Haku
    At last Monster Meg

  56. I'm gonna re post my Limerick from the raw thread because it rhymes and I only got 6 downvotes

    There once was a wrestler named Chris
    A diving headbutt never he would miss
    One day he came home
    Took the cord from his phone
    And the last sound his kid made was hissssssssssssssss

  57. Ha, I have no words for a response.

  58. "WILL YOU STOP?!"
    "I told you before I don't stop, Monsoon."

  59. Do you mean you have no words for another response?? Because technically... Just saying is all...

  60. Somewhere in hell Fritz Von Erich is pissed at Benoit for stealing his families heat...

  61. I liked it because I'm over the whole thing, and I didn't know them personally so I'm not all butt hurt about it.

  62. Over it?? Yeah, whatever -- And I bet you think you're not still all butt hurt over the Montreal Screw Job either? You ain't no better than us -- You'll NEVER be over it...

  63. That gets an upvote.

  64. Only a week? Last time that happened they shut down for 2 months.

  65. Yeah, "tea"...

  66. She was part time. She was tested Wednesday and they shut down and tested everyone she worked with and it came back negative so everyone is back to work.

  67. I liked your response because I felt it was very tongue in cheek with some sarcasm sprinkled in there. My being over it has enabled me to clear the cobwebs of controversy and hard feelings, and just realize that it's all just a game, and we are all mere chess pieces. Plus, I once became a raging alcoholic playing the shots game every time someone mentioned the Montreal Screwjob.

  68. 3000 of jobber123's posts are recycled material.

  69. It was very much tongue in cheek -- No real sarcasm or animosity intended -- For better or worse, the Montreal Screw Job is watershed event here in the Blog -- It did affect all of us and we like to talk about it in the BOD because we can -- I see no problem with this -- And remember, "Mongo just pawn in game of life"...

  70. I walked into the dressing room and who do I see?
    Randy motherfucking Savage just smiling at me.
    He said "brother, got a minute? Cause I must confide your the greatest of all time and I got tears in my eyes"

  71. "She was part time" -- Please explain...

  72. It's 3002 -- Do your homework...

  73. And how, exactly, did you think this was going to turn out?

  74. And working at the local VFW for $15 and a Sizzler coupon

  75. I really thought this would be Caliber's idea also seeing as he considers himself a musician...

  76. Can't blame him -- The cheap fuckers at the Elk's Lodge only offered him $10 and leftovers from Olive Garden...

  77. And a writer. And an authority on action films. And handsome.

    We should all have such self-esteem.

  78. ....and every promoter there is mad at Jake the Snake Roberts for no-showing

  79. That's not a bad rhyme,
    but it needed some sleaze.
    Shoulda found young Stephanie
    McMahon on her knees.

  80. Still, they should wait at least 6 weeks, it can take that long for it to not be a false negative.

  81. Its that self esteem that allows him to have any woman he wants.

  82. Or any man -- Don't be a homophobe...

  83. Only because the shark jumped first...

  84. I kept seeing comments like these sprinkled in some of Caliber's threads a few weeks back so I went backwards and found the original thread.

    Wow... most guys on here *seriously* underestimate how far pure, unadulterated confidence can take you. I bartend Fri/Sat nights and have seen first hand how some of the hottest girls will totally go home with an average looking guy if he's genuinely confident.

  85. He's got a dick up his ass
    And it's all bleedy
    His name is The Miz
    And he got HIV

    My bitch, my ho, my ho, my bitch
    You only like Miz if you think he's kitsch
    My ho, my bitch, my bitch, my ho
    I'ma fuck him in the ass, make him my bitch

    Miz you better watch out son
    You'll get diabetis from that much cum
    You're eatin' cabanas like your name is Colt
    Like Gene Snitsky said, "it wasn't my fault!"

  86. You called my home phone but I couldn't be reached
    So you left a message about my missin' teeth
    Left the dogs out in the yard
    My gosh-darned name be Chris Benoit

  87. I now have a text document full of Chris Benoit raps.

    I... really don't know how far we can go with this. If I get mod approval, may God have mercy on our souls.

  88. Former Tonga Kid
    Could destroy a whole army
    Yes, I'll buy a car
    Oh, HAIKUS...

  89. I agree, but come on...

    If he considers this his job (his words, not mine) when is he out picking up girls?

    He posts at night/early in the AM, so that means he sleeps during the day (if at all).

    If he considers this his job (again, his words not mines) then that means, he doesn't have a real job, more than likely.

    Confidence will only get you so far, but if you pick up a chick who isn't a complete slut and knows what time it is, you are probably gonna have to spend some money on her. She isn't going to be drooling over your dick about your affinity for man movies, wrestling and porn.

  90. You forget how handsome he is.

  91. Yo Ryback you look like Blastoise
    Takin' steroids was a bad choice
    To HGH you are a big whore
    Testosterone, Feed Me More

  92. My favorites?

    A-diggy-digga-diggy, a diggy-buggy-boo
    A riggy-rigga-riggy, a riggidity-row-hu
    What's up? (What's up?) What's up? (What's up?)

    And Run-DMC's

    I want everybody to clap
    Everybody up in dis thing
    Say "Wrestlemania"
    Everybody get up

  93. You ain't kidding.

    One of my oldest friends just got engaged. She's one of the hottest girls I know, and her fiancee is... well... kind of fat. And not really good looking. Dude's got confidence.

  94. I've seen it get over.

  95. YankeesHoganTripleHFanSeptember 2, 2013 at 9:45 AM

    Triple H said to Randy
    It's my time, its my time.
    Randy said to Hunter
    before she yours she mine.

  96. I'm a fifth of Smirnoff combined with overconfidence
    I rock hard like David Lee Roth buried alive in cement
    I'm a quick wit with the equipment to keep things open when I'm performing
    I'm six foot three girls and it's all in proportion
    Forcing an endorphin rush with sound, crushing a crowd
    You can't see me like I'm the reason to live when coming down
    Don't come around, I dominate until I expire
    Forever show stoppin' like Owen Hart and a high wire.

    *drops mic*

  97. Fuck with me your punck ass wont get too far
    Ill put the crippler crossface on your wife nd kid like Chris Benoit

  98. All wrestling fans should watch the Brutus timeline once in their lives. It makes me want to do coke again after not touching it in years.

  99. wow, all the way down here. That hurts.

  100. What I bet they don't do is go around saying "I am really confident!"

  101. I was up all night just talkin to Stu
    I said "Dad I have a feeling that I'm gonna get screwed"
    He said "just drop the belt and be a professional"
    I said "no, not to Shawn cause he's homosexual"

    I got to the WCW and I ran into Lex
    He said "Bret you look tired from too much sex"
    He confided in me I had a hell of a body
    He said "Bret you make me look like Beautiful Bobby"

  102. I'm 99% sure this is lifted from a battle rap I saw on Youtube.

  103. Now this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped turned upside down
    Now I'd like to tell a story that's sad for all
    I'll tell you how I got screwed in a town called Montreal

    In Calgary Canada, born and raised
    In the Dungeon where I spent most of my days
    Becoming the best that you'd ever observe
    Until I got the belt that I always deserved

    Until an arrogant shit right out of the womb
    Started making trouble in the lockeroom
    We got in one little fight and Vince said I was wrong
    He said "I'm gonna need to leave and drop the belt to Shawn"

    I told Vince no, I just wasn't havin it
    My loss would cause mass suicide in Canada
    Vince said he agreed, we'll do a DQ
    I went to the ring and then I got screwed

    It couldn't been later than 11 or 12
    When I heard Vince say to "ring the fucking belt"
    Shawn took the belt that he knew was mine
    Which he confided in me, with tears in his eyes

  104. Amsterdam_Adam_CurrySeptember 2, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    I'm beyond sick and tired of the Bret jokes, but this is fucking great.


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