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Recent Wrestling Pieces at Place to Be Nation

Hi Scott - wanted to share some of the great podcasts and articles we've had over at Place to Be Nation recently.
Place to Be Podcast Episode 256 is a Tag Team Extravaganza as the boys team up with the guys at to talk tag team favorites
Place to Be Podcast Episode 254 features a 64-team Tag Team Tournament to crown the greatest WWF/WWE team of the modern era!
Our staff debates John Cena's greatest opponent:
Wrestling with the Past #3 chronicles the career of Bret Hart:
Wrestling with the Past #4 has Will and Charles talking about the history of cage matches:
Justin breaks out the Treasure Trove and looks back at Tough Enough I:
Thanks again!


  1. John Cena's greatest opponent will now and forever be CM Punk. That is all.

  2. What about Orton and their legendary string of *** matches?


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