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Which Shoot Interview Would You Like to see Reviewed Next?

Here are your choices:

Scott Hall, Volume 1
Eddie Guerrero

Vote by clicking on the link below. Voting ends Saturday at 8pm


  1. Fuck vol. 1, do Volume 2 where he is incoherent and rambling about 5 minutes in cuz he is pilled the fuck up.

    Seriously, Vader. I havent seen that one

  2. He is a fucking mess in Volume #2. Looks like he took a half bottle of somas.

  3. Yeah, I've seen clips of that, and he's fucking ANNIHILATED! Seeing people like that IRL is why I never got into pills. I will admit that I've taken a couple of Somas for purely medicinal reasons (seriously, I have back problems) and they're pretty fucking cool, though not something you want to do regularly. They're like mushrooms, fine to do once or twice a year and you better make sure the next 8-12 hours of your schedule is clear.

    And I voted for Vader too, I've never seen any of his shoots. Well, besides the one time he roughed up that guy in Kuwait.

  4. I thought I would be the only one to choose Vader. It's a different perspective, and a guy who may not give a shit.

  5. I voted Vader. Seen the Hall ones before. Vader worked for alot of people so it should be insightful

  6. Same here and also after his spots on the Foley doc he seems to be well spoken and understand both his place in wrestling as well as not shy away from his rep as a stiff fucker.

  7. Vader all the way. Scott hall is an idiot, and I have a feeling the Eddie's would be more about his personal demons than about wrestling gossip.


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