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"A Match of the Day" Savage vs. Austin

Not sure if this has been on the blog yet. It probably has but if not you can watch it now.

Was about what you would expect given one guy was on his way out.


  1. I seem to remember reading on the old xWWWo Delphi forum that Scott explained how the whole "Bischoff fired Austin over the phone" thing wasn't quite as one-sided in Steve's favor as most thought. Something about Austin not telling anyone he was actually hurt and no-showing events without notice?

  2. Rumor has it that Bischoff is going to be on Austin's podcast before the end of the year.

    I think a lot of the story was gimmick enhancement. Austin generally speaks well of Bischoff whenever he's mentioned on the podcast. Or if there was a lot of heat it's pretty much water under the bridge now.

  3. I know on his last DVD, Austin basically said he totally understood why Eric did, and holds no ill will.

  4. Time heals all wounds - Austin left WCW almost 20 years ago. I've heard that Austin was pissed off at Flair at the time as well, although I'm not quite sure why (maybe at the time he thought Flair should have stuck up for him more???). But obviously the two of them get along well now.

    Things seem to have worked out just fine for Steve :-) I'm sure he realizes by now that leaving WCW turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


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