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Another perspective on the summer angle


I will offer yet another perspective on the current WWE main event angle. 

I think most would agree that HHH makes a better heel than face.  The problem is: no one else ever seems to GAIN when HHH is the dominant heel (not "showing ass", getting too many shots in during promos, and just generally becoming the focal point of angles).  He doesn't work as the "Evil Boss", because, unlike the cartoonish Vince or Johnny Ace types, he doesn't get smacked around by the good guy and makes far too many relevant, anti-heel points in his promos.  I think it would have made more sense for HHH to take on the role of the more progressive COO, who endorses the Bryans, Punks, etc in direct opposition of Vince.  McMahon plays the aging, increasingly-senile king, who is hanging on to the old way of doing business.  He hates Bryan and Punk because they are not his '80s muscle men or polished corporate guys.  HHH, with his anti-establishment background in DX, can convincingly play the guy who wants WWE to get with the times.  He has the defiant history (DX), but the reputation for being all about the Business: he can balance the two by supporting the smaller guys AS best for business.  I realize it still puts HHH in a prominent role in the big angle, but at least the heel side (Vince and company) are more likely to have the faces get over on them and play out the Corporation angle the way it can work so effectively.  

Bryan could have won the title against Cena, with HHH's endorsement afterward, only for Vince to start throwing "his" type of guy (Ryback, Del Rio, etc) at Bryan unsuccessfully.  The HHH vs. Vince thing still plays a prominent role, but Bryan and the title remain the focal point that way.  Eventually maybe you have Orton cash in as Vince's new Corporate Champ and play it out en route to Wrestlemania anyway.  

I just think there was more to be gained overall by HHH remaining the progressive boss supporting the new wave of babyface champions against the more appropriate Evil Boss, Vince McMahon.    

Yeah, honestly I was 99% sure that was how they were going to go with the Summerslam deal until the rumors of good Vince v. evil HHH started up and then HHH went heel for some reason.  And you're right, it makes WAY more sense for DX HHH to infiltrate the establishment and piss off Vince, and then later on you can tell the story of the aging rebel who gradually becomes more and more exactly the kind of asshole boss that he thought he was rebelling against the whole time.  It really does make way more sense than turning both Steph and HHH and taking Vince off TV completely without any explanation.  

Where I'd really like it go is bringing Undertaker into it for Wrestlemania as the avatar for one of them, so that the fans are put into a position of either seeing the streak come to an end, or having HHH's reign of terror come to an end.  So you'd have HHH somehow blackmailing Undertaker into wrestling on his behalf against Vince's guy (John Cena), with the stipulation that whoever wins gets ultimate control of the company.  So for the fans to get the desired ending to the storyline, the streak would have to end.  Now THAT would make for some awesome drama.  


  1. I would love to see Vince bring in Austin to counter HHH and Taker.

  2. This was kind of the role hhh was playing pre summerslam. Look if he has to be the awesomest guy in the building be a face. I think this would kind of work (except for whoever is playing those heels, they are fucked) to get guys over. Plus if hhh is going to be the next vince playing a face would help get the fans to embrace him. After seeing how pissed the crowd at mania was when he went over I don't think the iwc is the only set of fans sick of him. He probably just wanted to work heel because for most guys I'm sure its more fun.

  3. I just really hope they do use avatars and we don't end up with Vince actually fighting hhh.

  4. That's the weirdest part right now. No Vince. After they played up the tension between them for weeks. (The Vickie/hiring the Mad Ox crap), just realistically, if the plan is still Vince vs HHH, you're going to have a face Vince? No matter how they divide up the heel/face pie, you'd think the face faction would have to go over at Mania. So face Vince goes over HHH and then what? Dude's old, Scott had it pegged, the story should have been face HHH over Vince once and for all, then play out HHH/Steph's foreplay down the line

  5. I'm sure it just comes down to playing the heel being more fun. And as long as HHH gets to call the shots, he's going to do what he wants to do. You can see how much fun he is having in the smarmy best-for-business role he's doing now, so I don't see it ending any time soon.

  6. I'd watch AJ dressed up like a smurf cat.....too much info?

  7. I was actually really looking forward to heel Triple H. I was hoping for almost a parody of his early 90's Game uh persona. Talking about "this business" not "best for business" and being a huge dickhead heel. I'm not sure what the hell his current character is suppose to be but it is boring as hell. I wanted full on heel Game and instead we got Mr.Stephanie McMahon. This storyline blows. I'm watching football on Monday Nights instead and WCW online for my wrestling fix.

  8. Scott,

    John Cena vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30.

    That's all you need. It needs none of the side dressing.

  9. What you don't think a jobbed out ryback is a better choice to slot in for wmxxx


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