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Battleground Predictions

As a reminder, DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE REDDIT GUY TONIGHT.  I don't want to have to put a filter in Disqus to block people, but I will if I have to.

Quick thoughts for as little as I care about this show:

- I think they REALLY need to put Daniel Bryan over and at least give him a month with the belt, even if it's only until HITC when Orton gets it for good.  A non-finish to stretch it out for another PPV also seems up their alley, but could they possibly make this show any less meaningful than it is already?  

- If Bryan wins, so does Brie Bella.  Just makes sense.

- Punk/Ryback is probably your sure-fire schmoz finish tonight, since neither can afford a loss right now and they'll need something to set up their second HITC showdown in a row.  

- Logic says the Rhodeseseseses win to set up a title match against the Shield, but the Usos are already the #1 contenders, so it seems more likely that Goldust turns on his brother to finally give us that program, with Dustin going Corporate to get his job back.  

I don't care about the rest.


  1. Talking about "logic" and "makes sense" in WWE... classic Keith humor.


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