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Big Update from Place to Be Nation!

Hey Scott -
Wanted to share some awesome stuff going on over at Place to Be Nation of late.
Kevin Kelly returns to the Place to Be Podcast to recap the second half of 2000:
Our friend Graham Cawthon has published a complete history of the WWE from 1963-1989. It's EIGHT HUNDRED PAGES:
Two big reflective TNA pieces as we approach Bound For Glory (Scott will have a preview up tomorrow and a live blog this Sunday also):
Want a Ring of Honor recap? Justin from the PTB Podcast reviews the show weekly for us:
Our lead MMA writer, Callum Leslie, has his press credentials for UFC 166 and will be reporting from the event this weekend. Here's his weekly newswire:
Kane did an interview with the Lions of Liberty podcast - talking both wrestling and his potential political career:
We've got some awesome old-school wrestling podcasts up - from the Best of the AWA, to 1979 Portland to the entire 1991 calendar year:
Oh and Robocop and Capital Combat 1990:
The Place to Be Podcast did a Wrestling PPV draft as a follow-up to their Wrestling TV Program draft from July:
Our Comics section has fantastic stuff - from Weber Has Issues to the Hard Traveling Fanboys to regular show reports for Marvel's Agents of Shield:
Thanks as always for your support!