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BoD Daily Update

RAW Entirely Re-Written Just a Few Hours Before the Show

Mike Johnson from spoke with someone from the creative team at 3:15pm yesterday who told Johnson that they had nothing planned yet and that Vince ordered for a complete re-write Orignally, Vince himself was suppose to appear on the show to confront HHH and Stephanie.

Credit Mike Johnson,

Daniel Bryan Update

As of now, there are no other plans in the near future for Bryan to get back into the title picture. A few sources in the company told Mike Johnson that they believed Bryan got elevated from this program.

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Paul Heyman Update

Heyman was backstage at RAW last night but not used. The decision was made to end his feud with CM Punk, which was originally planned to run through December. No word as to when Heyman will return on-screen.

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Shawn Michaels Update

According to Mike Johnson, Shawn Michaels will not be appearing on RAW going forward and he will not be wrestling. Bryan putting HBK in the Yes Lock was a way for Bryan to get back at him for costing him the title.

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Original Plans for CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

Originally, the plan was for HHH to order the Shield to take care of Punk and Bryan. However, those in the company felt that the Wyatt's were being misused and that working with Punk and Bryan will get them over, as opposed to the Kane and Miz.

Credit Mike Johnson,