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Bound For Glory 2013

Bound For Glory 2013
Date: October 20, 2013
Location: Viejas Arena, San Diego, California
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We've finally reached the biggest show of the year and while it hasn't been the greatest build in the world, the night should have some solid wrestling to make up for it. The main event tonight is the winner of the Bound For Glory Series AJ Styles challenging Bully Ray for the world title. Other than that we have a five way Ultimate X match and potentially the return of Hulk Hogan, who may or may not have signed a new contract. Let's get to it.

Tag Team Gauntlet

It's a four team gauntlet match with the winning team getting the tag title shot on the PPV. We start with Bad Influence vs. Hernandez/Chavo Guerrero. The Bro Mans will be fourth due to Robbie E. winning a four way on Impact. Eric Young and Joseph Park will be third due to winning a drawing earlier tonight. Hernandez cleans house to start and Bad Influence bails to the floor. We finally get down to Daniels running into a big boot from Hernandez in the corner and take a quick break.

Back with Hernandez hitting an over the shoulder face plant to stop Kazarian's momentum, allowing for a double tag to Chavo vs. Daniels. Chavo gets two off a headscissors and everything breaks down. Hernandez runs over Bad Influence and hits the big shoulder to run over Kazarian. Daniels low bridges SuperMex to the floor but walks into Three Amigos from Chavo. Not that it matters though as Kaz comes back in to distract Chavo, giving Daniels a rollup with a handful of trunks for the pin at 7:30.

Young and Park are in next but get jumped on the way in. Park runs over Kazarian and slams him down, only to have Daniels chop block him down to give Kazarian control. Bad Influence double teams the big man as the fans chant for Young. Kazarian can't quite get a sunset flip but avoids a seated senton from the big guy.

We take another break and come back with Eric getting the hot tag and pounding away on Daniels in the corner. Young flips over the corner and does Daniels' strut down the apron before coming back for a belly to belly and a near fall. Kazarian makes the save and gets sent to the floor, allowing Daniels to hit a release Rock Bottom but miss the BME. Park hits a Samoan Drop on Daniels to give Young the pin at 16:50.

Bad Influence jumps Park and Young post match and sends Park into the Ultimate X structure. The referee calls for help as Park is injured and Young is out cold in the ring. Here come the Bro Mans with special guest Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. It's basically a handicap match here with Young getting double teamed for a big, only to make a comeback with right hands and forearms. A slam puts Robbie down and Eric drops a top rope elbow for two. The numbers finally catch up with Eric though and a double flapjack sets up a Hart Attack for the pin and the title shot at 22:00.

Rating: C-. Nothing special here but I liked the length of the match. Far too often in these things the falls last about 2 minutes each and are completely unrealistic when you compare them to normal wrestling matches. Having the shortest be seven and a half minutes made this far better. Also anything that keeps Chavo and Hernandez off my screen is a good thing.

The opening video for the PPV is the usual thing you would expect: talking about how this is the culmination of the entire year and everything leads to this night.

X-Division Title: Samoa Joe vs. Manik vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

This is Ultimate X, meaning there are four towers around the ring with ropes connecting them in an X shape. You have to climb up and crawl across the ropes and pull down the belt to win. Manik is defending coming in but Sabin has been in 16 of these matches. Chris bails to the floor to start, only to have Aries follow him out and send Sabin into the structure. Hardy and Manik head outside as well until Sabin goes in, only to be pounded down by the Samoan. Aries comes back in and sends Joe to the floor to take over.

Jeff starts to climb the structure but hops down to the apron, only to pull Aries down a few seconds later. Manik takes Hardy down and slaps a Sharpshooter kind of move on Sabin, only to have Aries make the save. Austin goes up again but Jeff pulls him down and hits a falling powerbomb facebuster (think a powerbomb but falling backwards instead of forward) before pulling out a ladder. Joe dives through the ropes to knock the ladder into Joe, only to be taken down by Sabin.

Manik drops Sabin but here's Aries with a huge dive of his own to take everyone out. Aries goes for the belt but the champion comes back in for a save. Manik sends Aries to the floor but here's Sabin almost immediately. Joe sends Aries back in and pounds away on him in the corner but Austin comes right back with a kick to the head. Hardy and Joe take dropkicks in the corner from Aries but Joe escapes the brainbuster. Aries gets caught in a quick spinning joke but Manik is going for the title, only to be pulled down into a low blow from the Samoan.

Sabin dropkicks Joe into the ropes but Jeff comes in with the Whisper in the Wind to put Chris down. Now the ladder is set up in the middle of the ring but Joe slams Jeff's head into the top to knock him down. Aries dropkicks Joe down but Manik springboards up to the ropes and then the ladder, only to have Sabin shove the ladder and both of them over. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate to take Sabin down but can't follow up. Sabin sends his girlfriend Velvet Sky in to make the save but it's just a distraction for Sabin to go up and win the belt at 12:00.

Rating: C+. The match was fun but that's a pretty lame ending. I know it's a heel move from Sabin, but it was Hardy that brought the ladder in to start. The ending was really lackluster and the match lacked a lot of the drama that these matches had. I don't think there was even one near finish which made it feel like it came out of nowhere.

We're going to be seeing great AJ Styles moments tonight with the fist being Styles winning the first X-Division Title in 2002.

Here's Bad Influence to fill in some time because there are only six matches tonight. Kazarian says that it's a shame they're not on the card tonight. Daniels says they're the stepchildren of this company despite the fact that they ARE TNA. They beat Chavo and Hernandez earlier, Young and Park are a fisherman and a lawyer so they shouldn't count, and since this company is obsessed with multiple people in matches, let's make the tag title match a threeway.

This brings out Eric Young who says he isn't looking for a fight because he already beat them tonight. He says he's a scientist and the two of them did something earlier tonight which created a monster. They should run but instead Young gets double teamed. Cue the returning Abyss to clean house. Bad Influence is taken out and Abyss helps Eric up. Remember when Park and Young beat Bad Influence on the preshow? Well they just did it again here, just not in an actual match.

James Storm and Gunner say they're ready to defend the titles against the jokes that are the Bro Mans.

Tag Titles: Bro Mans vs. James Storm/Gunner

Robbie E. and Jesse Godderz still have Mr. Olympia Phil Heath with them. The champions run the goofs over to start and send them out to the floor so Gunner can backdrop Storm over the top onto the Bro Mans. We officially start with Storm throwing Jesse around with a hiptoss before it's off to Gunner. An elbow to the face and a slingshot suplex get two each on Jesse before Robbie gets in a shot from the apron to take over. Robbie comes in and pounds away on Gunner before getting two off a dropkick.

Gunner comes back with a jumping knee to the face but Jesse runs in to knock James off the apron. Robbie drags Gunner back into the challengers' corner before bringing Jesse back in. Gunner comes right back with a quick fallaway slam and the hot tag brings in Storm. James cleans house and gets two on Robbie off a running neckbreaker. The Bro Mans get their act together and load up a double superplex on James, only to have Gunner pull James off into an electric chair.

Robbie is taken down by a front suplex, allowing James to drop a top rope elbow for two. Storm has a nasty cut on the side of his leg and Robbie scores with a quick Edgecution for two. Gunner loads up Robbie in the Gun Rack but Robbie makes the save, only to get caught in a powerbomb. Storm adds a Backstabber but Jesse makes the save at the last second. James hits the Last Call on Jesse but Robbie throws in a title belt for a distraction, allowing the Bro Mans to hit the Hart Attack for the pin and the titles at 11:48.

Rating: C. This was better than I was expecting but it's not like it means anything long term. The tag division means nothing at all and if time has proven one thing, it's that one team can hardly ever breathe life back into belts that a company isn't interested in pushing. The near fall off the superkick was really good but other than that it was your basic tag match.

Video from the Hall of Fame induction last night including Sting with a bare face in a rare sight.

Here's Sting to induct Angle into the Hall of Fame. Sting talks about how so many people respect Kurt because of what he does in and out of the ring. Kurt comes out and thanks everyone before pausing for a THANK YOU ANGLE chant. Sting says it's time to induct him, but Angle says that he has to decline. He's setting a new standard for the industry because what's he's accomplished before will be nothing compared to what he has in the future. He'll join Sting one day though. The fans are stunned and Sting doesn't look pleased.

AJ Styles won the world title at No Surrender 2009.

Dixie gets a phone call and says she wants all of AJ's merchandise on sale. Ethan Carter, Dixie's nephew, comes up behind her for his debut. Apparently Dixie has a match for him tonight and they have a family motto: “The world needs us. We're the Carters.”

Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Brooke vs. Gail Kim

ODB is defending. Brooke looks GREAT in a leather version of her usual attire. Gail is knocked to the floor to start with Brooke taking over on ODB in the corner. Brooke gives her a Stink Face but ODB pops up and sends her into the corner for a Bronco Buster. Gail comes back in, only to be knocked back to the floor a few seconds later. Brooke works on ODB's back and gets two off a quick neckbreaker.

Gail pops back up and grabs the figure four around the post, only to have ODB make the save with her chest. ODB chops Brooke but gets rolled up for a quick two. Off to a half crab on Brooke but Gail makes another save. The challengers both go up but have to shove off a double superplex attempt, followed by Gail hitting a missile dropkick on ODB. Brooke adds a top rope elbow (WAY too popular of a move tonight) for no cover.

Back up and ODB gets two on Gail via a delayed vertical suplex. The referee gets taken out as ODB somehow gets both girls up in a fireman's carry at the same time. Brooke falls off but ODB slams Gail onto her....and here's Tapa. She runs over ODB and takes her out, only to powerbomb Gail on top of ODB for the pin and the title at 10:33.

Rating: D+. This could have been on any given Impact and that's the problem with this show: nothing feels special at all so far. Gail is champion again. So? She's been champion before, just like everyone else in the division. Nothing to see here other than Brooke looking great.

Gail hugs Tapa to reveal a ruse.

The Bro Mans celebrate.

Bobby is shocked at Angle turning the induction down and is going to prove why he's the better man tonight.

We recap Angle vs. Roode, which is all over Roode being inducted into the EGO Hall of Fame, ticking off now non-Hall of Famer Kurt. This is Angle's first match back from rehab.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Angle has a bad shoulder coming in. Feeling out process to start with Angle taking it to the mat but having to bail to the floor to avoid the Crossface. Back in and Angle tries the ankle lock but Bobby rolls through to send Angle back to the floor. Bobby takes over on the floor but Angle takes him down with a suplex. Back in and Roode scores with a quick hotshot to put Kurt back on the floor before going after the neck even more.

Roode takes him back inside and works the neck with clotheslines and shots to the back of the head. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Kurt fights his way up and rolls the Germans for the first time in several months. A belly to belly gets two but Roode armdrags out of the Angle Slam. Roode scores with the spinebuster for two but Angle slips out of a fireman's carry and grabs the ankle lock.

Bobby slips out of the hold again and sends Kurt shoulder first into the post before loading up the Crossface. Kurt fights up and gets a quick ankle lock, only to have Roode roll over into the Crossface again. Angle almost tape but turns it over into traded rollups for two each. Back up again and Angle tries a clothesline, only to get caught in the Crossface for the third time.

Angle fights up again and gets an Angle Slam for a VERY close two. Both guys are down now with Angle holding his arm. They slap it out from their knees with Angle getting the better of it before grabbing more Rolling Germans. Roode shoves the referee away so he can kick Kurt low to take over again.

Roode busts out an Attitude Adjustment of all things (I'm shocked no one has stolen that move yet) for two but Kurt is able to slap on the ankle lock yet again. Roode tries to kick Kurt away like he did earlier but Angle holds on and hooks the grapevine. Bobby is no Brock Lesnar and can't make the rope so he passes out, but as the referee lifts the arm it falls onto the rope for the break. Kurt is ticked off so he loads up Roode into a SUPER ANGLE SLAM but he can't follow up. Roode gets to his feet at nine and falls into a cover for the surprise pin at 21:00.

Rating: B+. This is the kind of match the show needed. Roode winning is the right call and the stuff at the end was really solid. The opening part of the match was dull but at least the right guy won to avenge the loss he had two years ago. Angle didn't need the win at all so Roode winning is definitely the right call.

Post match Angle still isn't moving so medics come out to check on him. Angle won't let them put a neck brace on and gets off a stretcher to walk out on his own.

AJ beat Sting at Bound For Glory 2009.

Bully says tonight is about the Aces and 8's being reborn. There are a bunch of guys whose faces we can't see with Ray implying it's all the old members coming back tonight.

Ethan Carter III vs. Norv Fernum

Carter is former WWE talent Derrick Bateman. Fervum is apparently a local guy and looks to weigh about 150lbs. Carter runs him over to start and forearms his way out of a wristlock. A t-bone suplex takes Fervum down and it's off to a one arm camel clutch. Norv fights up and hits some shoulder blocks and a pair of dropkicks followed by a top rope cross body for two. Ethan hits a quick Bulldog Driver to end Fervum at 3:28.

Rating: D-. Carter has a good look but this wasn't needed on a PPV at all. That's the problem with this whole show as I mentioned earlier: this doesn't feel like anything special. We've had a promo with a return earlier and now an added squash match just to pad in the time. That's not a good sign at all.

Magnus says this is the new biggest night of his life and he's not going to leave without until he knocks the door down. He has everything to lose tonight and it makes him feel more dangerous.

We recap Sting vs. Magnus. Magnus blew the BFG Series finals and thinks he can't do it, so Sting is going to give him a chance tonight.

Sting vs. Magnus

Feeling out process to start with Sting sending Magnus out to the floor in frustration. Back in and Magnus sends him into the corner for some shoulder blocks. We hit a body scissors as Magnus is being rather aggressive here. Back up and Magnus drives in shoulders to the ribs but gets caught in a backdrop so Sting can pound away. There's a quick Stinger Splash and we're already in the Scorpion Deathlock less than five minutes in.

Magnus kicks away and a double clothesline puts both guys down. The Brit hits a quick Stinger Splash of his own and gets two off the falcon's arrow. Sting kicks away from the Cloverleaf and hits another Stinger Splash before putting on the Deathlock again. As usual Sting doesn't sit down on it at all so Magnus is able to crawl over to the ropes. Stinger Splash number three lands on an uppercut and Magnus hits a Scorpion Death Drop on his own to set up the top rope elbow.

Sting kicks out at two and is able to avoid the second top rope elbow, putting both guys down again. Magnus fires off some hard forearms but Sting says bring it. Sting gets taken down into the Cloverleaf with Magnus actually cranking on the hold....for the submission at 11:02. I NEVER remember Sting tapping before.

Rating: C. Not a great match but the ending couldn't have been better for Magnus. Sting gave up in the center of the ring without a bit of cheating at all. Good match here and the ending was the perfectly right call, but the match didn't feel like it had a middle part which hurt it a bit.

Magnus leaves without shaking Sting's hand.

AJ won the BFG Series this year.

Bully quotes Guns N Roses by saying welcome to his jungle. He doesn't want AJ to die though. Instead he wants AJ to have to go back to Georgia and tell his family why he lost tonight. More greatness from the champion here.

We recap AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray, which is almost all about AJ vs. Dixie. AJ won the title shot in the BFG Series but the main story is about Dixie Carter not wanting a hick like AJ as the world champion. She's promised tonight is his last night in the company.

TNA World Title: AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray

This is No DQ and No Countout. AJ's music is the full dark theme this time and doesn't break into Get Ready To Fly. After the big match intros we're ready to go. Ray talks a lot of trash to start and slams AJ down with ease. AJ is thrown around again and his wristlock is broken up by a HARD clothesline. Ray shouts about smelling fear on AJ for years now, which motivates AJ into a dropkick.

Styles hooks the Calf Killer out of nowhere, drawing out Garrett Bischoff for a distraction for the break. It's going to be one of those matches isn't it. Garrett slides Ray the hammer but AJ kicks it away and grabs the hammer for himself. Ray blocks it with a chop and hits an even harder one for good measure. AJ says hit me again and Ray is stunned, allowing Styles to fire off some right hands. Ray chops him again but AJ says bring it. AJ goes after the leg but as he goes up, here's Knux for another distraction. Styles dives at him but gets caught in a chokeslam to give Ray two.

Ray yells at Earl Hebner for the near fall so Earl yells back, only to have Ray miss a shot and take out Knux by mistake. Ray punches AJ down and then kicks him to the floor with the hammer going out too. The champion gets the hammer but AJ kicks him in the head, knocking Ray to the table. AJ grabs the hammer but throws it down and rams Ray into the table instead. Styles loads up a springboard 450 but Ray moves, sending AJ crashing through the table in a SCARY landing.

With Earl seeing if AJ can remember what planet he's on, Taz hands Ray a box cutter so he can cut up the ring like he did at Slammiversary. The wood under the mat is revealed as AJ is trying to crawl back into the ring. Ray calls for someone to come out to the ring and here comes Dixie. She looks scared but Ray tells her to get a chair. Dixie demands one from security but AJ springboards in with the forearm to drive the chair into Bully's head.

There's the springboard 450 but Dixie tells Earl to count slowly. After about 20 seconds Earl gets to two and Ray kicks out. Ray backdrops out of the Styles Clash to send AJ back first into the wood but doesn't cover. Ray's middle rope backsplash actually connects but AJ is up at two. The fans aren't really caring that much about these near falls. Bully blasts him twice in the back with the chair but AJ rolls out of a powerbomb and Peles Ray down. AJ blasts Ray in the head with the chair and there's the Spiral Tap for the pin and the title at 20:34.

Rating: C. This wasn't so much about would AJ win but how would he win. I do however have one question: can we PLEASE have a main event not be overbooked? These two have shown they can have a good match together without all the nonsense, but apparently that's not allowed anymore. It doesn't work when we saw this at Slammiversary and the luster was kind of gone here. Also, where were the extra Aces that Ray had? Where did Garrett go? At this point though, I'd take anything decent as a main event and that's what this was: decent but not great.

A long highlight package of the main event and AJ celebrating in the crowd ends the show.

Overall Rating: D+. That's being really generous too. The main events were decent to good, but this show can be summed up in four words: not bad, seen better. That's the problem with everything tonight: everything on this show has been done better before. TNA is just such a mess at this point and nothing on here made me want to see what's happening going forward. AJ vs. Dixie does nothing for me and the reaction to Dixie as the top heel has been bad to say the least.

The build coming into this show was pretty dreadful with almost none of the matches feeling like they meant anything. The X Title and Knockouts Title matches were thrown together, the Tag Title match was literally made tonight and the World Title was secondary to AJ vs. Dixie. The wrestling was passable for the most part but the biggest show of the year should blow the doors off instead of just being passable. This show just didn't work tonight and I really don't like where TNA looks to be going in the near or far future.

Chris Sabin b. Manik, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries – Sabin pulled down the title
Bro Mans b. James Storm/Gunner – Hart Attack to Storm
Gail Kim b. Brooke and ODB – Kim pinned Brooke after a powerbomb from Lei'D Tapa
Bobby Roode b. Kurt Angle – Roode pinned Angle after Angle hit a top rope Angle Slam
Ethan Carter III b. Norv Fernum – Bulldog driver
Magnus b. Sting – Cloverleaf
AJ Styles b. Bully Ray – Spiral Tap

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  1. I think Sting's Scorpion deathlock has got so bad that it kills the drama in front of your very eyes and just reminds you how hokey wrestling can be sometimes. I wish the dude would just retire it's pretty sad seeing him out there wrestling with a t-shirt on, he's like the fat kid to scared to go in the pool topless.

  2. Right payoff for the main event but they did so many things wrong beforehand it doesn't matter.

  3. Your_Favourite_LoserOctober 20, 2013 at 9:08 PM


    who was bully talking t in the back?

    angle declining hof: shoot or angle?

    angle getting stretchered (even the sort of abrupt match ending): shoot or kurt?

  4. TNA: Total Nonstop Apathy

  5. It's always an angle with Kurt.

  6. That was horrendous. The Bateman match and the EY/Abyss stuff shouldn't have been on a PPV show. Who *was* Bully talking too, and why didn't they appear? He was definitely talking to 3 people. The Angle stuff at the end pissed me off, hopping off a stretcher? Meh. Sting really is atrocious now, I think his boat has well and truly sailed.

    Didn't the Bromans lose to ODB a few shows ago, and all of a sudden, they're tag team champions?

    I dunno. Just feels like a company going through the motions

  7. Holy shit the 1990 Royal Rumble might be the most underrated match of all time. Forgot how fun this one was.

    Carry on.

  8. One of if not the best structured Rumbles ever.

  9. I'd like to see Sting go into the WWE Hall of Fame, get a 3 disc DVD set and call it a career.

  10. Also didn't Robbie get pinned twice in like 15 seconds by Young and Park a few Impacts back?

    Granted it's not like the tag belts have meant anything in months.

  11. The opening with Jake/Piper/DiBiase/Savage could have been the final four the way the crowd was going crazy. Only nitpick is the big guys like Andre and Earthquake should have been around for Hogan and Warrior to dump.

  12. The crowd was HOT for the Rumble match.

  13. I was too young to watch it live but I rented that tape probably two dozen times from Blockbuster.

  14. Problem is every relevant Sting match has already been on DVD but a doc would be cool.

  15. Also, from the Sting vs. Magnus match:

    That's just pitiful.

  16. There is an audible gasp from the crowd when Hogan and Warrior go at it. Incredible.

  17. It's weird because Sting doesn't look that out of shape. He doesn't look like he needs a t-shirt.

  18. Honestly dude sting vs magnus was a D or maybe even an f

  19. There was probably 2500 people here. They completely closed off the top half of the arena and it was still 1/3 full

  20. Jesse Ventura's call of the Hogan/Warrior staredown was phenomenal.

  21. The ending helped it a lot for me. It's so rare to see a veteran putting over a young guy clean in this company that I have to be glad to see it.

  22. For some reason I read that as 1999 and had started writing this huge rant about how crazy you were.

  23. I remember seeing all the footage of Hogan/Warrior and I thought those were the final two and then to see it happens about 2/3 through it and then it lasts 45 seconds and that's it.

  24. It was perfect, it was the most epic 45 seconds and made you want to see them go 1 on 1. The problem was they should have done it later in the match. After Warrior gets eliminated, the rest of the match is kinda anti-climatic.

  25. I thought a C was a fine rating for the match, personally

  26. AJ should feud with Joe, Aries, Roode or any of the other guys that he could have a great match with, but it's an AJ Styles title win so he will probably feud with Ethan Carter then have an out of place Heel turn, then drop the belt to Kurt, Hardy or Anderson then he will turn Face and be back feuding with Daniels by Spring.


  28. I think part of the problem that TNA is facing right now is that, since everyone is pretty sure they're CTD, they've basically entered "self-fulfilling prophecy" mode -- even if they do something interesting, who wants to care? Because, odds are, they aren't going to be around long enough to fulfil it.

    Even worse, for longtime fans like me -- even if they somehow come up with compelling TV (and from mid 2011 through late 2012, they came up with compelling stuff), we just know they're going to screw it up. I've given them chance after chance after chance after chance... I'm done giving them chances. The person married to the abusive spouse eventually learns that the person likely isn't going to change -- so too is my relationship to TNA. I've taken breaks but never outright gave up on the company.

    I have now. I'm just tired of so many false starts and dashed hopes. You can only say "THIS time they won't screw it up!" so many times before even you stop believing it.

    (Of course, this is all a moot point, since somehow Dixie decided that what we want to see is HER as a heel authority figure. That woman gives idiots a bad name.)

    It's funny, though. After 11 years of defending TNA against often unwarranted criticism (and there's been a lot of that, despite the valid criticism that's mixed in with it), my defacto first reaction to a flagrant anti-TNA post is to defend them. It's force of habit. But now I force myself to realize that I honestly just don't care about them one way or another any more, and say "what do I care?" when I see a post like that.

    It's a weird adjustment, and one that sucks to have to make. But even the abused spouse eventually turns away.

  29. Your_Favourite_LoserOctober 20, 2013 at 11:56 PM

    i get credit for your upvotes since i blatantly used "kurt" intead of "angle' for the 2nd question about him

    any dv's are on you, though

  30. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryOctober 20, 2013 at 11:58 PM

    How many people does it hold?

  31. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryOctober 21, 2013 at 12:03 AM

    "he's like the fat kid to scared to go in the pool topless."

    I was the opposite way, embarrassed to take my shirt off because I'm so damned skinny. Still am, actually.

  32. Circling the Drain

  33. Fill out the proper paperwork with Disqus and I'll send them your way.

  34. Believe me i do find it a little tiresome and unfair when people crap on TNA for not being WWE level successful in terms of ppv buys, ratings and attendance, but really...11 years and no real growth to speak of, they are just forcing it from their attempts to ignite a monday night war to taking the show on the road fulltime (which was a mistake) it's just bad business all over, and really they need to start from the ground up.

  35. Roughly 12,000 according to Wikipedia.

  36. Maybe he just wants to be comfortable, I think he should just wear a t-shirt, sweatpants and some slippers as ring attire and maybe a flannel dressing gown instead of his entrance Coat.

  37. I know he cuts some fine promos and he's gotten himself into great shape, and he deserves credit for that, but Bully Ray shouldn't be main eventing TNA's "Wrestlemania". It makes them come off as an indy show where a WWE midcarder is the biggest name on the card.

  38. If he's the best guy they have, why shouldn't he be in the main event? Bully's put in the work and shown the talent to make himself a singles star, they've given him a new character, even separated him from Devon (for now), but you're saying he shouldn't be rewarded because he wasn't a big enough star in WWE while playing a different character. (And it's not just you, as I've heard this same sentiment from a lot of people.) I don't get that. Especially because if TNA did have a WWE alum who was a bigger star than Bubba Ray Dudley headlining (e.g. Hogan, Angle), people would criticize that too.

  39. I think the story they were trying to tell was that the embarrassment of getting beat by ODB and squashed by Young/Park motivated the BroMans to start taking this more seriously and develop a mean streak. Hence the success since those squashings. Now I'm not saying they told the story well, but I think that's what they were going for.

  40. That makes sense, but I have a hard time believing TNA is capable of thinking that far in advance.

  41. Thanks to Angle-Roode and Bully-AJ, I don't feel like I wasted my money. And I suppose if I were a longtime TNA fan, the Abyss return and Magnus win might put it over the top, but otherwise BFG felt more like just another PPV instead of THE show of the year.
    People have complained (and rightfully so) about the build for Bully-AJ, but at least the payoff worked. I had a bigger problem with the build to Sting-Magnus. Basically, they never gave us a reason why Sting wanted to win. It came off like he was just doing Magnus a favor by giving him a match, so when Magnus won, it was like, "How do I know Sting didn't just let him win?"

  42. Magnus should have said "I'm sorry. I love you." right before putting Sting in the Not The Scorpion Deathlock.

  43. There is no room for growth. Over 11 years, they have failed to define just what the hell they are. Everyone who was ever going to give them a chance already has. The only fans left to bring in are those that have already been burned and are even more gullible than Sting.


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