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Building a Dream Territory

Got another question for you and the BoD Bayless.

People like to fantasy-book and armchair-QB, how about I throw you a fantasy-office?

This is your task:

Pick a classic territory, can't be national (AWA, Memphis, Mid-South... can't be WWF after 84, or WCW)

The rule is nobody can be used twice. Your Owner can't be your booker. You champ can't be an agent.

1. Owner (So you can do Stampede, but pick Watts)
2. 2 man booking team (main booker, finish guy)
3. 3 agents
4. Lead Babyface
5. Lead Heel
6. Lead Tag (face or heel)
7. Rookie, who is going to going to have the rocket strapped to his ass. (face or heel) 
I assume we are picking people that actually fit together in a certain time period.
For the territory, I will pick WWF 1983
1. Vince McMahon Jr.
2. Bill Watts & Eddie Graham
3. Pat Patterson, Verne Gagne, Ray Stevens
4. Kerry Von Erich
5. Ric Flair
6. Freebirds
7. Barry Windham (He was in the business for a few years but still very young)
What do you guys think?


  1. Were Memphis and Mid-South really that much more nationally prominent than pre-1984 WWF?

    I've always wondered how much booking Bill Watts did in Mid-South. I know Ernie Ladd and Bill Dundee both booked at separate times but I wonder how much booking power Watts delegated to them.

  2. In 83-84, Memphis was coming off the angle between Lawler and Andy Kaufman, which got them national headlines after the Letterman appearance.

  3. Territory: Mid-South Jan 1982

    1: Ted Turner (Hello TBS)
    2: Bill Watts and Gary Hart
    3: Grizzly Smith, ?????, and ????? (Let Watts pick 'em)
    4: Ricky Steamboat
    5: Tully Blanchard
    6: Funks as heels. ESPECIALLY in Oklahoma (Briscoes)/Louisiana (JYD + ?????).
    7: Curt Hennig (heel), Dr. Death (face)

    -North American Champ Tully Blanchard, beating Bob Roop for the title in Jan 82. Chasers include Steamboat, JYD, DiBiase, and Orndorff. Tully holds on through his skills and the occassional "unwanted" help (DiBiase costing JYD for example)
    -Tag Team Champs are the Funk Brothers (Dory Jr. and Terry), beating JYD and Mike George. Chasers include the Briscos, JYD + Friend, and maybe even the Rat Pack.
    -TV Champ will be added in early 82 (Feb-Mar), tournament winner is DiBiase. TV Title Rule: Defend the belt on three weekly TV shows (out of four, you get one "off" week), and you earn a shot at the North American Champion. Lose the NA title match, and you're starting back at zero, still with the TV title though. Belt is only defended on TV, however title shots are earned by house show wins.

    Tully + Funks are "outsiders", but between their experience and the lack of unity among the "regulars", they're able to defend their belts... even if not in the cleanest matches.

  4. Keeping it somewhat realistic, I'm going with Memphis around 1990.

    Owner: Jerry Jarrett
    Booking Team: Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman
    Agents: Eddie Gilbert, Bill Dundee, and Robert Fulton
    Lead Face: Jerry "The King" Lawler
    Lead Heel: Terry Funk (in this reality, Funk returns to Memphis more crazed than ever after his run with Flair in '89)
    Tag Team (Face): Gentleman Chris Adams and Stunning Steve Austin
    Tag Team (Heel): Terry Gordy and Dr. Death Steve Williams (can't go wrong with a little MVC)
    Rookie: Big Van Vader (just decimates everyone he gets in the ring with, with everyone knowing he's going to eventually come after Lawler)

  5. Wants to keep it somewhat realisitc, has Cornette and Heyman on the same booking team.

  6. Going with the USWA area around late 80s-1990. Some real, some fantasy

    1) VKM
    2) Kevin Sullivan & Jim Ross
    3) Pat Patterson, Eddie Gilbert, Bruce Pritchard
    4) Sting
    5) Randy Savage
    6) Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane); Midnight Rockers
    7) Sid Vicious

    I could see Sting-Savage having some tremendous stuff in and out of the ring in that time period and the Midnights doing nothing less than ****1/2 each night.

    Vicious well I would just have him powerbomb the shit out everyone...

  7. In his defense, it's 1990 Memphis. I don't think they started hating each other until the late 90s.

  8. If Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling counts, let's do that in 1982:

    1) Jim Crockett Jr.
    2) Bill Watts & Eddie Graham
    3) Pat Patterson, Bill Dundee, Eddie Gilbert
    4) Dusty Rhodes
    5) Ric Flair
    6) Fabulous Freebirds
    7) Barry Windham or Dr. Death

  9. I'm going to Springtime for Hitler my territory. Let me just grab my blue blanket.

    Owner: Dixie Carter
    Booking: Ole and Russo
    Agents: Bischoff, HHH and Watts
    Face: The Shockmaster
    Heel: David Flair
    Tag Team: Techno Team 2000
    Rookie: Giant Gonzalez

  10. 1991, the beginning of Smoky Mountain.

    Owner: Bill Watts
    Booking Team: Cornette & Kevin Sullivan
    Agents: Robert Fuller, Eddie Gilbert, Bill Dundee
    Face: Ricky Steamboat
    Heel: Vader
    Tag: Rockers, Midnight Express
    Rookie: Steve Austin

  11. Krispy Kreme McDonaldOctober 16, 2013 at 11:52 PM

    Imma go with this one.

    TNA 2003

    1. Jerry Jarrett
    2. Scott D'Amore and Raven
    3. Scott Hall, X-Pac, and Jake Roberts
    4. AJ Styles
    5. CM Punk
    6. XXX (Daniels and Skipper)
    7. Samoa Joe

  12. Broadcast those agent meetings and it'll pop higher ratings than the in-ring stuff.

  13. Krispy Kreme McDonaldOctober 17, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    I figured going completely young with the in ring talent, I would counter that by having agents that understood psychology to compensate.

  14. Flair also never had a problem with putting people over. That was always a huge sticking point with Hogan, and made him a bigger pain in the ass to deal with.

  15. He'll probably hold the title for several months and be the "real" main eventer, while the WWE title is made into the B-belt after Danielson wins it and only wrestles it on the undercard.

  16. In real life, Cena says "fuck" every other word.

  17. And now I'm down a rabbit hole of looking up Vader/Steamer matches.

  18. Good idea, but you'd better have an excellent babysitter for those three.

  19. Is he still on the roster? If so fair point.

  20. Maybe they'll go the Triple-H route and just have him turn up on Smackdown every other week to do a promo, until his arm heals.

  21. Ugh, what an abortion that would be.

  22. I'd switch out XXX with AMW.

  23. YankeesHoganTripleHFanOctober 17, 2013 at 9:05 AM

    Ok that made me laugh. Although I would have gone with Charlie Norris as my rookie personally.

  24. YankeesHoganTripleHFanOctober 17, 2013 at 9:08 AM

    What if he was the consigliere to Triple H.

  25. Surprisingly enough, he still is.

  26. okay lets see here...
    territory: NWA 1985
    bookers: Bill Watts and Jim Cornette
    agents: Harley Race, Pat Patterson, Eddie Gilbert
    Top Face: Nikita Koloff (Before there was openness in Soviet union)
    Top Heel: Randy Savage
    Top Tag: Steiner Brothers/Hart Foundation (Bret and Owen)
    Top Rookie: Goldberg


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