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Cena-Rock controversy


Soooo, this is weird.

I watched John Cena today on ESPN's Highly Questionable and they asked him about his biggest career disappointment and he said losing to the Rock. Sounded like a kayfabe answer until Dan LeBatard asked him that it sounded ridiculous that a predetermined result would be his biggest disappointment. At this point, Cena hinted at major backstage issues regarding the result. I have not heard about this until today.

Here's a recap from some youtube user because I can't find the video:

What's even weirder is that edited the video to remove that part of the interview.


Well, Dave Meltzer was saying all the way until the day of the show that Cena was going over, and then plans apparently changed.  I'm guessing they realized how stupid it would be to put Cena over in MIAMI, but you never know.  Maybe Cena really thought that was supposed to be his "passing the torch" moment like with Rock and Hogan?  Which is funny because he's the guy who should be passing the torch before his arm drops off.  

Or maybe they're building heat for Cena-Rock III:  Not Once, Not Twice, But Thrice In A Lifetime.