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Defining moments of a feud

What would you say was the definining moment or match of the following feuds?
1. Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes
2. Midnight Express vs R and R Express
3. Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage
4. Steve Austin vs Vince MacMahon
5. Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart
6. John Cena vs Edge
7. Hulk Hogan vs Sting
8.  CM punk vs John Cena


1.  The PPV debut of the Dusty Finish at Starrcade 85.
2.  No real "defining" one, I'd say.
3.  The backstage brawl on The Main Event that turned Savage into the biggest star in the world for a while.
4.  The Tyson brawl in February of 98 or Over the Edge with the Vince as referee gig.
5.  Bret does the first 20 minute interview on RAW from a wheelchair, goes way long, Shawn superkicks him and throws a fit backstage.  
6.  Edge wins the title, ratings go way up, he drops the belt back to Cena at the Rumble because HHH.  
7.  Sting rappelling down from the ceiling to challenge him at Starrcade.  It was all downhill from there.
8.  MITB, duh.


  1. 1: Horsemen break Dusty's arm.
    2: Midnights ambush R&Rs before title defense, Arn + Tully win belts that night from R&R.
    3: Agreed
    4: Bang 3:16, and/or Vince's first Stunner.
    5: The backstage brawl where Bret got a chunk of Shawn's hair.
    6: Agreed.
    7: Agreed.
    8: Agreed.

  2. 1. "Make it good!"
    2. Ricky Morton invading the Midnight Express Reunion at ROH in 04. Even 20 years on they're still feudin'. But Robert Gibson doesn't need to be there

    3. That weird handshake/ejaculation moment
    4. Austin interrupts a red carpet championship ceremony after getting screwed out of the title, drives a zamboni to the ring and leaps onto the boss over a line of security guards

    5. Shawn Michaels shoves a Canadian flag up his nose and Bret loses to Triple H by count out

    6. Cena sends Edge through two tables to win the title in Toronto.

    7. Nick Patrick "blanking" on the slow fast count in the RF shoot
    8. Punk piledriving Cena. They pull out all the stops

  3. The Superstars Of The Superstation from 1986. The Midnight Express beat the Rock 'N' Roll Express for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. As things started breaking down near the end, Jim Cornette got flipped into the ring, because he had been annoying for the longest time. The tennis racket came into play without the ref seeing it and the Midnight Express got to celebrate. From there, it was war. Or if you're a a Mid-South fan, the re-ignition of one.

  4. The defining moment of Flair-Dusty was the 1985 cage attack. That was the moment that rivalry went from "Two men, one belt" to "This is Farrgin War"

  5. I've always favored the "real mean stay up" promo as being the defining moment in the Flair-Dusty feud. He said all that needed to be said.

  6. Even thought my "Cena Hate" was in effect after WM 20, it went into overdrive after he won the belt back from Edge. I understand my anger was probably misplaced, but hey, I needed a reason.

  7. When I think of Austin vs McMahon, my first thought is Austin delivering that first stunner. That was a huge moment. The other thing I remember from that feud was the cage match where a bloody VKM gave Austin double middle fingers and drew him back into the cage. Of course, that's when Show debuted as well, but something about the evil VKM sticking to his guns, even when it's clear that he's outclassed, even though he had that Ace in his pocket (Big Show) still resonates with me.

  8. The defining moment of Hogan vs Sting has to be the conclusion of Uncensored '97 where Sting repelled from the rafters and finally took out the nWo, leading to him Scorpion death-dropping Hogan. I still remember marking out like crazy from the moment and being insanely excited to see them face each other.

  9. Couldn't agree more.

  10. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 19, 2013 at 4:46 PM

    "I need to beat you, Rock. More than anything you could ever imagine."

    That was pretty much the epitome of a rivalry right there.

  11. steve austin in a suit:

  12. I remember the wheelchair bit was talked about on the awesome Bret vs Shawn set as Shawn felt Bret was getting back at him for a blown spot in a previous show and went long on purpose, Bret saying he just lost track of the time. Really amazing to see the love/hate relationship these two had in their prime and helped drive the whole thing with Bret getting the absolute best summation of it all: "We worked ourselves into a shoot."

  13. 1. Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes - I wasn't born when this feud happened so no comment

    2. Midnight Express vs R and R Express - Ditto
    3. Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage - I was about 3 when this feud happened, so again no comment.

    4. Steve Austin vs Vince MacMahon - Steve Austin coming to the hospital to attack Vince.
    5. Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart - "Sunny Days"
    6. John Cena vs Edge - The Money in the Bank Cash In
    7. Hulk Hogan vs Sting - Unfortunately, the slow "fast" ref count is this defining moment of this feud.


    8. CM punk vs John Cena - Obviously CM Punk's rant.

  14. YankeesHoganTripleHFanOctober 19, 2013 at 5:44 PM

    What the Hell I'll play.

    1 Flair and Rhodes-like Glen4321 I was to young for this but it seems to me that the Horseman locking Dusty in the cage and beating the shit of of him would be a defining moment.

    2. RnR vs Midnights again I was to young. But damm when I saw them they were both awesome.

    3. Agreed. And let me add "You turn my guts in two. If you want to meet me man to man for the belt...I would beat you onetwothree. I would have no problem with that"
    "Try talking some sense into this guy man. Try talking some sense." "AHHH" "Oh big time huh big time." "RANDY"

    4. How about the first night after Wrestlemania 14? Shawn was gone and it was 100% Austin vs McMahon

    5. The Screwjob...because as wrestling fans thats what we will remember most.

    6. Agreed.

    7. Agreed.

    8. The pipe bomb. It was obvious Punk was winning after that.

  15. Thanks, Mick, that was one of my favourite moments ever on Raw, especially when Austin first enters the ring, he's about to climb the ropes in the corner, and then Vince goes "ah-bah-bah-bah-bah!" and then Austin just stands there in the corners instead.

    . . . Holy crap I forgot he sacked Vince at the end! I thought he just stunnered him! That was amazing.

  16. This is why I get so annoyed with those that scream "Bryan angle has been awesome!" When there are so many small mistakes and continuity errors that make me pull my hair out. Ultimately Bryan should be mad at HHH for causing Bryan to lose the title. Simple as that. Instead we get The Big Show getting to knock HHH out before Bryan. Then Bryan gets to come in and stand over HHH. And some people are starting to wonder why Bryan is not getting over? Gee I wonder why.

    Wrestling angles at their best are simple and well booked. You shouldn't have stupid things like "Iron clad contracts" to have to book around. There is good and bad and they fight. That's why Austin/Vince worked so well. Vince was evil through and through. He never came out and tried to get cool points on faces, he wanted to make Austin's life hell. Vince was such a good pure heel that he got Foley more over, Rock more over, and Austin over to all-time heights. If people are being perfectly honest with themselves they KNOW you will never see HHH in the situation Vince was in the clip. Its just not going to happen.

    To make this post longer, Austin built up the stunners to Vince. He stunned various suits/announcers and, if I remember correctly, we knew at the time it would be Vince's turn. In fact most predicted that it would happen at the Raw at MSG when Vince finally got stunned. Simple, effective, booking.

    Hey Fuj, is this good wrestling discussion?

  17. God I forgot how good this segment was. "Where are your new Guicci shoes?/

  18. Geez, I started watching this segment and ended up watching the whole show and the show after that where Raw finally broke Nitro's ratings win streak.


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