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HBK question

Hi Scott, 
A few months ago you insisted that you still think Shawn Michaels will one day return to the ring. In this week's RAW review you said you doubt that this Daniel Bryan business will lead to a match between them. If putting over his protege isn't a good enough reason for Shawn to work a match, what would be? Do you think he's still holding out hope that the Rock will work with him?

According to the latest WON, Shawn is still vehemently denying that he's going to wrestle again, but people who know him think he's working Wrestlemania.  In which case, Daniel Bryan going over him in a show-stealing ****+ match would mean way more than winning the title again.  I think it would be a worthwhile cause for Shawn, as long as it's not some goofy variation like Evil D-X v. Punk & Bryan in a match where the loser gets pooped or something.