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Impact Wrestling - October 17, 2013

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 17, 2013
Location: Cox Business Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

It's the go home show for Bound for Glory and the card is almost entirely set. The focus of the show will likely be just polishing everything up and giving us the hard push to Sunday. Odds are we'll also get some development on the Dixie Is Evil story which seems to be where we're headed after the big show. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of last week's events with Angle returning and Sting angering Magnus by getting the pin in their tag match.

Here's Dixie to open the show, flanked by two goons with one carrying a briefcase. She talks about being an artist like Michelangelo but she has to deal with a redneck like AJ Styles slinging paint everywhere. This coming Sunday is going to be her masterpiece but she what if AJ doesn't make it there? The fans chant WE WANT HOGAN as Dixie offers a $50,000 bounty to anyone that can keep AJ out of the main event of Bound For Glory.

This brings out Bully and Brooke with Bully saying that he took out AJ last week so he'd be glad to do it again for the $50,000 (clearly fake money in the briefcase). Cue Magnus to say that 12 men over 3 months fought for a chance to be the #1 contender, but now the title shot might go to whomever takes out AJ Styles tonight.

Magnus starts a Dixie Sucks chant and says that $50,000 is a lot of money to him, but he'll fight Bully Ray right here tonight for free. Ray praises Magnus and says that Sting believes in him, but Magnus hasn't proven himself yet. He's a disappointment, just like everyone else in Oklahoma. Magnus drops him with one punch and Ray bails to the floor. The match is on for later tonight.

Ray gives Bischoff and Knux a pep talk. Things seem to be ok and if Knux needs Ray's help in his match with Gunner tonight, just throw up the signal.

Christopher Daniels vs. Robbie E. vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young

The winner of this gets the final spot for his team in the gauntlet match on the preshow with the winning team getting a title shot at the PPV. Robbie and Young get us going but Young tags in Hernandez for the slingshot shoulder to E. Robbie brings in Daniels who has to escape the over the shoulder backbreaker but gets caught in the choke suplex for two. A cheap shot from Robbie takes Hernandez to the floor before he comes in legally and gets two off a middle rope elbow.

SuperMex comes back with a double clothesline to take down Daniels and Robbie, allowing for the tag off to Eric. Daniels and Robbie get in an argument (despite not being a team), allowing Hernandez to do the running clothesline from the ramp. Hernandez misses a splash in the corner and falls out to the floor before Eric suplexes Daniels down. Robbie makes a blind tag in and pins Daniels off the top rope elbow from Young at 5:18.

Rating: D+. This might as well have been a tag match until the ending which is about all you can expect out of something like this. Odds are we're getting Chavo and Hernandez vs. Gunner/Storm because that's the least interesting match out of the options available. Nothing match but it wasn't too bad.

AJ fights off Jesse Godderz.

Here's AJ to the ring with something to say. He talks about Dixie being desperate by sending everyone after him because she knows he's winning at Bound For Glory. She'll pay after the PPV but tonight, he isn't running and hiding so come get paid. This brings out Knux and Bischoff but AJ jumps them as they come in. This brings out James Storm and Gunner to clear the ring with Storm staring AJ down but letting him go.

Gunner vs. Knux

Bischoff immediately grabs Gunner's leg to give Knux the early advantage. Gunner comes back with a hard clothesline and pounds away, only to be sent into the middle buckle to stop him cold. Another clothesline puts Gunner down before Knux drives him into the corner. Gunner finally slams him into the corner before a double clothesline puts both guys down. Storm spits beer in Bischoff's face as Gunner makes his comeback and hits a decent fallaway slam on the big Knux. He can't hook the Gun Rack so Knux gets two off a cross body of all things. Knux calls for Bully, allowing Gunner to spear him down for the pin at 5:03.

Rating: C-. Knux looked decent here, but why aren't Knux and Bischoff at least in the gauntlet match on Sunday? It would at least give them something to do and add to the match a bit. A four team gauntlet isn't much to see but it could be worse I guess. As long as Gunner doesn't become the 194th wrestler to use the spear I'll be ok with him.

Chris Sabin is going for the bounty.

Knux and Bischoff want to know where Bully was. It's going to be interesting the next time he wants their help.

We recap Lei'D Tapa's attacks on the Knockouts.

Gail Kim suggests an alliance with Brooke to take care of Tapa but she's not interested.

Video on the Ultimate X match.

Sabin asks a security guard if he's seen the not-so-Phenomenal AJ Styles but finds Joe instead. Joe threatens him with violence both tonight and Sunday so Sabin backs away.

Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe

Joe takes him into the corner to start but gets poked in the eye to slow him down. A flurry of punches take Sabin down in turn and there's a running elbow into the standing enziguri. Sabin bails to the floor to avoid the running boot in the corner before firing off chops and punches with Joe selling nothing at all.

Sabin tries to bail but Joe grabs him on the ramp, only to have Chris slam him onto the steel. Joe dives back in to beat the count at nine and catches a charging Sabin in a release Rock Bottom out of the corner. A boot to the chest and the backsplash gets two for Joe but Sabin comes back with a springboard tornado DDT for two. Not that it matters as Joe grabs a quick Koquina Clutch for the win at 5:17.

Rating: C. Nice match here to preview the big title match on Sunday but a bit more high flying would have helped. Granted these aren't the best choices for flying given that Sabin is a heel and that Joe is fat, but it wasn't a bad match at all. Sabin is rocking the heel character so at least his world title reign was only mostly worthless.

Post match Aries, Hardy and Manik come in for a big brawl. Hardy pulls in a ladder, allowing Manik to dive onto Aries and Sabin.

Bad Influence goes after AJ but he holds them off with a fire extinguisher.

Ethan Carter III debuts at Bound For Glory.

Bully Ray vs. Magnus

Non-title of course. Feeling out process to start with Magnus grabbing a headlock for early control. Ray shoves him away but gets clotheslined, allowing Magnus to go up top and get crotched as we take a break. Back with Ray throwing Magnus down and posing a lot before missing a big elbow drop. They're going very lightly here so far.

Magnus wins a quick slugout and clotheslines Bully down to speed things up a bit. A big boot puts Ray down and the top rope elbow gets two. Magnus charges into the referee by mistake so Ray gets the chain, drawing out Sting for the save. The referee throws Sting out, allowing Ray to low blow Magnus for the pin at 10:42.

Rating: D. This was really boring stuff and the ending was never in doubt. Obviously you can't put anyone over the world champion three days before the biggest show of the year but it did advance the Sting vs. Magnus story a bit more. I'm guessing they were going slowly to avoid any injuries for Sunday, which is a constant problem with go home shows.

Magnus isn't pleased with Sting but they don't come to blows.

Post break Magnus yells at Sting for getting in his business. Sting says he'll be alone on Sunday.

We run down the BFG card.

Here's Angle with his first comments since being back. Kurt says it's good to be home before talking about Bobby Roode being great. He even reminds Angle of himself about five years ago. However, Roode is just one of the great ones at the moment rather than being one of the best of all time. When Roode starts messing with Angle's legacy, that makes it personal. This brings out Roode to says he's ok with not being Kurt Angle. Roode says he wanted to be Kurt Angle years ago but now, Angle hasn't done anything at all.

The only thing Roode remembers Angle doing recently was beating Roode two years ago at Bound For Glory. That was Roode's wakeup call and the reason he won the world title which he held longer than anyone, including Angle. Roode says he'll win on Sunday but Angle says he'll make Roode tap. Roode sucker punches Kurt and here's the rest of EGO to send Angle shoulder first into the post. Angle gets put in the Crossface to damage his shoulder even worse.

Here are Dixie, AJ and Ray for the contract signing. Ray signs and says he'll keep it simple: AJ can't beat him no matter what he does on Sunday. He talks about Flair vs. Rhodes from 1985 and the Hard Times that Dusty talked about Flair putting wrestling through. Ray has put wrestling through hard times over the last year by getting rid of Sting, Sabin and Hogan. Ray is going to put AJ on hard times and send him back to the trailer park in Georgia, where AJ's family probably won't be waiting. He's the Darth Vader of professional wrestling and AJ isn't Luke Skywalker.

AJ says he appreciates Ray's story but he's no Ric Flair and AJ is no Dusty Rhodes. This is the future instead of the past and Ray doesn't deserve to compare himself to Bully Ray. AJ has to win on Sunday because he has nothing to lose. He has to win to make Dixie beg and take everything away from Bully Ray. AJ signs but Ray says he takes it back. He's not putting the title on the line but he will take the $50,000 right now. Ray swings the chain but gets hit with the briefcase. AJ throws the money at Dixie and her security so a staredown can end the show.

Overall Rating: C. The show did a good job of selling what Bound For Glory has to offer, but the show really doesn't have a flare to it. This Sunday's show feels like any other show but it happens to be the biggest show of the year. Nothing on it feels really special and the big moment is going to be what? Hogan returning? After nearly four years of sitting through him, two weeks of no Hogan doesn't make a return mean anything. Decent show tonight but it doesn't change how I feel about Sunday at all.

Robbie E. b. Eric Young, Hernandez and Christopher Daniels – Robbie pinned Daniels after a top rope elbow from Young
Gunner b. Knux – Spear
Samoa Joe b. Chris Sabin – Koquina Clutch
Bully Ray b. Magnus – Low blow

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  1. Krispy Kreme McDonaldOctober 17, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    "They will fuck it up by October"

    Fuj... in April

  2. Must pro wrestling be run by morons? Sports entertainment gets to exist, but not wrestling. Hint for future marks: trying to do sports entertainment will fail. Do wrestling.

  3. To be fair, guessing TNA will fuck up their year by October is as easy as guessing that the sun will rise in the morning.

  4. Your_Favourite_LoserOctober 17, 2013 at 11:53 PM

    if bully is the darth vader of wrestling, he needs to go "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" when he loses

  5. Krispy Kreme McDonaldOctober 18, 2013 at 12:27 AM

    Im gonna play devil's advocate for a second. Normally, I'm with you. Logical wrestling works. It might be dull but it works. NJPW is proof but then again its Japan and the culture of wrestling is different.


    Look at ROH, I think its safe to say they book wrestling too seriously. They are having troubles as of late.

    On the flipside, look at CHIKARA, they book wrestling the exact opposite and they are having troubles as well.

    I think with the growth of a promotion, you need to have subtle changes until you are in the green enough to sustain yourself. CHIKARA could have started out with joke wrestlers and parodies of wrestling, but eventually it would get old.

    Same as ROH starting out as serious as it was, it got old.

    My pipe dream would have been for any indy promtion to have 3 bookers, booking different spots of the car for 6 months, then rotating.


    You got Gabe, Cornette and Delerious in ROH at the same time. Gabe books the top, Corny books the tag, Delirious books the middle/openers.

    At the 4 month mark, everybody starts to wrap up their 6 month plan in their respective spot, then the new guy comes in to either continue the previous story of start fresh.

  6. Krispy Kreme McDonaldOctober 18, 2013 at 12:28 AM

    You could not have told this blog 6 months ago. I was re-reading the Impacts then and the subsequent comments.

    It was delusion.

    I am honest when I say that wrestling fans have ADHD or no long term memory these days.

  7. Are we still talking about TNA like it means something?

  8. A.J. vs Bully main event? I ain't buying

  9. Not delusion as much as hope. Hope that there would be a viable, watchable #2 for the first time since the Fingerpoke of Doom. (It's honestly not fun to watch WCW go down the shitter, yes, my opinion.)

    That TNA managed to fuck it up so unspectacularly isn't a major surprise, just a major disappointment.

  10. Trying to do WWE "style" will fail. Leave that to the "experts", and focus on what you can do best.

  11. Six months ago I found TNA legitimately fun to watch. Then the Bad People took over again. I don't have super high expectations, just wanting a wrestling show that makes sense and had characters that are interesting. They fucked that up nicely.

  12. It's funny that there isn't a traditional pro wrestling promotion out there, the kind that offered a little of everything. ROH is boring and CHIKARA is stupid, but combining the two with the rasslin' TNA was offering for a second would make a pretty fun show. I'd totally watch a TNA/CHIKARA/ROH joint show.

  13. You're correct. I was pretty positive that TNA was getting a WCW 97 feel to it and you commented TNA would fuck it up

  14. What an awful way to head into your biggest PPV. No buy from me.

  15. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonOctober 18, 2013 at 7:17 AM

    I would like TNA to have a booking committee do that.

  16. Krispy Kreme McDonaldOctober 18, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    The bad part about it is that the match will probably be great, technically. Bully usually has been working to the level of his opponent and above all else AJ Styles is still AJ Styles in the ring.

    its just the match is devoid of heat, drama and filled with apathy at this point.

    It should have been Bully just beating down and berating TNA for months on end, dominating guys left and right and AJ out of the dust and smoke stepping up to defend TNAs honor.

    What we have is Dixie, as an on-air talent, heeling terribly on your #1 face, while Bully is the heel champion, heeling on the #1 face.

    The only way this angle could be any worse is if Bully walks out the champion.

    At this point, I would not be shocked.

  17. I can see Bully retaining and then the show ends ala WM9 with Hogan coming out. Brooke issues a challenge to Hulk, Hulk comes in and Bully misses with chain. Hulk hits the Axe Bomber and covers for the win and the title! I'm sure someone is not going to like Brooke playing the Fuji role, but it fits.

  18. They fucked it up by July so they sped up the decline by three months just to try to prove you wrong.

  19. Krispy Kreme McDonaldOctober 18, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    The Gov't shutdown took away his EBT card money.

    He had 100K

    50K in money
    50K in food stamps.


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