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Impact Wrestling - October 24, 2013

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 24, 2013
Location: Maverik Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Bound For Glory has come and gone, boring the hundreds and hundreds of people who bought it and the dozens who actually attended. The main development is AJ Styles defeated Bully Ray to win the world title. Actually every title changed hands at the show, with the Bro Mans, Gail Kim and Chris Sabin all taking home gold. This is kind of the beginning of a new year for TNA so hopefully they can come up with something better than what we've been seeing lately. Let's get to it.

The opening video recaps the events of Bound For Glory, including all the title changes and Kurt Angle declining the induction into the Hall of Fame.

AJ vs. Ray II for the title tonight.

Here's a very happy Dixie Carter to open things up. There's a big set in the ring with AJ shirts and merchandise and a big WELCOME BACK AJ STYLES banner. Dixie gets Vickie Guerrero style heat as she says that she made a mistake recently and this is her apology. She always looks to the future and sucks up to Styles for a few minutes, talking about how he's a legend and her world champion. Dixie introduces AJ and here's the new champion.

Dixie keeps sucking up to AJ and talks about the slump he's been in for several months now. She's ready to pay though so it's all good. Tonight AJ gets a fancy private dressing room which is almost as nice as Dixie's. It comes complete with fillet mignon, caviar and champagne. Dixie shows off a watch for AJ which is apparently off of Craigslist. There's one thing left though: a black sports car which AJ can drive with his new long hair flowing in the wind.

AJ talks about all the stuff Dixie has but still won't join Team Dixie. First of all he's a truck guy so the car doesn't do much for him. He won't separate himself from the boys that built this company. This mess could have been settled months ago when Dixie bet against him and lost. Dixie offers to cancel the rematch tonight with she and AJ going on a trip on her private jet instead. This brings out Bully and Brooke to protest after a break.

Bully doesn't like the idea of the title match being canceled but AJ cuts him off. He definitely isn't taking that trip to Dixieland and doesn't think the whole rematch idea applies to wrestlers with no contract. However, he's here in Salt Lake City to defend the title so it's on. Bully calls AJ's title win lucky because there was no way AJ can beat him clean.

Ray says that he kicked out of the Spiral Tap but Earl Hebner didn't call it for some reason. Apparently God is a bully too and if he's a bully, he's Bully Ray. AJ says Aces and 8's, all three of them, won't be able to beat him tonight and he'll be celebrating in the crowd with his fans tonight. He says they'll know what his name is, so Ray drops him with one punch and beats on AJ with part of the set. Ray loads up a powerbomb through the table but here's the returning Anderson for the save. Anderson beats on Bully in the corner and sends him running away.

After another break Anderson is still in the ring and says he really missed all the fans. They didn't seem to miss him but he wants to know if Ray missed him as well. The fans don't quite think so but Anderson spins his head around to show how good his neck feels. Anderson talks about being gone for so long and how tired he's getting of everything, much like the agents in the back and the fans here tonight. It's really gotten that bad in the five weeks he's been gone?

The fans chant YES and here's Dixie with a bunch of security to arrest Anderson. Anderson: “You're into handcuffs?” He talks about getting arrested several times but thinks we should have some fun with it this time. Anderson punches two security guards (who are nice enough to sell for him) until voluntarily being taken away in the cuffs.

Video on the Knockouts Title match from BFG which saw Lei'D Tapa reveal an alliance with Gail Kim to win her the title.

Brooke/Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky/ODB

ODB pulls Brooke in to start and hits a quick Bronco Buster, sending Brooke out to the floor. She pulls ODB to the floor and stomps away a bit before sending ODB back in for more of the same from Gail. The champ quickly leaves and it's back to Brooke for more forearms and stomping. ODB shoves Brooke off the middle rope and it's hot tag to Velvet. She cleans a few rooms of the house with a flying headscissors and a running neckbreaker as everything breaks down. Everyone heads to the floor and it's Tapa sneaking in to kick Velvet in the face to give Gail the pin at 3:35.

Rating: D-. And most of that is because of how good Brooke looks in her new outfit. Tapa can't even do a big boot properly as she hit more of the shoulder instead of Velvet's head. Gail as Knockouts Champion is nothing new, which is the continued problem with the entire division: it needs some fresh faces. Tapa simply isn't going to work in that regard based on what we've seen so far.

The Bro Mans celebrate their tag title win by spraying their hair.

Ethan Carter III vs. Dewey Barnes

Dewey is another jobber, this time from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, home of Cody Deaner if I remember correctly. Carter takes him to the mat with ease and pounds away in the corner. Dewey comes back with a few shots to the face and a missile dropkick, only to be caught in the bulldog driver for the pin at 2:38. Same match he had at Bound For Glory.

Post match Ethan says he's a Carter so the world needs him.

We recap Magnus beating Sting on Sunday.

Magnus is with Sting in the back and says he didn't show Sting the right amount of respect. Sting is wondering if he passed the torch or lit a new fire under Magnus. They shake hands and everything seems cool.

We get a video from the Hall of Fame induction dinner, Angle declining the Hall of Fame induction and Angle vs. Roode.

Here's Angle with something to say. He talks about how great it was to hear people praise him at the dinner, but he couldn't accept the induction at BFG. One day though, he'll have proven himself worthy of the spot which he'll then accept. As for the match, it took a toll on his body and yes he knocked himself out on the last move, but here's Roode to interrupt before Kurt can go any further.

Roode talks about evening the score from two years ago when Angle beat him in the main event of Bound For Glory 2011. He's lived with that feeling of failure for two years but now it's Kurt's turn to feel the exact same thing. On Sunday, the It Factor beat the Olympic gold medalist. Angle says Roode is a bad man but he's not better than Kurt. Angle wants a rematch RIGHT NOW but Roode hands him a paper instead. Apparently Kurt has torn knee cartilage and isn't cleared to wrestle, but Kurt says he's cleared to fight. The brawl only lasts for a few seconds before security breaks it up.

Bully tells Bischoff and Knux to make sure Anderson doesn't make bail.

Dixie is on the phone in her office and says she needed something done yesterday.

It's time for the Bro Mans' celebration of being the new tag champions. They have punch, shrimp, confetti and a DJ. Robbie thinks this is a great party and declares Sunday the biggest night in Bro Man history. The fans think the new champions can't wrestle but here are Storm and Gunner before the party goes on too long. Storm says this is a party and starts drinking the champagne while gunner eats the protein bars.

The fight is about to start but here's Bad Influence to object. Kaz says they need to become three time tag team champions but Daniels wants to talk about the kind of beverages at this party. Beer is the drink of the lower class, champagne is for posers and the drink of a man is an appletini. Storm steals the drink and Gunner throws it in Daniels' face, triggering the brawl. Cue Part and Young to join the brawl, but Daniels makes the mistake of shattering a bottle over Park's head, drawing blood. Park chases off the bad guys and the good guys get to stand tall.

Angle vs. Roode next week. How TNA can be sure Angle can be cleared that fast isn't really clear but at least they've got the right idea.

TNA World Title: Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles

They have a ton of time here with nearly half an hour left in the show. AJ has heavily taped up ribs. Bully interrupts the big match intros so AJ punches him in the face to get things going. The champion scores with his drop down into the dropkick sequence and gets two off a kick to the head. Bully starts thinking and lifts Styles into the air to drop him ribs first down onto the mat as we take a break.

Back with Ray mocking Hogan and easily stopping an AJ comeback by going to the ribs. A big backdrop puts AJ down again but he comes back with some shots to the head. Ray sends him to the apron but Styles scores with the springboard forearm for two. AJ foolishly tries a fireman's carry and gets caught in a Samoan drop for two. Ray misses the middle rope backsplash but AJ misses the springboard 450 to hurt the ribs even worse.

AJ is loaded up onto the ropes but he shoves Ray back, right into the referee. Styles grabs the Calf Killer for the tap out but there's no referee. Ray hits a chain shot to the throat and the Bully Cutter is good for two. Ray gets the chain again but the referee is starting to get back into it. Cue Anderson to snap Ray's throat across the ropes, allowing AJ to get a crucifix for the pin at 13:28.

Rating: C+. I liked this better than Bound For Glory because it wasn't so insane and told a better story, but did anyone not know Anderson was coming back? It's good to give Ray a new feud and as long as it gets him away from the Aces and 8's schtick he'll be in much better shape. Not a great match here but it worked well enough.

Post match Anderson and Ray get pulled apart. Dixie pops up on screen with a contract for Styles, telling him not to go anywhere. After the break here's Carter with the contract and a speech ready of course. She offers AJ the contract and reminds AJ how sweet she is. The car is a signing bonus for Styles for date nights with his wife.

AJ says it's a great contract from a horrible human being who uses wrestlers like him to pad their bank account and buy themselves fancy cars. Styles rips up the contract and says it wasn't about the money but rather about the respect. Dixie is going to pay by having AJ take the title and leaving with it. He's taking the title with him to the people who deserve a champion. Oh and he's taking the car too. Styles walks to the back and heads to the car which is already running despite him having the key. He drives off to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. TNA needed to hit a home run tonight to make up for Bound For Glory but instead we got a decent single. This more or less did nothing new as everything seems focused on Bound For Glory rematches in the coming weeks. That's a major problem when almost everything you had for BFG wasn't well received. This show was a lot of nothing with WAY too many recaps and nowhere near enough action. Where was the X-Division? You know, that thing that sucked up most of the midcard talent for the PPV? TNA needs something fresh and they need it in a hurry. This wasn't a horrible show, but it didn't help things.

Brooke/Gail Kim b. Velvet Sky/ODB – Kim pinned Sky after a big boot from Lei'D Tapa
Ethan Carter III b. Dewey Barnes – Bulldog driver
AJ Styles b. Bully Ray – Crucifix

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  1. Did Abeyance just unify the WWE and TNA Championships?

  2. So now Styles is CM Punk with the added bonus of car theft?

  3. So which Living Color song is Styles going to start using?

  4. Awesome match with an incredible ending. I remember watching this shit live. Probably Ted DiBiase's Coda.

  5. The Jeff Hardy cover of Cult of Personality, since TNA can't afford licensing

  6. They'll get Sevendust.

  7. He's a heavy favorite to win next year's Bound For Glory series. Heck, he almost took it this year!

  8. I read Scott's Summerslam review a few months back and it made me seek out this match. Very fun match. The Steiners were good in WWF.

    I'm drawing a blank. I feel like there was a Steiners vs. Bret and Owen match but I might be imagining this. Am I crazy?

  9. Sevendust... that's probably the hybrid gimmick they'd come up with for Dustin Runnels if he returned to TNA.

  10. Yup, from January 94 (right before Owen's heel turn at the Rumble). They went like 30 minutes and it was awesome. I'm pretty sure Owen took a Steiner Screwdriver in the match, something I don't remember Scott doing much (if at all) in his WWF run.



  13. Yeah. I don't understand why Sunday's tag contest isn't in the Cell. It's been a long time since a great WWE tag cage bout.

  14. Threadjack.. NJPW PPV in less than an hour.

    The Bucks debut against Kendrick/Baretta, no feud or angle, because
    none of them wrestle there fulltime. Kendrick will do his weird thing
    with the mask, and the Bucks may be paired up with super heel faction of
    foreigners Bullet Club, who cut all of their promos in English anyways.

    Taichi/Taka (of the heel Suzuki-Gun) vs. ForeverHooligans for
    the millionth time after Suzuki Gun took the straps in an upset at the
    last PPV. Hooligans who had been getting respect from the crowd, clearly
    tried to play heel last time.

    BUSHI/Valiente bring the LUCHA
    against what would have been the Time Splitters, but with Shelley out
    I'm very interested to see how the rookie Komatsu meshes with the always solid KUSHIDA.

    And then Liger Mask vs. Gedo/Jado is just old school fun. First time in
    a couple years that Gedo/Jado have been up positioned as a threat to
    the jr. tag titles. That's your first round of this 8-team Jr. Tag

    Minoru Suzuki, evil sadistic bastard after
    Nakamura's IC title, will sharpen his skills at the expense of rookie
    Sho Tanaka, the only singles match on tonight's card.

    & Tenzan vs. Nakanishi & Honma is just a randomly thrown
    together match, I'm pretty certain. Like something you'd see thrown
    together at a house show. CNJ is like a Shark Boy/D-Ray3000 kind of
    jobber baby face, Tenzan is still really banged up after the G1
    tournament, Nakanishi can't go at all these days, but Honma is fucking
    amazing. We'll see.

    Tanahashi, Makabe & Nagata are 3 of
    your strongest babyfaces. Iizuka & Yano are former heel champs of
    NJPW and NOAH, Yano is hilarious and always entertaning and Iizuka is the
    guy rips announcer Shimpei Nogami out of his clothes and spray paints
    him in the face everytime, which is worth the price of admission alone.
    The real money is Ishii pairing off against Tanahashi after scoring the
    upset against him in the G1, in what was ****3/4 by my count and Bryan
    Alvarez' pick for match of the year. It's definitely up there in the
    conversation, and would have been a sure bet for MOTY any other year
    besides 2013.

    The team of Kota Ibushi & Tetsuya Naito
    against Masato Tanaka & Nature Boy Yujiro Flair could be the show
    stealer. It's impossible to express in words how after all these years
    Tanaka can still go, and is truly one of the best in the world. With the
    exception of RVD, all the ECW guys have burnt out, and this guy is not
    only as good as he was, but he's better. Yujiro is clicking right now
    more than I ever remember him doing so in the past. His vignette at the
    last PPV was other worldly. Ibushi is really starting to break thru, and
    up until 2 weeks ago was 1/2 of my MOTY. Naito is the guy whose basket
    they're putting all their eggs into, after winning the G1 and seemingly
    going on to main event the biggest show of the year (biggest show in the
    company's history?) this January 4th. He's over, but maybe not as over
    as the push. He does work his ass off, and his match with Tanaka at the
    last show was mind blowing. this should be really, really goo. Or

    And then the main event. The World Champ, the IC champ,
    and stablemate Yoshi-Hashi against BULLET CLUB~!, who have been the
    most awesome heel faction imaginable. Karl Anderson is positioned as
    Okada's next challenger and did a strong job of getting himself over in
    that position with his promo work at the last show. It was a star making
    angle, for a guy who was already a star. I'll be interested in the
    Nakamura/Devitt interaction as well, as Nakamura is about the most over
    guy on the roster, and maybe the most charismatic wrestler in the world
    right now.

    So basically, $15 is a steal and this PPV, which is
    really just a bridge to the tournament finals and the next big
    show, will likely defeat almost any other company's PPV product. Plus
    tournaments are always awesome. Less than an hour until we go live.

  15. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that that is the man that would go on to become Big Poppa Pump.

  16. TNA wants to let us know that as badly as WWE messed up the Summer of Punk, they can still take the same angle and do an even shittier job.

  17. Power_of_Hogans_HOF_RingOctober 25, 2013 at 3:36 AM

    I've really come to love how they almost always do their cage-match blow-offs on television instead of ppv. (Jericho-Edge, Rey-Eddie, Jericho-Batista, Jericho-Punk the first time around, Angle-Benoit, Edge-Angle.) There are exceptions, but it's still a nice little thing they've done to cater to old-school fans I think.

  18. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 4:13 AM

    Yes! I think it's of the mindset that "cage matches are old school and don't sell PPVs nowadays" and it's fairly correct. It gave the faithful fan a treat when he tunes in to Raw or SD.

  19. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 4:14 AM

    ...Ted DiBiase did something irrevocably shitty?

  20. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 4:16 AM

    And thus, fate asked what we wanted: a highly entertaining bad wrestler, or a bland character who had great matches.

    Fate, dude. It fucks with you.

  21. It's on the "Hart & Soul" DVD, for those looking to own it.

  22. I don't know who you just insulted, AJ or CZW.

  23. Watched this match this morning while I was doing dishes, and it was as awesome as I remember it when I watched the match originally.

    My favorite part was Jim Ross exclaiming how Jack Tunney had outdone himself coming up with the bizarre stipulation for the match, as I could imagine Tunney in his office, wondering what to do.

    "Steel cage, ok, but that's not good enough for these phenomenal athletes. Let's lock the doors, yes, maybe put a roof on? No, the World Wrestling Federation isn't ready for that yet."

    Such a great match that I can't believe they put on free TV, while at the SummerSlam, we got the Steiners vs. the Heavenly Bodies.

  24. Steiners vs. Money Inc. Cage Match on Raw!
    Steiners vs. Heavenly Bodies on PPV.

  25. And has the fantastic Gorilla Monsoon commentary where he calls Pat Patterson fat.

  26. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonOctober 25, 2013 at 6:47 AM

    Funny Vibe.

  27. Scott Steiners body actually looks normal here, as opposed to a a steroid test tube.

  28. For Jericho/Edge, I assume you mean from Smackdown 2002? Because their 2010 feud culminated in a cage match at Extreme Rules that year.

  29. While probably not the "draw" of the RAW match... that SummerSlam match was equally as sick. I just remember piledrivers and powerbombs, and it was good stuff.

  30. I have to laugh at that idea that TNA is trying to get people to watch their show by duplicating what's on the "rival" promotion. That is hilarious and so TNA.

  31. I can't remember the details of this match......I'm assuming Dibiase and IRS were forced to team up because they hated one another and the Steiner's gained control of the company by winning?

  32. I did not enjoy this show at all, even less so having it recapped by tommy hall. You really need to work on your recaps man this was a real snoozer.

  33. Steiners DVD right meow!

  34. Especially from the Rick heel turn at the end of WCW. Don't like me? Bite me.

  35. It doesn't help when the show makes me pine for the days of Immortal.

  36. I don't like you so much I REFUSE to bite you!

  37. 2 hours of Jay Lethal & Ric Flair dueling promos every week would be awesome.

  38. Top 5 worst catchphrase.

  39. That'd be the tag team of Dustin and Sean Waltman.

    See, 123 Kid, 1 + 2 + 3 = 6.
    6 = Syxx, then he joined D-X and became X-Pac, where X = 10.

    But neither he, Dogg, Gunn or Chyna were part of the resurrected D-X (not counting that Raw one-off get-together), so we subtract 4 and he becomes Syxx-Pac again.

    Add 1 tag-team partner and we get Seven.

    Basically, if Sean Waltman is ever asked to team with a returning 911, his head's going to explode.

  40. In a TWIST~! Abyss and Lance Storm will unveil themselves as the fearsome tag team of Abeyance and also unify the WWE and TNA tag titles.

  41. Not unless they work a deal with TNA to include his promos.


  42. Thanks for the reviews. I quit watching over a month ago. These help gauhe whether I should start again. The answer of course being no right now.

  43. Anytime.

    I can't say I blame you. There's just no spark to TNA right now and it's hurting things badly.

  44. Top 5 ring jacket though.

  45. Hey, that Heavenly Bodies match was pretty good. The Bodies were an underrated team.

  46. Especially when no one likes what the rival does -_-

  47. I agree. Though tag cage matches are always a bit peculiar. You can escape to bring your team one "point" ahead...but you'll leave your partner behind for a possible 2-on-1.

  48. Jimmy Del Ray looked like my friends father.

  49. Scott Steiner has enough bizarre WCW promos to fill it out. (Flair "shoot," Size does matter, Booker's mama doesn't know who his father is...)

  50. Hell in the Cell is the new cage match, used when two guys have a blood feud that must be settled in a barbaric match. Or because it's October.

  51. No DiBiase and IRS were always allies, AFAIK. They were together for about 1-2 years, in fact, and had 2-3 WTTC's to their credit.

  52. Oh no doubt The Heavenly Bodies were a damn fine team, but Money Inc. were the bigger name and the cage match was a bigger deal than 'new tag team with fancy-pants manager'. Just a thought.

  53. I can only speak for me but I was way more excited to see Cornette in the WWF than a rehash of Steiners/Money Inc., even though that was a fine program.

    The Bodies wrestled TV squashes, but they were still presented as "outsiders," in a way that the WWF had really only done once (with Flair)--except this time they were outright acknowledging which promotion they came from. So the SummerSlam match carried a lot of specialness just in that regard.

  54. You jest, but the 1%-er and the tax collector being mortal enemies actually makes a ton more sense.

  55. I had this match on VHS and watched it countless times. I'm shocked no one has stolen that finish yet.

  56. I kinda liked it. Besides, nothing worse than the Undisputed Champion of bad catchphrases, Justin Credible.

  57. I thought Impacts was better than Raw. Who needs Daniel Bryan and CM Punk when you got Bully and Magnus

  58. Ohhhhhhhh....

  59. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 5:27 PM


  60. I think you can safely drop the "right now". I mean, I got NO problem with AJ being champ (don't anyone try and sell me on "Bubba Ray Dudley, main eventer") but the entire company is giving off this "WCW in it's death throes" vibe right now. If they start a tournament for X division tag titles, we've got another 6 months tops.

  61. -ly bad. Lethal is a HORRID promo.

  62. DiBiase was in a singles feud against a newly-babyface Razor Ramon, which was an extension of the Razor/1-2-3 Kid feud. They curtain jerked SSlam '93 with Razor going over, while Kid jobbed to IRS.

    The Bodies were criminally underutilized during their WWF run, which I imagine had more to do with Jimmy Del Ray not having "the look" than just about anything else.


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