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Impact Wrestling - October 3, 2013

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 3, 2013
Location: Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're still in Arkansas and the main story is still Dixie Carter vs. Hulk Hogan, despite us only having three more Impacts until the biggest show of the year. Tonight is about Hogan's decision on whether or not to join Dixie's side in whatever she thinks she's doing. If we're lucky we might even get Bully and AJ in the same ring for the first time for the build to their match. Let's get to it.

We open with the customary recap of last week's events.

Here's AJ to address the crowd. He can appreciate Hogan trying to come out here last week and smooth things over, but then Dixie Carter came out and showed her true colors. AJ isn't here to talk about Dixie or Hogan though. Instead he wants to talk about his opponent at Bound For Glory. What a refreshing idea. He knows exactly who Bully Ray is: the man that he'll beat at Bound For Glory for the world title. Styles doesn't have a contract right now and hasn't even looked at the world title in over a year. He's coming to get what's his at Bound For Glory, but here's Bully Ray to object.

Bully says Dixie is in AJ's head because AJ is just hoping to win. If AJ was really in the game, he would know that he's going to win rather than just hoping. AJ doesn't have to worry about Dixie in San Diego though, because Bully will give him all he can handle. Look at what Ray has done to people like Hogan, Hardy or D-Von. What do you think he'll do to a guy like Styles? AJ knows who he is: the man that beat AJ in a last man standing match two years ago. AJ has one thing Ray wants: he wants to take Styles away from the fans. Bully is sick of hearing the fans chant AJ, and there's the chant again.

Styles says that Bully is just like Dixie Carter, but Ray takes that as a compliment. Dixie is a millionaire and a somebody while Bully is a millionaire and the World Heavyweight Champion. Ray goes OFF on AJ, ranting about how he's going to beat AJ into the ground and send him back home to his trailer, wife and three kids. AJ thinks Ray is going to get killed in his match tonight against Samoa Joe, which is a surprise to Ray.

Magnus is going to run the EGO gauntlet tonight.

Dixie has AJ escorted out by security but he leaves on his own so he doesn't have to breathe the same air Dixie is breathing.

Kenny King/Chris Sabin vs. Manik/Jeff Hardy

Austin Aries is on commentary. Manik and King get us going with Kenny taking him into the corner for some choking by Sabin. Chris comes in legally but the double team doesn't work as King is caught in a springboard hurricanrana to send him into the corner. Off to Jeff to speed things up and hit a middle rope splash on King for two. Back to Manik for something resembling an octopus hold on King before rolling him up for two. King's cut from last week has busted open again.

King snaps Manik throat first across the top rope before bringing Sabin back in for a basement dropkick. Manik is tied up in the Tree of Woe so Sabin can stand on his crotch for some torture and a two count. Back to King for some right hands before Sabin comes back in for some choking in the corner.

Chris runs into a boot in the corner and a middle rope dropkick (Aries: “Right in the brain stem!”) puts Sabin down. Hardy comes in off the hot tag and cleans house with the sitout gordbuster on King for two. Sabin breaks up the Twist attempt on King as everything breaks down. Manik sends Sabin to the floor and hits his double chicken wing gutbuster on King, setting up the Swanton for the pin at 7:07.

Rating: C+. This was fine and set up whatever match we're going to see for the title at Bound For Glory. Kenny King doesn't really fit into the three former world champions against the X-Division Champion but it's not the worst idea in the world. It could bring some blood into the division which has been anemic for years now.

Post match Sabin goes after Manik but Aries makes the save. Austin asks for a four way match with Manik, Sabin, Hardy and himself for the title at Bound For Glory.

Sting and Hogan have a legends powwow about what Hogan should do. Hulk declares Dixie worse than Bischoff before a girl delivers a gift from Dixie. It's a watch, the same one that Dixie gave Sting as a retirement gift. Hogan: “She is worse than Bischoff. He never gave me anything.”

We look at EGO jumping Magnus last week. Later in the night Sting asked Magnus what happened. Magnus says they're in his head and he wants all three of them on his own next week (tonight). He's icing his knee but says it's just tweeked.

EGO vs. Magnus

It's a gauntlet match with Daniels up first. Magnus jumps Daniels in the corner but Chris comes back with elbows to the neck. Daniels gets shouldered down and asks for a breather, only to get kicked in the ribs for his efforts. Chris goes to the throat to slow the Brit down before bulldogging him throat first on the top rope. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Daniels can't hit Angel's Wings. Magnus comes back with a clothesline but jumps into the Koji Clutch. He's right next to the ropes though so Daniels goes up for the BME, only to land on Magnus' bad leg. The Falcon's Arrow eliminates Daniels at 3:55.

Kazarian is up next and Magnus doesn't wait for him to get to the ring. We take a break and come back with Kazarian raking the eyes to escape a press slam. A dropkick puts Magnus down again for two but he comes back with right hands out of the corner. Magnus punches him down and drops the top rope elbow for two. He goes up but gets kicked in the chest, only to roll through Fade to Black into the Cloverleaf for the submission at 12:37 total.

Last up is Bobby Roode but Kaz clips Magnus' knee and crunches it in between his own legs. Roode goes after the leg as we take a break. Back with Roode still working on the knee like a smart heel would. Roode can't get a figure four, allowing Magnus to fight up and hit another Falcon's Arrow for a quick two. He tries the Cloverleaf again but can't sit down on it like he should.

Bobby punches at the bad leg to escape but gets shoved off during a superplex attempt. Magnus misses the top rope elbow and gets caught in the Crossface. Just as he's about to make the rope, Roode pulls him back and puts on an ankle lock with a grapevine for the submission at 23:08.

Rating: B-. This match was more long than good but the idea was right. You can't have Magnus beat all three guys in a row on a bad leg so the ending was the right call. This came off a bit like Benoit vs. Angle at the 2003 Rumble where Benoit didn't so much get beat as much as he got caught. Very good showing by Magnus here which is what he needed at this point.

Magnus is mad post match but here's Sting with something to say. The Brit won't listen to reason so Sting says let's go to the back and talk about this. Magnus says no with all due respect because he's had enough. He says everyone in the Mafia sees something in him but it's not really there. Sting, Joe and Kurt all passed the challenges given to him but Magnus has failed every time.

Sting tries to calm him down but Magnus says he doesn't need another pep talk. Magnus says this is a results driven business but he's not getting the results. Sting talks about needing the one big match and he got it with Ric Flair but Magnus cuts him off. He saw the Flair match with his own eyes and has been watching Sting his whole career. Magnus was one step away from Bound For Glory but now who puts him on the map? Sting says he'll do it at BFG and they shake hands.

Aries has a present for Hogan too: vegan vitamins. Maybe even a prayer or two would help Hogan make the right decision. Aries talks about Hogan doing the right thing over his entire career and says tonight is all black and white.

Video on Hogan's history in TNA.

Sabin won't be at ringside for Velvet's match tonight because he has to focus on his match at Bound For Glory.

We recap the gauntlet match.

EGO celebrates their win by singing their version of Roode's theme song. They're happy because Magnus is off somewhere crying. Also Roode is going to be the first inductee into the EGO Hall of Fame with the ceremony next week. It's going to be a black tie affair with everyone dressed to the nines. Kaz: “Let's make it to the tens!”

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky

Winner gets a title shot at BFG. Before the match here's Lei'D Tapa to destroy Velvet so no match.

We get our first clip of Ethan who appears to be at a Hollywood store shopping but doesn't seem impressed. We can't see his face.

We recap Gunner and Storm's run as tag champions.

Bound for Glory card.

Video on Angle's career.

Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray

Joe is apparently one of AJ's Band of Brothers, because if there's one thing TNA needs it's another group. They shove each other around to start with Ray running his mouth too much and getting shoved out of the corner. Joe pounds away in the corner but misses a knee drop, only to put on the standing choke. Ray escapes and grabs the chain, only to have Hebner take it away so Ray can hit the Samoan low.

Back with Ray clotheslining Joe down but missing an elbow drop to give Joe a breather. Joe comes back with a kick to the face and a middle rope kick to the chest for two. The referee gets crushed in the corner as Joe hooks up the Clutch. Ray taps but there's no referee, so naturally he lets go of the hold. Ray gets the chain around his hand and hits a middle rope ax handle, only to get caught for the DQ at 10:20.

Rating: D+. This didn't have time to go anywhere and I have no idea what it was supposed to accomplish. Ray taps out and then loses on a DQ, so what in the world does this do for Bound For Glory? Nothing match here which is the last thing they needed to do for the world title match.

Post match Ray shoves the referee and sends Joe into the announce table. He pulls back the mats for a piledriver on the floor but AJ makes the save and celebrates with the fans.

Here's Dixie to tell us we don't know anything about business. Hulk Hogan however does know a little bit about it so please come out here and let's take care of this. Hogan looks annoyed as Dixie says she can take him to the next level. He thanks her for the watch and talks about always wanting to be part of a power couple in this business. While it's an amazing offer, he's quitting. Hogan throws down the mic and walks away, leaving Dixie on her knees begging, because you can't have Hogan on a wrestling show without worshiping him right?

Overall Rating: C-. This show did a good job of filling out the Bound For Glory card, but as usual there's WAY too much of a focus on Hogan. Ray vs. Styles got its first bit of development and it lasted about five minutes before we got back to Dixie vs. Hogan for the REAL story. Hogan left but I'll believe it's for real when he's not at Bound For Glory or the Impact taping after. Just like lat year the world title isn't the focus of the show at all but in this case there isn't another match to focus on which is making these final shows really dull to sit through. The lack of Aces and 8's helped a bit though.

Manik/Jeff Hardy b. Chris Sabin/Kenny King – Swanton Bomb to King
EGO b. Magnus – Ankle lock
Samoa Joe b. Bully Ray via DQ when Ray hit Joe with a chain

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  1. This was the first impact ive watched essentially start to finish in a few months, let me sum it up: it sucked.

    The crowd was so dead, I actually started to feel bad for the performers. It was awkward.

  2. " Hogan left but I'll believe it's for real when he's not at Bound For Glory or the Impact taping after."

    I don't think that Hogan is destitute like Ric Flair. He gave it a shot, but I find it hard to believe that he wants to put up with this crap any more.

  3. Makes sense in theory, but this is Hogan, the man obsessed with working everyone all the time.

  4. I am sure that he could still earn more money with less work and less aggravation in WWE.

  5. I'd be fine with that, but I still won't buy he's really gone from TNA until the third Impact after BFG.

  6. I mostly enjoyed the show, even if I wasn't crazy about the closing angle. Hogan reportedly pulling creative control because he refused to do any other exit but this, in which he puts no one over and isn't even beaten up or trash-talked on the way out, is a load of hot bullshit, especially since Dixie (in kayfabe) made a point of not giving a damn if she lost AJ Styles, a performer of considerably greater value (and also the #1 contender at their biggest show of the year).

    But that was really the only thing I actively disliked this week. Well, that and the crowd, which was so dead they might as well have changed the title of the show from Impact to "Look Ma, No Fans!"

  7. I don't disagree about the crowd, and I felt awful for Sting when he shouted the big pop-baiting response to Magnus that he would be the one giving Magnus a shot at the spotlight at BFG, a line which maybe got one polite, "Here, have an upvote" pop.

    That said, I thought the show was mostly inoffensive (save for the closing angle). In an age of corporate doublespeak and the excessive need to brand everything, Impact is a refreshingly simple wrestling show. Granted, it's not NXT-levels of embryonic pro wrestling, but I still find it far more enjoyable than not. But to each his own.

    Of course, I have no hope that BFG will do any business, and I'm now losing hope that it'll produce anything good from one bell to the next.

  8. "I thought no one could be worse at power trips than Bischoff but Dixie is."
    Yes, nothing sells an evil owner quite like HANGING ON THE LEGS of a guy walking out on you and begging.

  9. What if he shows up in WWE before that?

  10. Clearly a work and part of his master plan to make sure we're all shocked when he shows up at BFG to form the latest super stable with an evil boss.

  11. FWIW, Hogan's bio is still on the TNA roster page.

  12. Reading the recap looked better than it did in the live thread. But Raw has the same issue... the good might get one or two posts, and the bad gets a discussion.

  13. Except Vince won't kiss Hogan's ass as much as Hulk wants

  14. That would qualify as "worse at it" IMO.

  15. Pretty average.
    Am I the only one noticing that TNA was much better when booked like rasslin' rather thna Sports Entertainment? NXT is a really enjoyable show and it's booked like rasslin', while the main shows are uneven Sports Entertainment? It's almost like Sports Entertainment totally sucks and ruins everything.

  16. Here, have an upvote.


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