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Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series

Sup Bayless, it's BoD #1 draw and fellow FFLoD member The Fuj.

I was watching Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline series the other day and thought you and I both have a love for shoot interviews. I am more of a fan of shoots than the in-ring product by this point and I love how the shoot interview has transformed from just trashing peers to a career retrospective of people not currently in the WWE fold. I am a big fan of you reviewing shoots/timelines by the way. Most of them, I have already seen but

I have a series of questions for you.

1. Do you think eventually KFC will/would do Timelines for the following? WCCW, TNA, AWA, SMW, (insert any former big name promotion if the demand was high enough)

2. If you were in charge of the timelines and had the choice of anyone to conduct them with, who would you pick for the following years/ promotions. (I'm not going to throw out a multitude of years. Just the promotions and you gimme a few years with who you would like to see participate. BoD, I would lov to see your answers as well.)

Thanks for the compliments.
1. I think KC would consider TNA year-by-year, as it happened more recently than the other promotions. As far as the others, with KC releasing an entire timeline of the 1960's WWF from Bruno Sammartino, I think they could do that with SMW,since it didn't last very long. Cornette could do that. They could also do the AWA by decade. WCCW would be a good choice to do by decade as well but there are not that many stars from the promotions who are still alive to choose from. They could do other territories by decade too, like Memphis, Calgary, Florida, Georgia, California, Mid-Atlantic, and Oregon too if they wanted.
2. First here are the rumored upcoming timeline releases:
2000 ECW by Justin Credible
1984 WWF by Roddy Piper
A WCW timeline by Vader.
To finish the WWF/WWE, here is what I would do. I would not select anyone under a WWE contract to participate as it would be highly unlikely that would happen.
1984: Tito Santana (If not Piper)
1990: Jake Roberts
1991: Sgt. Slaughter
1992: Ted Dibiase
1996: Bret Hart
1998: Steve Austin
1989: Ricky Steamboat
1990: Ric Flair
1992: Sting
1993: Mick Foley
1994: Vader
1995: Bischoff
1997: Scott Hall
1998: DDP
1999: Goldberg
2002: Jerry Jarrett
2003: Raven
2004: Jeff Jarrett
2005: AJ Styles
2006: James Storm or Chris Harris
1996: Raven
1998: Tommy Dreamer
1999: Lance Storm
What do you guys think?


  1. Ultimate Warrior for 1990 for sure. Ric Flair for WWE 92 would be good. Road Dogg for 98. Jim Ross for 96.

  2. Other than Road Dogg, you're good. He's one of the "unavailable", under WWE contract.

  3. Ok, then Vince McMahon for 1998.

  4. SCSA seems to fall into that category as well. I'm not sure if he's currently under contract or not, but he has an active working relationship with WWE.

  5. I wonder if he could get Shane, actually?

  6. His podcasts are basically shoot interviews.

  7. LOL @ The Fuj still being the #1 draw... let it go old timer... your time is up, my time is now.

  8. Not sure I would choose Bret for 1996 since he missed most of the year. I like the choice of Ross as he had a very interesting 96 and was involved in some big angles, including being the on screen facilitator for Bret's return.

  9. Legally he might be able to get Shane to do it. That doesn't mean Shane would be interested in dishing behind-the-scenes dirt.

  10. You are right. Ross would be better for 1996

  11. At least Kevin von Erich is alive, so WCCW could happen. A Memphis retrospective with Lance Russell = shut up and take my money. I really think JCP deserves the timeline treatment from about 1978 through the sale. Ten years, some order of the Crocketts, Caudle, Arn, Ole, Flair, Tully, Magnum, Dusty, Cornette and the Rock and Roll Express would be great stuff.

  12. I wish Ole were in better health so he could better remember 1990 WCW. I'd love to hear a full shoot dedicated to him dealing with morons like Jim Herd and the horseshit wrestling people have to endure when dealing with corporate influence. We're starting to see this problem to an extent with WWE, and I think it gets worse when Vince is gone. I know Ole has the books...

  13. I think we should consider who would likely do the shoots as well. I just dont see Austin, Foley or Sting participating realistically

  14. I doubt he could pay Shane enough to make it worth his time.

  15. You have to consider the amount of money it would take to get someone like Austin, too.

  16. Having purchased the rf shoot with Piper from years ago, I can say that he should be kept far away from any of these. I have never felt my time and money was more wasted. He told the same story twice!

  17. Lance Russell? Why would you think the tv announcer would be the best choice? Either of the Jerrys would be better. Hell, Dundee or Hart or a bunch of other guys would be better choices.
    Its too bad Gary Hart died or he'd be the best choice for WCCW.

  18. Lawler's out, so Russell's the next best choice. Memphis is Lawler and Russell... everyone else is a fairly distant third. Jarrett, Dundee, and Hart are also okay options if needed.

  19. He was the tv announcer! I'm not aware he was ever involved in booking or behind the scenes stuff.

  20. I'd be shocked if he wasn't... he comes across as very similar to Ed Whalen from Stampede. No, he didn't directly make booking decisions, but he was involved with the "inner circle" in some manner I'd bet.

  21. I think doing a WCW one would be fine, but a year by year of small or looooong defunct promotions would seem brutal. I can't imagine trying to describe my 2003 year at work now, even if I had someone to ask the right questions. But I could probably tell a few stories. Which is probably the best way to get an idea of promotions that have been gone upwards of 25 years.

    Unless they interview a historian like Jim Ross of course.

  22. He wasn't - he preferred to be surprised so his reactions were more natural. On the other hand, I can't think of anyone other than Lance who was around the entire run in Memphis and of course he'd know all the backstage details.

  23. Do you think Craig DeGeorge would be a fountain of info about late 80s WWF?

  24. Unless you were involved in booking or the main event scene, you really aren't a good choice for a timeline

  25. Comparing Memphis to the 80's WWF is just ignorant.

    Vince ran a LARGE organization, one where only a chosen few knew more than their little areas.

    Lawler and Memphis was not very large, to where a larger percentage of people might know what was going on.

    The Timeline series doesn't require someone who WAS the office... just someone who would have a clue WHY the office/boys/others reacted to certain events in the manner they did.

  26. I'd also like to hear about his shit booking

  27. 98% of the time, I'd agree. But there are exceptions.

  28. You don't think the co-owner/co-booker would have more insight than the tv announcer? Seriously?

  29. I like your picks, aside from Goldberg, you know he'd just say he was responsible for everything good that happened, and had no memory of any of the bad.

  30. Lawler's Option 1. He's with WWE, so no go.

    Is Jarrett available (He has done KC stuff, so I'd assume yes) and willing? If so, then he would work fine as an Option 2. BUT, as booker/owner, he'd have his own blindspots to certain events.

    Dundee was gone from Memphis for fairly long stretches... like when he went to Mid-South to book for Watts (He was part of the famous Jarrett-Watts trade that created the Midnight Express as we know and love them.)

    Hart has the same issue, although he was around a good bit longer IIRC.

    Thus, Russell.

    It also depends on how the Timeline is set up. The one I watched (HTM 87) was a mix of in-ring and out-ring stuff... the latter being where Jarrett might be out of his depth.

  31. Most of the time is rambles incohehrently and I would expect the same from his Timeline. I hope that it is just a rumor. I was hoping for Tito or even somoene like Orndorff.

  32. Aren't most of those WWE guys under Legends contracts? If we're going to get the "good" stuff, maybe a Jeff Jarrett for the Attitude era, or even a D'Lo Brown, would be good candidates. I doubt you could pay Austin enough money to do a shoot interview- he could do it on his podcast and promote himself if he wanted to.

    I might be stepping into dangerous waters here, about Chyna? She's got stories to tell (adult movie joke appearing under this comment in 3...2...1...). If she was sober and motivated, that might be a lot of fun.

  33. Wouldn't happen in a million years but The Rock in 1998 would be amazing. Hell, make it a Youshoot Live, and prepare for the ultimate markout when a question comes in from " Texas".

  34. Gorilla Monsoon would have been.

    Lance Russell's very close relationship with Lawler is also rare, because Jerry really didn't associate with wrestlers outside the arena. He also is invaluable on the TV side because he was the station manager in Memphis. He held a very unique spot and was much different than most any announcer.

  35. Which is exactly why we have Rikishi, Val Venus, and IVORY covering the hottest 3 years in WWE history

  36. TNA Timeline synopsis:

    2002-2013: Everything is fine.
    2014: Sells to WWE for $1.

  37. RF should have given you a refund for having to suffer through that, Dougster. That shoot was Piper's worst incoherent rambling multiplied by 1,000.

  38. Why a Bret timeline in 1996? He was gone most of the year.

  39. Nevermind, question already answered below me because I can't read apparently.


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