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The PG Era Rant: Raw from October 7

When last we left our heroes, one stood tall over two.  But that one, arguably, had placed everything he had on the line out of frustration.  Now, with his boss having two new threats to deal with and three weeks until the vacant title will be decided inside a giant cage, will Big Show be given a new assignment… or a new reality of unemployment?

The pre-show commercial promises appearances from CM Punk, Ryback, and Paul Heyman, plus HHH and Stephanie will question Big Show’s actions.

- The PG Era Rant for Monday Night Raw, October 7, 2013.

- Live from Pittsburgh, PA.  Since I work for the Blog of Doom, I am legally required to remind you that you stick the hose here when giving the US an enema.

- Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and John Bradshaw Layfield.

- We open with a look at what Big Show did.

- First out of the curtain this week is Stephanie.  She lets us know that last night’s main event was ruined, and everyone is angry.  It’s all Big Show’s fault, she says.  So now, she calls him out for an answer.  Of course, she won’t let him talk, instead chewing him out for inexcusable behavior.  And all Show can say is “I’m sorry”.  Stephanie keeps chewing him out as the crowd chants “Knock Her Out”.  All of this explains why Big Show is in the sorry financial state he’s in – he’s awful at self-management.  Stephanie demands that Big Show take responsibility.  Show: “Man up?  Okay.  Can I go now?”  Show’s inability to care is funny.  Stephanie pokes Show in the chest as I’m getting Heenan/Andre flashbacks.  Stephanie says they OWN Big Show and he has no free will.  Stephanie demands that Show BEG for forgiveness from the people on his knees.  Show, though, simply shakes his head no.  It’s clear: he’s tired of this.  Stephanie keeps digging her own grave by insulting Big Show, who actually smiles at this.  Finally, Show admits he did all this because he’d had enough.  And then the twist: Stephanie TOLD Big Show to knock Bryan out.  And even though Maddox said it, we all know Maddox is HHH’s puppet.  I’m not getting across how vehement this is.  Stephanie slaps Show and wants to know what Show will do.  Finally, Stephanie has enough and fires Big Show.  And Big Show just smiles and walks away?  And through all this, the crowd cheers him.  Something tells me this will come back to haunt Stephanie in 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Very quick and intense opening segment, and in the biggest upset ever, I suddenly would like to see a David Otunga cameo in a role he SHOULD have.

- Big main event: Bryan and the Rhodes Brothers against the Shield.

- Dolph Ziggler v. Damien Sandow.  Bad enough we get rematches from Pay-Per-Views, now we get rematches from pre-shows?  Damien looks angry.  Sandow goes straight with knees to the gut and works him over in the corner, going through a ref stop, before getting a suplex for one.  He adds cross blows to the chest and a rear chinlock.  Sandow: “QUIT!  QUIT!  COME ON!”  The announcers ask if Brad Maddox acted on his own or not as Ziggler fights out, only to get another shot to the gut.  More kneedrops by Sandow as his knee is just fine, thank you.  Sandow with a facewash and he pounds on Ziggler before adding the middle-rope hip attack.  Sandow gets two.  He goes to a head-scissors on Ziggler.  Ziggler slides out of the hold – his greasy hair helped – and goes to the leg, but Sandow adds headbutts in the corner only to get slapped.  Ziggler with right hands, but Sandow fights out and dumps Ziggler as we go to break.  We return with Sandow getting two for unknown reasons.  Sandow throws Ziggler into the corner repeatedly, following up with the Russian legsweep and Cubito Aequet for two.  Back to the chinlock as we get told Big Show has left the building.  Ziggler headbutts  Sandow to get out, but Sandow leverages Ziggler out of the ring.  He follows by sending Ziggler into the STEEL post.  Sandow gets two out of it.  More chinlockery.  Ziggler fights out only to get floored and Hammer Thrown by Sandow, but a charge hits the post.  Ziggler hits the arm to gain control and tackles Sandow into a ground and pound.  A right hand sends Sandow to the outside, and he baseball slides into Sandow and keeps up the attack.  Ten punch countalong follows into the neckbreaker, and Ziggler is fired up with the DROPKICK OF DOOM for two.  Zig Zag fails when Sandow holds the ropes, but Ziggler recovers and goes up only to get knocked off by Sandow.  It gets two.  Sandow sets up with knees to the gut, but Ziggler with the Billy Gunn Special out of nowhere for the pin at 12:19.  Their pre-show match was better – this was a little disjointed.  *1/2

- Now, Stephanie is chewing out Brad Maddox.  She’s mad that the Rhodeses are back, then that there was a blackout, then that Scott Armstrong came back, then the no contest.  She’s blaming Maddox, and when Maddox tries to invoke HHH, she just gets madder.  Maddox won’t be fired, but he’s lucky.  She’s telling Maddox that he must apologize and make it up to the fans.  Now.  Well, after the break.

- During the commercial break, Bruno Sammartino got a standing ovation and got a Happy Birthday song.  Amazing they’re showing this on TV – now they have to pay royalties for the Happy Birthday song.  Seriously.

- Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Rosa Mendes v. Natalya, Eva Marie, and JoJo.  So basically, a 3-on-1 handicap match.  Natalya starts (duh) with Aksana and takes her down into a front chancery.  She outwrestles Aksana, escaping a head-scissors and holding Aksana.  Eva Marie in with a rollup for one and headlock takedown.  Aksana with a hairpull slam to take over and wait a second, Eva Marie is face in peril?  Aksana adding foreram smashes for one.  Aksana slams down Eva Maries, and Rosa adds a straitjacket choke.  Rosa throws Eva Maries down, and Alicia in with a head slam or two.  A slam follows, for one.  She smacks Natalya off the apron before throwing Eva into the corner.  Blind charge misses, hot tag Natalya.  Clotheslines to Alicia and a slam.  Alicia is thrown into her teammates, but she cradles Natalya for two.  Discus lariat and Sharpshooter get the win at 3:18.  JoJo did nothing.  Honestly, and I know I’m getting in a lot of trouble for saying this, but Eva Marie didn’t exactly embarrass herself.  1/2*  And if you think I’m being generous to her, remember: I saw Jackie Gayda’s debut.

- Before we can blink, out comes Brad Maddox.  He simply apologizes with no buildup, then announces that there will be a rematch and it will be in Hell in a Cell.  On top of that, he’s naming a Hall of Famer as the referee, but he’ll allow the fans to decide which one out of three possibilities we’ll find out later.  Have you gotten the WWE App?  If so, you can change the outcome of Hell in a Cell!  And now: candidate number one is Booker T.  Booker asks for the vote, although Lawler points out that Booker’s use of the phrase “Best for Business” worried him.  JBL is incredulous.

- Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre v. Los Matadores.  JBL mentions Tug Healey and Bodacious – which I remember from his great Astrodome promo in 2001.  Heath Slater’s “What the hell was that” look is priceless.  Diego starts with a dragon screw to Mahal.  He adds a high headscissors and brings in Fernando.  Mahal is given a double back body drop, but trips Fernando as McIntyre adds a kick to the head and mauls Fernando.  Jumping stomp to Fernando, and Drew hits the armbar.  Fernando fights out and gets a standing rana, hot tag Diego.  Some flying Jalapenos to both 3MB members and a standing shoulderblock to Drew.  He goes to the top and stabs Drew, then the Scot Drop ends it (ironically to McIntyre) at 2:20.  Just a squash, and let me say that even if McIntyre isn’t a future champ or Chosen One or whatever, he deserves better.  Slater chases El Torito and pays for it, including a flying headscissors from EL TORITO onto Slater, who will sell anything from anyone.  DUD

- Oh, sure, they mention Pittsburgh a dozen times in the first hour, but Mississippi isn’t worth saying once?

- This just in: Big Show still fired.

- The Dangerous Alliance is in the ring.  Heyman is still the Best in the World, no matter what happened last night.  He admits that last night, Punk won.  It doesn’t change that Punk is a bully and a cheater as we see the low blow he delivered for the win.  Heyman’s disapproving head shake is a detail not many people in wrestling know to do.  And before we get any further, here’s Punk.  And he’s doubled over in mock pain.  Funny.  Punk, ever the rebel, wears a Rise Above Cancer shirt.  Punk is shocked – SHOCKED! – to be told he’s a cheater.  But hey, he won, right?  And last night, he found out Ryback had manhood.  Heyman is angry and begins to promise, but Punk says Heyman’s promises mean nothing, and he will beat Ryback a second time.  So Punk pre-emptively accepts Ryback’s rematch challenge.  Ryback calls Punk out for being a bully and not a tough guy and dares Punk to walk to the ring.  To take on three guys.  Punk, weirdly, seems ready to do it, but R-Truth arrives for backup and says he’ll even the odds (presumably – they pantomime it).  And here comes a referee.  HOLLA!  (takes drink)

- CM Punk and R-Truth v. Curtis Axel and Ryback.  Punk and Ryback start… no, wait, just kidding, it’s Punk and Axel.  Punk shrugs and locks up with Axel.  Axel with a headlock and shoulder tackle, but Punk with a drop toe hold and, because why not, an Indian deathlock.  Truth in with a legdrop to Axel’s back for two.  Truth with a kick to stop a backdrop, and he follows with an uppercut and WHATS UP as we go to break.  We return with the faces working the arm of Axel, and Truth adds a snapmare and chinlock.  Ryback tags himself in and punches Truth down.  But Truth fights out on both guys only to get kicked down.  Big splash follows, and some punches to the gut lead to a bearhug.  Before Truth can escape, Ryback turns it into a belly-to-belly for two.  Axel in with a Bret Hart elbowdrop for two.  Axel works Truth over on the ropes, adding kicks to the gut, but Truth fights out only to be caught with a dropkick for two.  Crowd wants Punk.  The tag team formula’s working.  Axel HITS THE CHINLOCK.  He follows up with a Hammer Throw and brings Ryback in.  Ryback throws Truth corner to corner and mouths off on him before adding another Hammer Throw.  Ryback with a snapmare and kick for two.  Abdominal stretch by Ryback and Punk works the crowd.  Truth elbows the thigh to get out, only to be thrown into the corner again.  A blind charge hits Truth’s boot, but Truth runs into a military press, only to get out and land a spin kick.  Now the crowd is READY for Punk to get the hot tag.  Axel and Punk are in, and Punk with a springboard clothesline and neckbreaker.  Running knee and short-arm clothesline set up the Macho Man Elbow.  Punk signals GTS, then sends Ryback off the apron, and Axel’s out.  Ryback is high kicked hard, leaving Axel alone, so Punk brings Truth in for the Axe Kick to get the pin at 12:40.  Very much an old-school tag match, and Truth getting another pin on Axel means he may well get the I-C title yet.  **1/4

- Candidate Number Two: Bob Backlund.  And yes, he’s going to stump for the vote.  And yes, he’s campaigning in full-blown Mister Bob Backlund mode.  Vote for him because he doesn’t care for anyone and will just call for the one who deserves to win.  And a Crossface Chickenwing for anyone who crosses him.  This cracked me up.

- Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton.  We reveal that Orton was berating Big Show prior to being knocked out.  Orton attacks Kofi to start, throwing him into the post and then out of the ring.  Then into the barricade.  And another one.  Orton with a clothesline on the outside.  Back in, it gets two.  Orton rakes Kofi’s eyes, following with a European Uppercut.  Kofi throws Orton out and begins a comeback, clotheslining Orton out of the ring.  Orton stalls on the outside before returning.  Back in, Orton attacks Kofi with shots to the back and punches in the corner, but Kofi kicks away to get some distance.  Kofi goes for a springboard bodypress, but Orton escapes and Kofi airballs as we go to break.  We return with Orton working Kofi over, getting a neckbreaker for one.  Orton hits the chinlock… and Microsoft Word crashes on me.  I’m back five or so minutes later with Orton getting a powerslam for two, having missed Kofi’s comeback.  Sorry, guys.  Orton gets the Draping DDT try, but Kofi throws Orton over the top and out.  Kofi misses a baseball slide and clotheslines Kofi.  It had to happen in a really good match, too!  Ugh.  Orton throws Kofi into the barricade and nails the Draping DDT on Kofi on the outside.  Back in, Orton has Kofi unconscious and pulls him up, and the RKO is academic for the pin at 13:40.  I could get used to Randy Orton getting 15-minute matches on every Raw, because he is really damn good.  The part I missed made up for the parts I recapped.  ***3/4  And  before we go to break, Daniel Bryan charges in and goes nuts on Randy Orton, sending him over the announce table and pounding away as every referee ever tries to break them up.  Cameras and announcers go flying as the crowd is popping HUGE for it.  Seriously, if FINLAY can’t separate these two, don’t even try.  Bryan chases Orton to the back, with everyone else following.  Regardless of my issues with Microsoft, let me just say the last 20 minutes MADE Raw.

- We return with Vickie Guerrero chewing someone out until she meets Alberto Del Rio.  ADR wants to be named the new face of the WWE (“I’m the only champion they have.”), and then he requests the night off.  But he knows that a champion’s work is never done.  He knows Vickie will find the right opponent for him.  Del Rio flatters Vickie some more to get on her good side, then gives her his scarf as he leaves her with a kiss on the cheek.  One small problem: it does not appear to have worked.

- Candidate number three: Shawn Michaels.  Okay, everyone go home now, we know the winner.  So Shawn is going to referee a match where his protégé is on one side, and his best friend will be instructing him to call it the other way.  There, I just summarized at least five segments between now and the Pay-Per-View.  And yes, Shawn mentions both of those facts in his stump speech.  I am demanding that Tommy Hall and Scott Keith add “H-B-Shizzle” to their vocabulary.  So Booker says what’s best for business, Backlund says what’s best for the match, and H-B-Shizzle says what’s best for the fans.  Don’t you love it when the WWE rigs the vote without rigging the vote?  Please, guys, vote for Backlund.  Oh, right, you’re reading this after the fact.

- Big Show.  Still fired.

- Alberto Del Rio v. Ricardo Rodriguez.  Well, I guess it worked.  Del Rio is chomping at the bit here.  Wait, there’s more!  Vickie is going to make ADR/Cena for Hell in a Cell.  Seriously?  John Cena?  Back?  Already?  And while Del Rio is distracted, Ricardo rolls him up for the pin at 0:38.  Del Rio beats up Ricardo after the match because he’s in a very bad mood.  Del Rio Pillmanizes Ricardo’s arm and puts on the Cross Armbreaker.  John Cena?  No way he’s going to be remotely healthy by PPV time.  I mean, unless he’s been hitting the deer antler spray.

- Let me make clear during this commercial break: I have absolutely nothing against John Cena.  At all.  But there’s no way he’ll be 100%.  Not even HE can heal that quickly from a torn tricep.  And I have to wonder: how does he heal so quickly on a repeated basis if he IS ready to go?  This whole thing smells of bait and switch.

- Zack Ryder v. Fandango.  Fandango fires on the back, but Ryder returns the favor only to run into a leg lariat for two.  Knee smash follows, and then a suplex for two.  Fandango hits the chinlock, followed by a knee to the gut, only for Ryder to return with a facejam.  Ryder with a missile dropkick and corner-to-corner forearm to set up the Broski Boot, but Fandango bails before it happens.  So Ryder boots him anyway on the outside.  Fandango suckers Ryder in with a kick to the head from the apron, then a reverse Hotshot.  Flying legdrop finishes at 2:44.  Why did this match happen?  1/4*

- Your referee: Shawn Michaels.  Although Backlund got a decent chunk of the vote.  And why isn’t H-B-Shizzle trending on Twitter yet?

- We the People v. Santino Marella and the Great Khali.  To be fair, we didn’t expect this match at the Pay-Per-View, so I’m not too mad about this rematch.  Swagger and Santino start, with Santino doing a cartwheel out of a throw and power-walking through a whip.  Swagger charges only to get an atomic drop.  He’s pissed and slugs Santino down, then throws him from corner to corner.  Cesaro in, and the heels do traditional heel tag stuff.  Swagger with a snapmare and butterfly lock as the crowd chants We The People.  Even Lawler acknowledges it!  Swagger with a lariat and Vaderbomb, with Cesaro adding a leapfrog mushroom stomp for two.  Cesaro works a chinlock, but Santino counters with a jawbreaker (with splits).  Lukewarm tag to Khali, and he smashes Cesaro a bunch.  Elbows in the corner, followed by the biggest chest chop.  Crowd doesn’t care.  Swagger is caught with a right hand, but Cesaro clips Khali’s knee.  And here we go: the GIANT SWING OF DOOM.  Ten rotations!  And like last night, it gets the pin at 3:54.  Swagger throws Hornswoggle into the ring (even asking the crowd if they should swing him), and Cesaro swings HIM, too.  Santino stops it with the Cobra to Cesaro (6 rotations in, and let’s be fair, he could be swinging Hornswoggle all the way to Thursday if he wanted to), and Khali punches Swagger out.  The crowd boos it.  Folks, as politically dangerous as it would be, don’t you kind of HAVE to do something with Swagger and Cesaro now?  *, and that’s almost exclusively due to the Swing.

- MizTV.  Miz’s guest: who cares?  The Wyatt Family are headed to the ring.  Miz figures it out and runs out of the ring to avoid Harper and Rowan, but now he’s trapped.  So, he attacks Wyatt and does just enough to escape all three of them.  Wyatt: “YOU CANNOT HIDE.”

- Meanwhile, Maddox asks if he did the right thing.  Stephanie says it’s not even close to enough.  Then HHH arrives.  Maddox is told to stay in the back, and HHH himself will go to the ring and make sure that things are Best For Business™.

- Meanwhile, on SmackDown, R-Truth gets a second chance at the Intercontinental Title against Curtis Axel.  Hope for a title change.  The show needs it.

- Main event: Shield v. Rhodes Brothers and Daniel Bryan.  I don’t like Goldust’s new face paint style.  It accentuates his jaw too much.  Goldust opens with Rollins.  Goldust “spits” in Rollins’s face as only he does, and he gets a flurry, but Rollins cuts him off.  Goldust with the kneeling uppercut and inverted atomic drop, adding a kick to the head for one.  Cody tags in with a springboard dropkick for two.  Rollins with a right hand and Cody is cut off in the heel corner, and Ambrose punches away only to be kicked on a backdrop attempt.  Knee to the face gets one for Cody.  Front suplex gets two.  Cody with elbows and stomps to Ambrose, and Goldust back in with a snapmare and running elbow drop for one.  Cody returns with a straight right, but Ambrose punches him down in the corner and adds elbow scrapes.  Blind charge by Ambrose eats knees, and Cody goes up top, kicking Reigns away, only for Ambrose to throw him to the outside as we go to break.  We return with Rollins getting a front chancery on Cody and throws him into the corner.  Ambrose returns and fires off right hands on Cody.  He digs his boot into Cody’s gut repeatedly.  From there, a camel clutch on Cody with the elbow scrapes thrown in.  Cody fights out, but Ambrose chases Cody with a knee to the gut.  Forearms by Ambrose in the corner, and he pulls Cody to the top for a back superplex, but Cody knocks him to the ground and connects with a moonsault press.  Ambrose grabs the boot to stop a tag and punches down both brothers, only to get a backdrop from Cody.  Hot tag Bryan, who dropkicks Reigns and unloads on Rollins.  Backflip out of the corner leads to a release German suplex.  Bryan with another corner-to-corner dropkick, this one to Rollins, then a top rope rana.  Reigns saves at two, and Goldust unloads on Reigns.  Ambrose takes over on Goldust and gets disposed.  Reigns with a flying clothesline on GOldust, Cody with the Beautiful Disaster on Reigns.  Cody and Reigns leave via a Cactus Clothesline.  Rollins goes for a release German, Bryan flips out and kicks down Rollins.  YES Lock is applied, but Ambrose uses a chair for the DQ at 11:00.  Except HHH is at ringside and makes it a no-DQ match as we continue with everyone brawling.  Bryan and Rollins are in the ring, as Ambrose and Reigns dominate on the outside until Bryan wipes them out with a dive.  Bryan celebrates, but Orton jumps in from out of the crowd and RKOs Bryan.  Rollins crawls on top for the pin at a combined 11:51.  Wait, it’s over?  It’s only 10:59!  ***1/4  HHH gives a signal, and the Shield continue the war on the outside.  Goldust is isolated by the Shield, and then Big Show’s music hits.  He appears, despite being fired, which confuses the HECK out of HHH.  HHH hides behind the Shield, but Show doesn’t care.  He’s stalking his way to the ring.  There’s a standoff (JBL: “Security needs to stop him.”  Cole: “YOU go stop him!”), but Show simply shakes his head and enters.  Shield jump on him, only Show throws them all aside and goes for HHH.  But a clip from Rollins and the Shield pummel him.  HHH orders them to finish him, but Show throws all three guys aside and FINALLY knocks out HHH to a HUGE pop.  Perhaps that contract is more ironclad than HHH realized.  Bryan stands over HHH now and smiles giddily.  Huge YES chant follows.  Bryan even straightens HHH’s tie for him like a good employee, and the YES ends the show.


This show wasn’t really grabbing my attention, so I may be giving it the wrong rating, but honestly… the Big Show thing confuses me.

Look, Big Show clearly was happy to be fired – and at the end of the show, we saw he was still allowed backstage and had his entrance music and video.  So obviously, he knows something HHH doesn’t.  I’m not sure what it could be, other than the terms of his contract obviously invoke things we don’t seem to get.  My best guess is as follows:

John Laurinaitis, when he wrote out Big Show’s contract, wrote that Show could not be fired for wrestling-related reasons or he’d receive a multi-million dollar settlement.  Since he did nothing wrong, he was due a big payday.  That’s why he was so giddy upon being fired – his financial worries were over.  It also explains how HHH and Stephanie could say it wasn’t ironclad and toss around “breach of contract” – technically, they were right.  Big Show could’ve had the whole thing nullified for breach of contract, but he didn’t commit it.

Anyway, enough about contract minutiae, even if it was the main point of this show.  What we had tonight was, really, a bizarre show.  Nothing wrong with Truth pinning Axel – and in fact, I like that – but the main event seemed like a backdrop for the HHH/Show stuff.  John Cena back early seems like a panic move by WWE because honestly, as long as he’s in the building, the question of whether Bryan or Orton is best for business is answerable with “neither”.  Meanwhile, Punk/Ryback is headed for the inevitable rematch, and hopefully at some point, they’ll get Heyman to be beaten up by Punk just to bring closure.  I guess it’s the fact that they’re so blatantly building to rematches that bothers me.


MATCH TIME: 63:24 over nine matches
BEST MATCH: Orton/Kofi
WORST MATCH: 3MB/Matadores
NIGHT MVP (kayfabe): As tempting as it is to pick Big Show, I gotta go John Cena – gets a title match by doing nothing.

FINAL SCORE: I really feel ambivalent about this Raw, so clearly, I have to rate it a 4.  Out of 10.  Yes.

Okay, that’s it for me.  Go ahead and discuss it in the comments below, and we await Scott Keith’s express-cap, Tommy Hall’s SmackDown look on Friday, and maybe I’ll have more to say later in the week.  In the meantime, I’ll try to be in a better mood later.  I think Microsoft Word has some explaining to do.


  1. I just need to say this one more time...


    Saints now 3.5 up on Panthers, 4 up on Falcons, 4.5 up on Freeman's ex-team.

  2. Karma for having the Dirty Birds in suicide this week. I'll take it though.

  3. Backlund in his full get up was tremendous

  4. Bryan vs. Backlund next week. Do it.

  5. I don't know if Orton will ever have 5-star match in his life (his pace is too slow - intentionally I think, and his move set is too limited... though it does seem to be expanding a bit), but god damn, he's at a point where he can sleep-walk his way to 3.5-star matches on the basis of his storytelling, timing and character mannerisms.

    As for Big Show, yeah, I guess that idea is a possibility. He can claim that his contract says he can only be fired for insubordination, as in refusing to follow orders from his boss. But he did follow directions - which is why he was so vehement when he said that Stephanie TOLD him to do it. ...She just didn't explicitly say not to knock out Randy Orton. So now he's suing for breach of contract.

    My issue is.... ok, now what? Bryan goes on to win the title, and HHH and Stephanie for all their scheming and power-tripping and dreams of controlling the WWE product are foiled 3 months into the angle, and left looking incompetent as master-minds? Or Orton wins the title, making Daniel Bryan look like a huge tool who got dicked around for 3 months with no ultimate triumph to show for it? And Big Show is the guy who comes out of the whole thing with the biggest 'win' (even if it's not in a match)? That's about as mismanaged an angle as I can imagine, especially an angle that started off so hot.

  6. You might be bbeatingin the "longest comments" contest. Yours are coherent and dont involve rape though, so thats sonething

  7. Big Show should've quoted Ric Flair, "Fire me? I'm already fired." before knocking HHH out.

  8. Big Show was allowed back into the arena because his contract stipulates that he's going to turn heel in two weeks and we'll all forget about this anyway.

  9. A Sports Night reference! (Paying royalties on Happy Birthday) I'm impressed!

  10. Why couldnt they gave done something like the final segment at the ppv last night? Still a no finish but the consumer would have gotten something of a small payoff. Im not sure when Vince decided PPVs were a mechanism to build towards tv payoffs but its gotta stop.

  11. Raw next week should involve many segments of Backlund still upset over losing the vote, and putting random people backstage in the chickenwing when they try to tell him HBK won the vote fairly.

  12. Its a small nit pick but Big Show is fired but gets entrance music during an unscheduled appearance?

  13. It's a valid nit-pick, but it didn't bother me personally. The crowd was dead all night, and hitting the music is an easy way to ensure a stronger pop for the arrival, which elevates the energy of the moment for those watching at home.

  14. Yea, I get why they did struck me as awkward in the moment.

  15. The crowd did suck

  16. So I've noticed this with Hornswoggle tonight and with others earlier: is there a reason that the person being given the Giant Swing puts his hands behind his head during the move?

  17. Its easier for Cesaro to keep angular momentum if theres more weight on the head. Think of like twirling a yoyo in a circle

  18. Hooray, John Cena is coming!

  19. For some reason I dont believe youre sincere

  20. Also balances the weight, keeping the flailing arms from throwing them off balance.

  21. Question #1 Does he have to have a 5star match?

    Question #2 How is his moveset limited? He has added a new move to his repetoire at least once a year.

    Question #3 There is no credit needed, Randy Orton is just a good performer. His moves are crisp, his selling is awesome. His pacing is great, and his pyschology is really off the charts. The only detriment is his promo at the main event. His legend killer promos were awesome.

    Out of the 02-03 OVW crew, he is the most polished performer. Over Batista, Over Cena, Over Brock.

  22. Re: Cena returning.

    This has to be bait and switch.

  23. I dont get the criticism of Orton. Hes a great worker and his storytelling/psychology in a match is the best ive seen since HBK.

  24. It's because "Rand" rhymes with "Bland" and "Or" rhymes with "Bore" and the internet thinks they're funny.

  25. And who said people on the internet werent smart.

  26. God, just seeing the list of that OVW crew in print crystallizes how insane that class was.

  27. Is he cleared to wrestle?

    They said 4-6 months and he is not a spring chicken anymore.

    I understand they need him, but here's my thing.

    They bring him back for HIAC with 2 week build, hoping to pop a miniscule buyrate. Does he go over Del Rio? Does he job his first match back?

    If he wins, does he take the title to Smackdown? Cena rarely works Smackdown. Like only during WM build.

    Does he bring it to RAW and basically have three top storylines clogging up the show? What does do to the underneath guys? Each guy would have an hour for their program.

    Hour 1: Cena and the WHC
    Hour 2: Punk/Heyman
    Hour 3: Bryan/HHH

    Then there is everyone else... and a whole other show to deal with with no representation on a champion level.

    IMO, i just have a feeling of bait and switch.

  28. To me, it seemed like it was a very random and strange way to bring him back into the fold, as just a random mention by Vickie Guerrero of all people. You would think John Cena coming back would be introduced in a much more prominent way but it wasn't, so that's why I too think it's a bait and switch....but hey, I might be wrong.

  29. Even the Bashams, Conway, Benjamin, Dupree, Haas, and Dinsmore were solid. Besides Ron Waterman, they also got brought up.

  30. Yea, im with you guys. Cena really has to go over in his return match which opens up the can of worms that Fuj mentions.

    I think it is a bait and switch, but fuck thats a ballsy thing to do with the tippy top guy like Cena.

  31. They always exaggerate the length of time Cena needs for recovery in order to pop the crowd for the announcement of his surprisingly super human return.

    Nobody cares about the WHC. Cena can have a five minute protected match before Del Rio walks out and takes the countout loss. Then he can chill out until the next PPV.

    All the focus will be on the HiaC match anyway.

  32. I'm sincere. They really need him back.

  33. Maybe Orton hasn't had a 5 star match but he's had many 4 star plus matches including one last month. Not Orton's fault his biggest wm match was against a washed up hhh

  34. The way they set it up 100% screams bait and switch

  35. Just wanted to say this was a great review. Excellent job, Andy.

  36. Your_Favourite_LoserOctober 7, 2013 at 11:15 PM

    i was at raw tonight, brahs. lemme know what you wanna know about it

    rumble tix went on sale this evening, so my friend and i walked out of the main arena after the pinfall in the main to get in line. as we were walking to the ticket window, we heard big shows music hit. we got in line, and some dude was standing there watching raw on the wwe app. so we got to see what happened while wero were waiting and didnt miss show knocking trips out

    so fun fact: the app really is good for something

  37. Remember when jbl was good? In my opinion the biggest thing wwe could do to improve the product is to stop Vince from overseeing the commentary. I always kinda liked Vince's bad announcing and would be all for him coming back to the booth but as a producer feeding them lines he's atrocious. I'm sure he thinks he's getting out all the right buzz words and story lines but there are 100's of better ways to convey that shit. Jbl is treading Lawler territory and frankly I remember a time (pre attitude era) where Lawler was almost as good as Heenan. Vince is causing by the far the most offensive problem wwe has.

  38. You know Backlund was in Pittsburgh to grab dinner with Bruno and WWE offered to pay if he did the shot.

  39. That REALLY ticks me off. I can understand feeding Cole the lines: he's the neutral, he's the PBP man, he's the one who has to get the story across so he needs to know what story to talk about. But Lawler and Bradshaw are good enough to improvise off of that.

  40. Q1) No, he doesn't. I'll take a three-star match in a feud I enjoy, with a character I enjoy - such as psycho heel Orton - over a 5-star match with two guys I have no investment in. But a lot of people seem to judge workers based on the number of 5-star matches or MOTYCs they've had. For example, in your list of OVW graduates, there are a lot of people that would rank Cena or Brock as better than Orton in the ring, because they have more 4 and 5 star matches to their credit.

    Q2) As I said in the comment, he has been expanding it. I don't have a problem with his move-set, because he makes every move he does mean something, and he imparts every one with a sense of ferocity and impact. His move-set isn't severely limited, it's just not up there with the CM Punks, the Daniel Bryans, the Chris Jerichos, etc.

    Q3) I agree with all this. His selling in particular has been great for awhile. I remember in 2008/2009, when he came back from injury a lot slimmer cause of the color bone injury and the WWE-wide crack-down on steroid use... and he added a ton of 'Harrison Ford' style selling. He'd stumble around, get knocked out on his feet, his legs would buckle. So you had this tall, lanky, shredded guy going up against bulkier dudes like Cena and HHH, and he would just make everything look like it hurt like hell... in a very different way than guys like Ziggler and Rollins make things hurt like hell (ie, less bouncing).

    As far as promo-work, it's absolutely his weakness. The thing is, I think the sociopathic heel character protects him well in that regard. The detached, emotionless delivery suits a sociopath pretty well. Plus it put him in stark contrast to the majority of his opposition, when it came time to cut promos with each other. He would stand across the ring from Cena and HHH as they start yelling and shouting, and Orton would, by comparison, just calmly tell him why he's better, how he's going to hurt them. And as they got in his face and shouted, he would barely react... maybe a sick half-smile, or squint his eyes a bit or cock his head a little. Sometimes the man speaking in the calmest tone gives off the most dangerous vibe. It doesn't always work, but it sure beats him trying to sell himself as a cocky SOB or good guy with his mic skills.

    And every so often he knocks it out of the park. The first Randy Orton promo that always comes to mind for me was after he beat down Batista the night after losing to him on PPV, injuring him (kafabe rationale).

    "You've come full circle. You're right back where you started in Evolution 4 years ago: Taking a back-seat to me!"

    He was full heel at that time, but the crowd popped huge for that line cause a) it rang true and b) it was delivered perfectly.

  41. *shrugs*

    A lot of people think he's boring.

    In Evolution, I wasn't thrilled with him, because I didn't believe him as the cocky SOB heel that was in love with himself. It was a strong push and strong group, but his character felt artificial to me.

    Then they turned him face, and yes, as a face he's incredibly bland and boring.

    Then he basically floated around in limbo as a heel. Daddy's boy gimmick with Cowboy Bob against the Undertaker, RatedRKO with Edge, and all that was pretty bland too, cause he never had a character.

    As soon as he got his push as the head-punting, slow-walking, career-ending, sociopath, he took off. He had a character that felt much less artificial, and people started responding to him strongly - some positively, others negatively. Maybe that has something to do with this being the same guy that was subject of endless rumors of emotionally torturing people backstage, trashing hotel rooms, getting into verbal altercations with fans, and being kind of a moody, drug-addled loner.

    Maybe psychotic Orton is the real Orton, or parts of the real Orton, turned up to 11. Which is usually how the best characters are made.

  42. Fairly sure it was already reported that Cena wasn't as hurt as they thought and the recovery time should be less, but they weren't going to say it on TV so they could do something like this and say "Look how quick he's coming back! What an underdog!"

    I'm hardly a Cena fan but I'd actually be fine with him winning the World Title. It would elevate a belt that desperately needs it, and keep him away from the WWE title picture for awhile, so Bryan/Orton/Punk/etc. can keep doing their thing.

    I took Big Show getting his music to be nothing more than Big Show snuck back in and they played his music because shut up we're WWE we do what we want, but it would be much more interesting if after all this time of HHH actually acknowledging the iron clad contract and then saying "but like not REALLY iron clad", it turns out it actually was. The only problem with your theory is it would mean Big Show had no clue that his contract called for a ton of money if he was fired, since the whole basis was "If I get fired I'll have to eat out of garbage cans and live with Duncan under the bridge".

  43. "The only problem with your theory is it would mean Big Show had no clue that his contract called for a ton of money if he was fired, since the whole basis was "If I get fired I'll have to eat out of garbage cans and live with Duncan under the bridge"

    Not necessarily. It depends on the terms. His contract might say he can get fired for insubordination (not following orders), but not for anything else. So he had to follow their orders or else he would get fired. But at BattleGround he DID follow their orders - he knocked Daniel Bryan out. If they fire him even though he did exactly what they said, then it's breach of contract and he can sue.

  44. Eh, disagree. I think the injury wasn't as bad as they thought and they exaggerated the return time on purpose. My very initial reaction was bait and switch, but when Cena tweeted saying yes, it was true, that pretty much confirmed it as true for me. They wouldn't have Cena tweeting it and confirming it if he wasn't healthy enough to at least do a protected match, and I'd honestly be pretty shocked if they actually let someone beat him up enough to where he had to "pull out of the match". Only way I could see a bait and switch is if the Corporation beats Cena up enough to where he's "too injured to compete" and they use that to build to Orton/Cena. Otherwise, I think it's probably legit.

  45. Sure, but then you could make the case he could have been doing this all along, since they rarely gave him extremely specific orders. "Okay Show, you have to go out and punch Dusty, but you're not allowed to touch the Shield, or Orton, or HHH, etc.". They'd just say "Go punch Dusty", and he'd cry and do it. If he could have been doing this all along, why not also punch the Shield, or punch HHH, especially if he actually WANTED to be fired (just not for "not following orders").

    It's not impossible they could do something like that, but it'd be bizarre I think. We'll see, though.

  46. You think the Big Show explanation is going to make sense? After the "I paid off his mortgage, now I own him!" thing?

    My sarcastic guess to where this goes next. Steph frames Big Show for assault via KO punch. Show gets convicted and throw in jail for a few weeks. Then he comes back and says "Double Jeopardy, bitch!" and knocks her out. And no one does anything about it.

  47. Well, if Show is getting a massive payout for wrongful termination, he can buy another house if Hunter threatens to sell his.

  48. He can't sell Show's house. Show is free and clear, thus it's as stupid as the double jeopardy thing I brought up

  49. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryOctober 8, 2013 at 12:15 AM

    *triggers Rocky V PTSD*

  50. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryOctober 8, 2013 at 12:20 AM

    When the SHIELD was crashing unexpectedly through crowds at the start of their "WHO ARE THESE GUYS?" did they get queued-up music without coming from the back? And why would music guys queue up themes for run-ins? Like if Cena is rushing out to the ring to make a save, is he screaming "HIT MY MUSIC!" as he runs by?

    "I suggest you don't worry about those things and just enjoy yourself!"

  51. Orton's okay now.

    I basically have the same problem with him as I do with Henry; no matter how good they get, it took them forever to get there and for one reason or another were protected. Well, I'm glad that after six or seven long years he finally became decent.

    But I don't care what anybody says, he completely lacks charisma, he sounds like a dum-dum on the mic and even as a face he comes across like a date rapist. Actually, he might be one of the worst babyfaces in history. He's a natural as a heel though, I'll give that to him.

  52. Yep. That's what happens when you put all your eggs* in one basket.

    * or in Cena's case, poop.

  53. How about this? Cena beats heatsink Del Rio, and then at SS they do a rematch. Backstage shot, uh oh, Sandow has been beaten stupid and his briefcase is missing.

    So we go to the match, Cena wins, and here comes Brock Lesnar with the briefcase, he squashes Cena and it's on.

    It doesn't solve your problem of clogging the shows, but Brock only shows up once a month anyway for TV, when he's working.

    Elevates the hell out of the belt, though.

  54. Eh, I like it except for how Brock gets the case. In the one other time the case has changed hands (Kennedy), he put it on the line in a match, it wasn't simply lifted from him.

    Simply beating a guy up and taking the case doesn't give you the right to cash it in... although I can't really see a ref saying 'no' to Brock Lesnar either. Benefits of being a scary fucking genetic freak.

  55. Beating someone up and walking into the Elimination Chamber shouldn't get you entered in the match either, but they've done it.

  56. I can understand that. I guess I'm willing to cut Orton slack because I'd argue at LEAST 50% of the blame for his problems are how he was mismanaged.

    I mean, he gets over pretty strong with Evolution, wins the title, and then they turn him face by having his group betray and beat the crap out of him. Not exactly asking the fans to back a winner, there. Then he loses the title on his first defense. He's a terrible face, but there aren't many faces of any caliber that could retain credibility and fan interest after that.

    The feud with HHH continues to be a one-sided beat-down, then he goes into a feud with the Undertaker as a daddy's boy, cause lord knows nothing makes a guy more credible as a threat than relying on a 70 year old for backup.

    He gets a little bit of traction teaming with Edge in RatedRKO, then there's a 6 month gap where he's literally doing nothing (and that was shortly after getting suspended for drug use I think), which I guess is the time the WWE could have said 'fuck it, lets cut this guy lose'.

    Then he establishes the sociopath character in 2007 by getting the kafabe nod to take out RVD, then he starts punting people, and by stroke of luck, he happens to be the one semi-over heel around at the time when Cena goes down with injury, so he gets the title. From there, I'd say he earned the investment, cause from 2008-2010 when he turned face (plus some time after that, when people were still cheering for him even though he was boring again), he was getting so over as a heel that he organically started getting cheered louder than anybody other than Cena... and on some nights, louder.

    Unfortunately, people cheering for heels makes WWE very uncomfortable in this day and age, so they turn him face and immediately remove all of the edge that made him so over in the first place. Then, after a drawn out and rather boring face run that reduces his heat noticeably, Orton is caught taking drugs and goes out for strike 2. I can understand why some people think he should be out after that, but honestly if that's the call, then why even have the three strikes system? The whole point is that you get two chances to fuck up.

    Anyway TL;DR version: I think that for the most part, every time Orton has been put in a position to succeed (Evolution, his psychotic heel gimmick) he has gotten over strongly. When bad booking fucked him over, he floundered. If you believe that the only guys worth backing are those who can get over regardless of how badly they're booked, then I understand why you'd be frustrated with Orton's continued support.

  57. Yeah, but at least then they can claim they had a match set, they need a replacement then and there, so just go with the guy right in front of them.

    With MITB, they can say 'no, you can't cash it in, the dude who won it can cash it in once he heals cause he can cash it in anytime he wants'.

  58. Oh, man, I haven't heard Waterman's name in years. Why did he never get called up, wasn't he the exact sort of thing they want? I remember he looked kind of like a younger version of the blonde Scott Steiner but apparently wasn't bat-shit crazy.

  59. I would think the biggest problem with this is that you would blow a Brock Lesnar appearance (on PPV) without advertising it.

    But really, it depends how many appearances he has left at this point. He's done 2 PPV's and how many TV's this year? It can't be more than like 8 total, if that. If he has a 25-30 appearance deal, they might be able to pull this off.

  60. "If you're wondering how he eats or breathes or other science facts. La, La, La. Just repeat to yourself "it's just a show, I should really just relax""

  61. The Divas match showed why WWE's diva division is gonna be absolute shit without AJ Lee, until she returns from her concussion.

  62. I just want to say you have an admirer in Dougie.

  63. Off topic here but did I miss the whole "Hulk Hogan wearing a thong" thread? Cuz this needs to be discussed in depth.

  64. Becoming a part of Evolution was pretty much his first push, which meant that his first real foray into televised wrestling was being associated with Triple H and Ric Flair. You can't get a better leg up into the business than that. Immediately following that, he gets involved in a six-month feud with Mick Foley and is portrayed as the very reason that The Hardcore Legend is too afraid to step into the ring. Before Evolution turns on him and thus, turns him face, he becomes the company's youngest world champion of all time.

    Now, revisionist history would paint the situation as something that weakened his heat or credibility, as though being kicked out of a stable and beaten down by three heels is a sign of weakness. It was the launchpad that was quite obviously leading to babyface Orton triumphing over Evolution and then Triple H at WrestleMania 21 until they changed plans because Batista was getting more heat and gaining traction right under his nose. It was becoming abundantly clear to everyone because they figured out that despite pushing him to the moon, he had nothing. Keep in mind, this was 2004 Orton; think about how dull he's been in recent years, and then consider how bad he was nine years ago.

    By the time WrestleMania 21 was rolling around, they quickly turned him back heel for his match against Undertaker. Fair enough, but it's a match against Undertaker which at that point was certainly a prestigious honour. For his rematch they probably had to bring back Bob Orton back because young Randall had nothing to bring to the table. I mean... Jesus, he was fucking awful.

    The effect of all of that has lead to Orton being perennially over, which makes sense given he's been handed every golden opportunity that there is despite never having earned any of it. People on The Blog say, "hey, Orton's over" as if it was some organic, natural occurrence. Never mind the fact that he has the manufactured gravitas that rival anybody's.

    To reiterate: yep, Orton's having good matches now. It only took him the better part of a decade to overcome chinlock-itis. Congratulations. Considering he's horrendous with a microphone, you'd think he would've been a wiz in the ring the whole time, but no, that's only for losers like Chris Benoit, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson who were top notch in the ring before they even made it to WWE.

    I have a couple of theories. First, the locker room probably has a profound affection for his father and thus, he doesn't get fucked with out of respect. Second, from day one they wanted for him to be a "second-or-third generation superstar" a la The Rock so badly that once they invested so much in him, they just went "well, fuck it" despite being mediocre and not being able to abide by company policies. "He's tall, he's handsome and he's Bob Orton's son... let's have him kick Foley's ass and we'll see how he turns out."

    Again, similar to Mark Henry, I'm happy he can do a fine job now, but let it be known that quite a few potential careers were stomped out in his wake and it wasted my time for close to a decade, not to mention the millions of dollars they spent on contracts when he should've been floundering in OVW.

    What an entitled bum.

  65. They messed up the iron clad contract reveal by not explaining why it wasn't enough to let him ignore HHH in the first place. Easy out? They'll reveal Vince gave him a brand new contract.

  66. Orton is boring as Nebraska on offense. His character is one note and has no depth to him at all.

    I was not impressed with the Orton/Kofi match. But Kofi is best in gimmick situations and I just hate Orton.

  67. He sucks.

    You want good psychology? Watch the Shield, or Punk or Bryan. Orton has one psychology, and it's ALWAYS the same.

  68. Here we go, Shawn Michaels is going to turn on Bryan and Superkick him into an RKO. Bryan will lose sight of the title in his question for vengeance against his former mentor. Bryan vs. Michaels at Wrestlemania XXX. In the meantime Orton will destroy the entire roster over the next few months and wreak so much havoc that he stops being "good for business". It will become clear that only one man is good enough to stop Orton--Triple H himself. The COO will step out of his office and in to the ring to put an end to Orton's reign of terror and save the WWE at Wrestlemania XXX. Triple H will retire the WWE title on Raw the next night and introduce a new belt--the HHHE title--which will be handed to Bryan, who will immediately defend against and lose to Big Show after Show ambushes him with a KO punch. HHH will then pedigree Bryan and hand Big Show his mortgage, revealing that he and Show were in cahoots all along.

  69. Wrong, but thanks for playing.

  70. Do you think Bryan straightening HHH's tie was a little insider nod to his debut with the rest of Nexus? :)

    Question for the Blog of Doomers - Golddust's paint is normally about 50-80% gone by the end of any particularly strenuous match. Is there any reason he couldn't (or shouldn't) just wear a mask with the same pattern?

  71. Maybe they'll use it to elevate Del Rio to super-heel by having him target the weak arm for the entire match, then doing the chair-assisted Cross Armbreaker to 'put Cena out' until the Rumble or whatever.

    Would give Del Rio something to springboard from - he goes from being a floundering "meh, whatever" champ to being the guy who put Cena out for months and is a vicious, arm-breaking psychopath.

    Sort of like a PG non-concussion version of Orton's "Punt" stuff.

  72. Presumably also means that if anything goes wrong, they're able to cushion their head?

  73. I love it.

    In fact, let's transcend the WWE. Let's just have a show where Backlund pops up in random places and Chickenwings people for no real reason other than the fact he's insane.

    Can see it now - the US Govt has just approved the shutdown, but there's a commotion, camera pans round to see Backlund with the Senator for, I dunno, Hawaii, in a Chickenwing screaming "USA! USA! USA!"

    The MTV Awards, Robin Thicke comes out to dry-hump some media starlet, but wait, it's BACKLUND! CHICKENWING TO THICKE!!!!

    This idea has merit. Now to set up a Kickstarter for his bail money... :)

  74. Cena said it on twitter. Seems legit. And Bizzare!

  75. Shame Show is face at the moment: Caesero giving Show the Giant Swing on major PPV will make him over like that.

  76. Now this is booking i can sign off on.

    Im never gonna be 100% about things cuz i dont have an "in" into the business or anything, this is all speculation from 30 years of fandom.

    It just screams bait and switch cuz of how cold it came out.

    Vickie, who is generally used on Smackdown, breaking the news of Cena who is primarily used on RAW is a red flag for me.

    Also, its John Cena, top guy. If he was ready to go, dont you think they have known this for a while?

    (im saying this not as a direct response to you, but to everybody who called malarky on the bait and switch idea. Im just responding to you cuz I feel ur reply had the most logic behind it.)

    Like going back to the 2008 Rumble, they kayfabed the whole fanbase on his injury. LOVED IT. Also the rumble is a key PPV, so the return had shock and more than that, it had meaning.

    This is the third PPV in a 6 week stretch, in what has seemed to be a string of throwaway PPVs. Why waste his return to pop a buyrate thats gonna be low as shit to begin with?

    Thats my other reasoning for the bait and switch idea.

  77. ...He is already over.

  78. How does "H-B-Shizzle" make sense? If should be H-B-Kizzle, surely?

  79. I don't know, it'd be weird if Goldust (and Sting) suddenly ditched the paint for a mask. It's just part of the character that everybody accepts now.

  80. Maybe a consortium will buy (or has already bought) Show's house from HHH and gives it back to Show. AND THE CONSORTIUM, WHOOOOO...

  81. As a Del Rio fan, I love that idea. It would also make sense if it happened before HIAC in a non-match (ADR interrupting Cena's comeback promo), so it accomplishes the same objective but Cena doesn't have to work a match since he's still hurt.

  82. That's... bait and switch...

  83. Jesus Christ this crowd was quiet. Talk about sitting on your hands for the entire show. Only a few pops whatsoever.

  84. I think the risk there, however, is further pissing off people who have paid for the PPV on the strength of the John Cena appearance. The whole thing smacks of them being worried by buyrates (otherwise I think he'd have come back with more fanfare at Survivor Series).

    Plus having it happen at HIAC - and maybe using part of the Cell as a way to do it - could help re-elevate the HIAC match to being 'brutal' again, as it's become a bit watered-down over the last few years.

  85. I don't entirely disagree. My first thought too was bait-and-switch, until they showed that Cena had tweeted about it, so I don't think they'd do that if it was going to be pulled for kayfabe reasons.

    Cena's capable of working a match with one arm a bit out of commission if they're going to tell the story of ADR being a jackal and working that limb to the point of sending him back to the injured list again, which is why I think my idea works.

    While I'd love to see them take an active attempt to elevate the WHC title by actually putting it on someone as big as Cena, I don't see them 'lowering' Cena to that level (emphasis that "lowering" is in their eyes, btw).

  86. I like the cut of your jib.

  87. I swear I've seen it before -- like on a RAW or Smackdown a long time ago -- where all a guy needs for his music to hit is to tell some backstage lackey, "Hit my music" before he gets to the curtain. The lackey relays that to the production truck, and there you go.
    And it makes sense that even if Big Show had been fired at the beginning of RAW, the production people are still working, so they don't have time to (or didn't think to) delete his music and video.

  88. im digging that.

  89. At the end of the day, what I want is for things like HIAC, the WHC, etc, all to have genuine importance and meaning again.

    There's a place for comedy and silly stuff, which is why we have Santino, Khali, 3MB (albeit a waste of McIntyre) and Los Matadores, etc. That's all fine. They should mainly be kept away from belts unless it's something like the old 24/7 Hardcore Title, which was admittedly a helluva lot of fun at times.

    IMO the midcard belts - IC and US - should be the showcase of the genuinely talented in-ring guys, a chance to express themselves and get the crowd buy-in to their legitimacy. Sort of like title equivalents of the Smackdown Six, if you get my point?

    The two "big" belts - they should be serious business. They're supposed to be an indication that the holder is at the top of the pile, king of the mountain, etc. While a little fun can be injected depending on the participants, at the end of the day the belts (and the opportunity to win them) should be the absolute main focus of anyone involved, and should be taken seriously. Cena's promos are a good example of the good and bad way to go about this - when he does the Serious Cena stuff he's actually pretty damn good on the stick, but when he's horsing around, making stupid Star Wars references and poop jokes? Not so much.

    HIAC is, to me, an extension of that. It should be a big, brutal pay-off for a hard-fought and titanic struggle, not an annual PPV where two matches are crowbar'd in "because the PPV is called HIAC" - the WWE needs to learn sometimes that less is more. They need to make these attraction matches special again, and limiting their appearance is the best way to do it.

    This turned into a bit of a tirade. Sorry!

  90. Fair point. It just always seemed a bit of a waste to me that by the end of a big match, he didn't look like Golddust anymore! :)

  91. Do not apologize for being passionate about wrestling, thats what the BoD is here for.

    You should post more.

    I think you would do well here.

  92. Don't... don't do that. lol

  93. Yes they need to do something with Cesaro to capitalize, turn him face and have him destroy Swagger and swing Zeb in the process and he's set as a new upper card face.

  94. You've got a friend in Jesus.

  95. Like Bill Reilly's Jump and Choke channel. That'd be great.

  96. If anyone is interested in the possible future of the law.


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