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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #63

October 1, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

We are shown a clip of AJ Styles and Vince Russo entering the arena. Scott Hudson is out front as Russo lets AJ know that there might not be a match tonight as he has known Jarrett for a long time and they are going to “break bread.”

The announcer’s microphones are not working to start the show.

America’s Most Wanted vs. Kid Kash & Abyss

Both teams stall, I guess in an attempt to wait until the audio problems were corrected. Storm and Abyss are in the ring as the sounds problems are fixed. Kash yells at Abyss then tags himself in and runs into a shoulder block. Storm hits a few armdrags then gets two off a flying body press. Kash gets double-teamed then flips off Storm. He tags Abyss and we stall some more as Kash starts yelling at Borash. Abyss and Harris trade chops for a minute. Harris then uses windmill punches to knock him down. Kash comes in and slaps Abyss, who gets angry. He catches Harris with a press slam and tags Kash. They double-team Harris for a bit. Kash shoves the ref then chops Harris. He uses cheap heel tactics but misses a springboard move and Harris slingshots Kash in the corner then tags Storm, who goes nuts on Abyss. Kash comes in and knocks him down then in a cool spot, Abyss sits on the top rope as Kash stands on his shoulders and hits Harris with a moonsault. Storm goes up top and takes Abyss down with a Frankensteiner. Harris folds Kash in half with a spear as Storm hits Abyss with a super kick. AMW hits Abyss with a double spear but the ref talks with Harris and that allows Kash to bounce a chair off the face of Storm then Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam for the win (11:24) **. Terry Taylor comes out and tries to tell the ref about Kash cheating then he attacks Kash. The heels start destroying Taylor, ripping off his clothes, then take off when AMW comes back in with chairs.

Thoughts: Average match but the audio problems threw things off as they had to stall at the beginning. With Swinger having out after an appendectomy, AMW looks to be feuding with Kash & Abyss until he recovers.

Mike Tenay tells us on October 22nd, Jeff Jarrett will face AJ Styles for the Heavyweight Championship.

Don West lets us know that Sandman will be returning tonight and Vampiro will make his TNA in-ring debut. Don Callis interrupts and there are some audio issues. He promises that tonight, there will be some sorry individuals.

Scott Hudson is with Michael Shane. He asks Shane about being the cousin of HBK as Shane makes his accomplishments to be bigger than that of his cousin’s. He said for now on, HBK will be known as the cousin of Michael Shane.  

X Division Championship Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Michael Shane (Champion)

Before the match, Borash introduces the owner of AAA in Mexico, Antonio Pena. Both guys go back and forth to start. Lynn hits an atomic drop and a clothesline then works on Shane in the corner. He dropkicks Shane through the ropes then follows him out and roughs him up. Back inside, Shane cowers in the corner but is able to take control. Lynn gets a rollup for two but Shane pokes the eyes. Lynn comes back with a monkey flip but gets dropkicked to the floor when attempting to skin the cat. Chris Sabin comes out holding his trophy from winning the “Super X Tournament” last month and takes offense to Shane’s comments about not being able to hold his jock then says next week he will put is trophy on the line against anyone and will not be ignored. Back to the action, Shane remains in control then focuses on Sabin. Lynn fights back and hits a backdrop and a tornado DDT. Shane comes back with a flying forearm as West alerts us that Shane has been suffering from the flu. Lynn spears a distracted Shane then blocks a super kick then hits one himself. TKO gets two. Shane escapes from a piledriver attempt and heads up top but gets crotched then dropkicked to the floor. Lynn hits a rana from the apron then rams Shane into the steps. Sabin pushes Lynn and gets shoved down. In the ring, Lynn hits a backbreaker and heads up top but Sabin trips him then Shane nails him with a super kick for the win (9:54) **1/2. After the match, Sabin and Shane yell at each other from afar.

Thoughts:  Decent match. The X Division has some talent but with everyone heel, no one is caring about the feuds. Also, Michael Shane’s gimmick is horrible and Sabin is not showing that much in terms of personality either. Lynn is getting shoved down the card.

Scott Hudson is with Mad Mikey and Shark Boy. D’Lo Brown interrupts and says that despite his match with Christopher Daniels tonight, he hasn’t forgot about what Siaki and Ekmo did to him. He tells them that he has their back but Don Callis interrupts and tells D’Lo that he will not go into business for himself and that after his match, he will leave the arena.

“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/Altar Boys vs. D’Lo Brown

D’Lo repeatedly chops down Daniels as Tenay has been alerted that Lynn has just left the arena. They trade armdrags and end up in a standoff after a choreographed sequence. D’Lo hits a calf kick for two and works on Daniels in the corner. He tosses Daniels to the floor then takes him down with a baseball slide. The altar boys distract D’Lo, allowing Daniels to attack from behind. D’Lo then drops Daniels throat-first across the guardrail then heads up top but misses a plancha. Daniels takes control and hits a jawbreaker and a spear. D’Lo elbows Daniels but misses a moonsault. Daniels gets two off a springboard moonsault then puts D’Lo in an abdominal stretch. Don Callis flanked by Red Shirt Security are shown watching from the ramp as both men are down. D’Lo hits a few clotheslines and a backdrop. He hits some more clotheslines then takes out the minions with a pescado after they interfere. D’Lo stunguns Daniels then goes up top but gets distracted by Red Shirt Security and that allows Daniels to hit the Last Rites for the win (7:59) **1/4.

Thoughts: The match was fine but D’Lo is no longer getting the cheers he received when he made his debut. The problem is that he is just not an upper-card worker.

Scott Hudson is with Erik Watts and Rick Santel from Black Shirt Security. Santel is sporting a sling and Watts tells Callis that he should step up and pay for his injury. Callis interrupts and jokes about installing mineral spas before saying that there is no insurance for wrestlers as he is an independent contractor and assumes responsibility for the risks.

The final part of the Roddy Piper sitdown interview airs. He asks how many wrestlers would still be alive if they had health insurance. He plugs his book and how it addresses insurance. He also says that he gave a hip to this business. Tenay asks him if he has any final words. Audio problems prevented me from what he said. Anyway, it wasn’t as embarrassing as last week’s installment.

Sonny Siaki & Ekmo vs. Mad Mikey & Shark Boy

The faces attack the heels to start, using double-team moves. Ekmo comes in and kills Shark Boy with a spinout full-nelson slam. The heels destroy Shark Boy as Tenay gives us the bloodlines of Ekmo. Shark Boy bites Ekmo in the ass but Siaki tags and destroys him. Ekmo then gives him the running ass smash as the crowd is silent. They destroy Shark Boy with more double-team moves until he comes back with a neckbreaker. He tags Mikey to no reaction at all and he cleans house and the faces use stereo corner mounts. Mikey gets tossed outside and Ekmo catches Shark Boy and slams him down then finishes him off with a top rope splash (4:40) *. The heels continue the assault after the match until D’Lo runs out for the save. He fights off Siaki and Ekmo and the crowd awakes for this. Trinity runs in and tries a low blow but D’Lo stops that and hits the Sky High. Red Shirt Security run out and hold him down as they handcuff him. They drag him out of the ring and throw Chris Vaughn, Black Shirt Security member, out of the building too.

Thoughts: The outcome was never in doubt and for some reason they continue on with the Siaki/D’Lo feud.

Tenay is with Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, David Young, and Glen Gilbertti. They all feel disrespected. Tenay asks if Young is part of the group and Gilbertti says that he was just a one-week replacement, which upsets Young. He then says that if he takes his place in his match against Sandman and wins, he will reconsider letting him join the group.

Hudson is with Jeff Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes, who talks about excess baggage. It was a passionate promo. Hudson asks about Russo telling him about his comment about breaking bread. Jarrett said that Russo was delusional, just like Callis, and that he will take his title back in three weeks.

Russo is flipping out backstage with AJ.

David Young w/Glen Gilbertti vs. Sandman

Sandman looks extra shitfaced tonight. Young starts the match by attacking Sandman as he is drinking. He hits a top rope clothesline and a slam. Young tries a moonsault but Sandman gets the knees up. He hits a senton in the corner and nearly lands on his head. He drapes Young over the ropes and hits a top rope legdrop. Sandman chops Young against the guardrail then flies at him with a splash. He rolls Young inside then hits a top rope rana and wins with the senton (4:40) DUD. After the match, Sandman gets attacked on the ramp by the tag champs and Gilbertti. After raising his hand, Diamond waffles him with a chair and they kick his ass until 3 Live Kru runs in for the save.

Thoughts: Awful match as Sandman was barely functioning. Still, the crowd loved the guy.

Hudson is with Vince Russo. He is wearing shoulder pads and talks trash to Jarrett. He also tells Jarrett that Dusty is selfish and doesn’t care about him, but he does. Jarrett calls him delusional and threatens to hit him with his guitar.

James Mitchell is in the ring with Shane Douglas, Vampiro, Slash, and Sinn. He says that Raven and the Gathering are finished. He thanks Shane Douglas for his help then says that Vampiro and his New Church have more violence planned for the future.

Vampiro & Slash & Sinn w/James Mitchell vs. 3 Live Kru

Douglas joins the announcers booth and says that he is going to look for the new Franchise because he has accomplished everything he has wanted in wrestling. Killings works over the New Church before tagging Konnan. Vampiro tags eventually and works a mistimed sequence with Konnan. BG tags and Vampiro stalls forever and is just making this match unwatchable. He boots down BG and that starts a long heat sequence. BG is able to hit Slash with a pumphandle drop as both men are down. He tags Killings who takes out the New Church with a double dropkick. Vampiro comes in and continues to drag this match down. The crowd is dying as Killings hits the gordbuster on Vampiro. Mitchell distracts the ref then slides his cane to Vampiro who uses it to clothesline Killings and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (7:03) ¼*. Raven runs out and beats on the heels before wrapping a chain around the neck of Mitchell. Douglas comes in and gets attacked. Raven then grabs the mic as the crowd chants his name. He says that he will eliminate the New Church, Douglas, and Vampiro before getting to Mitchell and promises to get his retribution.

Thoughts: I have no idea why Vampiro was booked this way as he didn’t even get in a single offensive move and spent the whole match stalling and retreating. This was awful.

West runs down next week show. Matches include:

America’s Most Wanted vs. Kid Ksah & Abyss with Terry Taylor as the special guest referee
Chris Sabin puts his “Super X” trophy on the line against Michael Shane for his X Division Title
Chris Vaughn & D’Lo Brown vs. Red-Shirt Security

Vince Russo & AJ Styles w/Trinity vs. Dusty Rhodes & Jeff Jarrett

Russo is wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey and a helmet. AJ starts things off by avoiding Dusty. He then kicks his leg repeatedly until getting caught and tossed down. Dusty hits a bionic elbow and tags Jarrett. Styles elbows a charging Jarrett but misses a dropkick. He hits a neckbreaker but is distracted by Russo and that allows AJ to hit a dropkick. Suplex gets two. Jarrett is distracted again by Russo and AJ hits a springboard missile dropkick. Jarrett dodges the Phenomenon and hits a release German suplex as both men are down. Dusty tags and suplexes AJ. He punches away as Dusty is moving around the ring quicker than he has since the 80’s. AJ clips his knee and works on that as Trinity holds his knee in place. Russo tags and uses a belt to whip Dusty a few times before going back to the apron. Russo takes his jersey and helmet off but Dusty fights back. Russo retreats and tags AJ, who misses a dropkick and that allows Dusty to tag Jarrett. He runs wild then knocks Russo off the apron. He catches Trinity off the top and powebombs her then puts Russo in the figure four. AJ tries to break it up with the bat but Jarrett kicks him and takes the bat and uses it to knock down Russo. He hits AJ then hits the Stroke off of the top rope. Dusty then drops the elbow for the win (9:33) **. Dusty and Jeff celebrate as AJ takes the mic and yells at Jarrett and Rhodes for embarrassing him. He then challenges Dusty to any type of match her wants next week but Russo yells at him. AJ slaps Russo down and continues his rant then Dusty says that the match will be for the title, which pisses off Jarrett because he had a title shot in three weeks. AJ accepts the match. Dusty and Jarrett then shove each other as security and several referees separate both men.

Thoughts: Dusty looked a lot better than you would have thought. A Jarrett/Dusty feud is not something anyone wants to see though.

Final Thoughts: Well, TNA is back to Russo vs. Jarrett as the top storyline. The champion, AJ Styles, gets to play second fiddle to all of this. After several good weeks of booking over the Summer, TNA is in a steady decline in terms of quality. The only babyfaces on the roster the fans seem to care about are AMW and Dusty. There are too many heels and not enough quality heavyweights.