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Plug for charity, please?

I'm raising money for Extra Life for the 3rd time and I could use some help getting some last-minute donations. Thanks for whatever help you can get me!

Long as everyone on the blog doesn't have to wear pink or anything.


  1. Good call. I'm actually doing an Extra Life Marathon for the very first time myself this weekend (next weekend didn't work for us) at www.GiveBackGamers.Org. 24 hours of video games is going to be brutal.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Scott. No, no pink will be required.

    I've found that it's easier when you're not doing it alone. This year I've got 3 other people staying up with me and we're mixing in Cards Against Humanity and Zombie Fluxx into the mix so I think that'll help. Aside from that it'll be a lot of coffee.


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