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QOTD 41: Pink Hats

Lets talk about Pink Hats, sorta. As someone who finally, and proudly, took off their Boston Red Sox Pink Hat in time for the post-season - having watched every episode of Ken Burn's 'Baseball', and watched full games, and listened often to the "baseball reporters" show on my local radio station, I feel confident enough in my knowledge of the game where I'm comfortable saying I'm not a band-wagoner or a Pink Hat.

Can you point to a season, event, or moment where a game, sport, or activity 'clicked' and it became so much more than you once thought it was?

For me, Extreme Warfare Revenge brought me to wrestling in a way I never knew was possible. I had vague understandings of how wrestler's 'worked' and what the 'IWC' was, but that freakin' game essentially gave me a database of every single wrestler on the planet, accurate descriptions, a photo, and what kind of style they worked. It was nuts. Couple that with finding out people actually *reviewed* wrestling matches based on their artistic merits, and I was off to the proverbial races, stumbling across Scotsmantality, and then this here blog...I think within months of each other. The details are foggy.

Actually for most things I consider myself knowledgeable about, I've always learned through a video-game. I picked up the basics of football scheme, strategy, and timing from Madden, NBA 2K taught me all kinds of fundamentals, and Tiger Woods taught me I should never, ever, be a golfer.


Blog Otter Award: Jobber for thread jacking and going to the PPV yesterday. A short video of him is below.


  1. Do you wear a Red Sox pink hat?

  2. I had a similar experience with soccer. I received an EA Sports FIFA game for free. I decided to play as the LA Galaxy (because other than the 1994 World Cup teams, the only soccer players I knew of were Beckham and Donovan). I had a lot more respect for the strategy in the sport after playing, struggling, and winning in such a rewarding game. Lo and behold, I ended up watching them win two MLS cups in real life. Everything else sports-related, I am 100% Chi-town, though.

    Things "clicked" for basketball as I saw the Bulls and Pistons go to war for four straight playoff seasons, and then the Bulls and Knicks go to war in even more physical playoff series on six different occasions in eight years. You watch a physical playoff series in basketball or hockey, and your sporting views are never the same--Shakespearean and brutal stuff.

  3. There weren't that many people at Bound for Glory last night.

  4. I had the same expierence with Fifa, I understood how nuts hard it is to get that ball into attacking position and to get off quality shots. I kind of love soccer now, more in theory than in practice, but yeah I agree.

  5. Pink Hat may be a regional term now that I think about it. It's for girls and wives and people that go to games and don't really care about the game or know how it's played, they just go to go or because their boyfriend / husband got tickets.

  6. No need to apologize, Paul, these topics just aren't my thing. It's not that you're doing a poor job. I'm old and grumpy.


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