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Scott Hall on Art of Wrestling

Just a heads up to check out Scott Hall on Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast. 

He's totally lucid and his REMARKABLE knowledge of the business (particularly given what he's done to himself over the last decade and a half) is pretty amazing.  Given his basic understanding of how wrestling "works" and a history that dates back to Florida when Dusty was booking(!) and the AWA, it's a damned shame he hasn't been working for the E for the past ten years on the creative staff.  If there's any way he can keep himself together he'd still be a fantastic add for them.



Oh, there's no denying that he's got a brilliant mind for the business.  But just look at the trouble that someone like Michael Hayes has caused in his tenure and he doesn't even have a quarter of Hall's demons.  Even if Hall was sober it would be too big of a gamble for a family friendly company like WWE to take now.  


  1. When you listen to guys like Waltman, Nash, Hall, etc in today's day and age, you can't help but sort of agree with them when they mention they were all about helping the business when they were together as the "clique."

  2. I can't see why Hall can't be a creative team advisor, as long as you keep him off the road and in the supportive environment he's been in this year. Man, I'm rooting for him to stay sober.

  3. I actually think plenty of fans know about Scott and his demons. It's been on ESPN. If a sober Scott Hall came into the ring, said something nice, I think it would be a massive pop. I don't know if it would have legs, but a one-shot pop would be big.


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