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Smackdown - October 4, 2013

Date: October 4, 2013
Location: Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's the final show before Battleground and the company has gone from on fire to limping into the PPV in a matter of weeks. Bryan vs. Orton is the main event on Sunday again but it feels like an afterthought. The problem is it doesn't feel like an afterthought to any specific thing as none of the matches feel like a big deal at all. The main event tonight is Big Show vs. Shield so I guess that's our focus tonight. Let's get to it.

The opening recap shows Orton laying out Bryan to end Raw. The Bellas being involved makes me roll my eyes.

Theme song.

Here's Big Show to open things up. Show says he's been embarrassed of how he's treated some people lately and we get a knockout montage. Big Show talks about Stephanie and HHH holding the job over his head and how some people can understand what it's like to have to do things they don't want to do. He knows he can't be forgiven but asks for some understanding.

After what his wife said to Stephanie he isn't even sure if he's a man anymore. There's so much anger and frustration built up inside of him that he threatened to knock HHH out on Monday. If he had done it though he would have been fired, but just for threatening it he has to face the Shield in a handicap match. However, if he's going down he's taking Shield with him.

Cue HHH because what would an opening segment be without him? He's ashamed that Big Show doesn't like his leadership, but Big Show's frustration and financial and marital problems are all on Big Show. HHH has considered Big Show a friend for the last 20 years, meaning he knew Big Show in college, two years before Show had his first match in WCW.

HHH holds up Big Show's mortgage, which apparently he's paid, meaning Big Show owes him rather than the bank. Therefore, either Big Show gets his emotions in check or HHH moves into Big Show's house. As for tonight, since Big Show is so crazy, we'll make the main event Big Show vs. Shield/Randy Orton. And Big Show is crushed yet again, because there will be NO strong heroes in this company.

Rob Van Dam vs. Fandango

The announcers spend all of Fandango's entrance talking about breast cancer and how pink everything is. Fandango dances to start so RVD does the finger points, earning himself an elbow to the head. Rob comes back with kicks in the corner and a monkey flip to take over. Van Dam goes to the apron but gets knocked to the floor as we take a break. Back with Rob coming off the middle rope with a kick to the face and some regular kicks for good measure. Rolling Thunder connects but Summer breaks up the Five Star for the DQ at 2:30 shown of 5:00. This match needed a break?

Fandango goes to find some weapons post match but Rob gets the upper hand and lays Fandango out with a slingshot DDT. He finds a trashcan and Fandango gets a Van Terminator to pop the crowd.

Ryback vs. R-Truth

Jobber entrance for the monster. Ryback powers him into the corner to start but Truth comes back with some right hands to send Ryback to the floor. Heyman calls Truth a bully and Ryback will have none of that. Back in and Truth escapes a gorilla press before kicking Ryback down for two. The ax kick misses and the Meat Hook and Shell Shock complete the squash of Truth at 2:24. Your #1 contender to the Intercontinental Title everyone.

Post match Axel lays out Truth again to really make sure no one buys him as a contender.

Alberto Del Rio isn't worried about Dolph Ziggler tonight when a stagehand comes up with the trashcan RVD used earlier tonight. The champion isn't pleased.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Non-title of course and Sandow is on commentary to hype up his Battleground pre-show match with Ziggler. Before the match we get the top ten Van Dam moments video from Raw. Sandow refers to Ziggler as a former Mr. MITB instead of a former world champion. That tells you almost everything you need to know about Dolph at the moment. Feeling out process to start with Ziggler getting a quick rollup for two, sending the champion to the floor.

Back in and Del Rio stomps Ziggler down, only to be dropkicked out to the floor as we take a break. We come back with Alberto holding a chinlock until Ziggler fights back up. Dolph misses a charge into the post and Del Rio has a shoulder to work on. A belly to back suplex gets two on Dolph and we hit the chinlock again. Ziggler fights up and comes back with another dropkick to knock Alberto off the apron, only to have him snap Ziggler's throat across the ropes. Dolph comes right back again though with a top rope X Factor to put both guys down.

JBL tries to talk Sandow into cashing in as Dolph pounds away right hands in the corner. A running clothesline puts Del Rio down but he still avoids the Fameasser and gets two off a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alberto goes up but dives into a dropkick for a close two count. The champ gets back up and hits a LOUD running enziguri in the corner for two of his own. Del Rio loads up a superplex but gets countered into a sunset bomb for another close two.

There's the sleeper from Ziggy but Del Rio rams him face first into the buckle for the break. A middle rope double stomp to the back has Dolph down again but the low superkick is countered into a rollup for two. The second attempt at the kick connects for two for the champion but Ziggler rolls through the armbreaker into the Fameasser for a VERY hot two. Not that it matters as the armbreaker goes on for the submission from Dolph at 10:30 shown of 12:50.

Rating: B-. This got a lot better at the end but ziggler having almost no chance at all didn't help things. That's the problem with how WWE takes guys down the card: there's almost no way to believe they could win a big match when they're on a losing streak. Del Rio as usual is much better in the ring than he is as a character but that's been the case for years. I could have gone for more arm work than just at the beginning and ending of the match though.

Los Matadores vignette.

3MB vs. Los Matadores

Slater/Mahal again who ranted about Toroito costing them the match. There's no McIntyre in sight for the second straight show. The bullfighters do their flips and bull stuff before the bell. Diego cranks on Slater's arm to start and shouts OLE a lot. Mahal comes in and gets his leg swept out from under him before being double backdropped.

Back up and Los Matadores hit a combination backbreaker/slingshot splash for no cover. Slater comes back in and takes over with a kick to the face and a quickly broken chinlock. Fernando comes back with Ultimo Dragon's corner headstand before it's back to Diego vs. Mahal. Diego hits a reverse Cross Rhodes followed by the double Angle Slam for the pin at 3:20.

Rating: D. Remember the match on Monday? This was the same thing but with less flipping and less excitement. Los Matadores don't seem to have a long shelf life to them but at least it gives us another tag team for a few months. Nothing to see here though as the bull continues to steal most of the attention.

Post match Torito dives on 3MB.

Heyman and his Guys are ready for their matches on Sunday. Truth's dream of being Intercontinental Champion is false but at least he's not CM Punk. On Sunday, CM Punk will fight to the death but it just won't be enough. After the beating, Punk will be looking up at his lord, master and owner: Paul Heyman, the best in the world.

Brie Bella vs. Aksana

Please for the love of all things good and holy keep this short. Brie moves away from Aksana to start before dropkicking her out to the floor. Back in and Aksana sends her throat first into the middle rope and stomps away for two. We hit the chinlock on Brie before Aksana crawls around on all fours. Brie comes right back with a middle rope Bella Buster for the pin (ignore Aksana's foot on the ropes) at 2:10.

Post match here are AJ with the psycho eyes and Tamina for whatever reason. AJ says after she keeps the title on Sunday, Brie and Bryan can go have a goat faced kid. After the doctor sees the abomination, he'll spank Brie instead of the baby. I'm still wondering why I'm supposed to cheer for the Bellas other than who they sleep with.

Kofi Kingston vs. Big E. Langston

Before the match we get a clip from Smackdown of Bray Wyatt laughing at Kingston but not attacking him. Langston runs Kofi over to start and gets two off a running splash. Kofi goes up for a cross body but gets caught in midair, only to slip down Langston into the rollup for the pin at 52 seconds. Was there no one else that could do the job here? No one at all?

Post match here's Bray on the stage with the Family behind Kofi. Bray talks about calling a hero another facade of a failed generation. This Sunday, the first will fall so follow the buzzards. Kofi still isn't touched.

Post break Bray vs. Kofi is announced for Sunday.

We look back at the Rhodes Family segment from Raw. Word on the street is that Stephanie is ticked off for Dusty going slightly off script and putting his hand on her face. Heaven forbid everything isn't EXACTLY planned out for her for once in her life.

Shield/Randy Orton vs. Big Show

It's Ambrose in first with Show pounding away in the corner and headbutting Ambrose down. Off to Rollins who tries a kick to the ribs before being thrown into the corner for a beating of his own. It's Reigns' turn now but he goes down when trying a shoulder block. Randy gets the tag and tries to keep Big Show away from him in a smart strategy. Show gets him in the corner anyway for the not so loud chop, sending Randy running off to Rollins.

Seth actually knocks Show down with a top rope knee to the jaw and a kick to the face gets two. Randy is out on the floor until Reigns softens Big Show up a bit more. Orton comes in for some stomping and the knee drop for two. A quick DDT gets two more for Orton and it's back to Roman. Show clotheslines Reigns down a few times before hitting his own spear for no cover. All of the heels come in at once but Big Show fights them off until Ambrose brings in a chair, only to have it punched into his face for the DQ at 5:40.

Rating: D+. That's the only way you can end this if you want to save any face for Big Show. Obviously you can't have the giant go over and you don't want the heels to look weak (Heaven forbid of course) so the DQ after Show holds his own is the best option. Much like everything else on the show tonight though, this didn't mean much.

Orton hits Show in the back with the chair but there's no effect. Instead Reigns spears Big Show down as the fans chant for Bryan. There's an RKO for Big Show and Orton wraps the chair around Big Show's neck. Cue the Usos to take care of the Shield and FINALLY Daniel Bryan shows up to fight Orton. Bryan fires off kicks and hooks the YES Lock but Ambrose gets back in for the save. Dean takes the running knee and a staredown ends the show.

Overall Rating: D+. This wasn't a bad show but what did it change about Sunday? The only thing added here was Wyatt vs. Kingston which could have been done just as easily on Raw or at the PPV itself. The wrestling was just ok and HHH is now Big Show's landlord to make sure Big Show doesn't get to grow a spine to fight back against the tyranny. Also what happened to the locker room rebellion? None of those guys have done anything against HHH and company for over a week and there's no sign that they will in the future. As usual, this story just keeps going with no real direction to be seen.

Rob Van Dam b. Fandango via DQ when Summer Rae interfered
Ryback b. R-Truth – Shell Shock
Alberto Del Rio b. Dolph Ziggler – Cross armbreaker
Los Matadores b. 3MB – Double Angle Slam to Mahal
Brie Bella b. Aksana – Middle rope Bella Buster
Kofi Kingston b. Big E. Langston – Rollup
Shield/Randy Orton b. Big Show via DQ when Big Show hit a chair into Ambrose's face

I'm assuming someone will be doing Battleground on Sunday.  If not then make sure to check out Andy's Raw recap on Monday night which I'm sure will cover what happens on Sunday.

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  1. I thought this show was pretty bad. It did nothing in making me want order Battleground either.

  2. That can sum up Smackdown for months now: it doesn't change a thing.

  3. I watched this from start to finish and it sucked, not impact level, but pretty bad.

  4. I'd like to take this time to thank the people who review these shows. This cannot be any fun to do.

  5. Much appreciated.

  6. Instead of waiting for this long, drawn out program that has pretty much stalled to play out I'd rather them reboot and make it go away.

  7. Agreed. I wouldnt even mind a Vince vs HHH angle if they kept it simple, and if it wasnt the focus of the show.

  8. Ugh. What started out as a really intriguing twist/reinvention of the Austin/Corporation angle in 1998/1999, has been rushed and mishandled into an uninteresting mess.

    For the life of me, I can't figure out why they didn't just follow the great template set by that feud back in 1998. Stone Cold had a match with the Rock the night after he was screwed at Survivor Series, where the corporation formed. Undertaker interfered and knocked Stone Cold out... he would go on to feud with Taker, Rock would go to war with Mick Foley to build himself up as a credible, tough champ. Austin wouldn't get a sniff of the title that was stolen from him again until Wrestlemania. 4 months!

    Bryan's rematch happened a month later instead of the next night. Ok, makes sense, they want to get PPV buys. Putting the title on him him that night, even with the intention to screw him over, basically blew this angle's load early. Orton should have won, and then the two don't have another one-on-one match until Survivor Series.

    Basically, this angle needed some Undertaker and Mick Foley stand ins to keep each guy busy, and help build anticipation to the eventual blowoff. And WWE had a ton to pick from, given how many guys are basically directionless right now.

  9. I agree with most of this. But do they seriously have any credible heel that Bryan can feud with? I'd love to see ADR/Bryan...but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one. The Shield are a credible team, but not credible solo guys.

    The problem is a lack of serious top guys to have multiple killer feuds at the same time. If Sheamus was healthy I'd say turn him heel and make him the corporate psycho for hire.

    ADR (who I adore) has SmackDown's Syndrome.

    Show is worthless.

    Orton...well he's the main-guy.

    Punk can't be turned heel, plus he's busy dragging Ryback out of the muck.

    What other top heel (or potential top heel) do they have? I mean...Bryan's hot, but I would not use him to try to elevate people right now. As you said, Rock had to be made by Foley.

    Maybe they should've done Orton as the cagey filler villain vet, Ryback as the MiTB guy and Bryan's nemesis and...Big E is as the new Heyman guy?

  10. Remember when Dolph vs. ADR led to one of the biggest pops in WWE history?

  11. Did...did you say there are no strong heroes in the company?

    *deep breath*


  12. It's true, they're lacking the heels to do things as well as they otherwise could.

    Honestly, at this point my mindset is 'if you've decided to put these people on my television for a fair amount of time, at least give me a reason for them to be there'.

    I'm not a Big Show fan either, but right now he's taking up time on our televisions for this angle, for seemingly no reason. I mean, you could argue having Stephanie and HHH use him as their personal cat toy is getting both over as jerks, but what has he done that's significant? He's just been knocking out random people for their entertainment.

    Much as I dislike him as a worker, I do remember at the outset of this angle, during the 'will he give in, or will he say enough is enough' phase, where there were unsolicited Big Show chants from the crowd every time Bryan was getting beaten down. So it's not hard for me to imagine, in my mind, a scenario at NoC, where there's ref bump and the Shield come down to do some damage, Bryan does the whole 'Stone Cold/Cena defying the odds and fighting back thing', then the Shield grab some chairs but before they can get int he ring, Big Show's music hits, the announcers push the idea that's had enough and won't let this happen, and then boom, he knows out Bryan instead... and then the next night, that's where we get the explanation for the whole HHH holding the sword of Damocles over Show's head.

    Is it ideal? Hell no, but it gives a person that's already eating up tv time with no direction, a direction and a purpose, and gives Bryan a good reason to take his eyes off Orton for some time.

    As far as Orton goes, same rational applies. Ziggler is doing nothing at this point except getting beaten up to prove how tough and mean HHH is. If he's going to be eating up TV time to that affect, why not kill two birds with one stone. Build his credibility up some just by being the one guy with the balls to stand up to this regime and attack Orton (out of the crowd, post match, whatever), and by having a series of close matches with Orton. RKO, for his limited move-set and inconsistent psychology, has become quite good at in-ring storytelling and imparting a sense of ferocity to his attacks. Ziggler, for his limited storytelling, knows how to bounce around the ring like a pinball, and has amazing sense of timing when it comes to staging comebacks and building sympathy/heat. They could have a good series... I'm not saying Ziggler would touch the title, but he could make people believe he has a shot. And, hell he's on my tv anyway during this feud, why not do more with him while he's there?

    Honestly, best case scenario for me would be that the WWE creative brain-trust realizes they have a dearth of credible main-event of upper-mid-tier players, and puts some work into building some people up. These transitional PPVs don't sell worth a shit anyway, so why not use them to build new people. They need to get into a 1997 mindset.

  13. A solid hero beating up guys who had already had matches, with one of them barely able to stand up.

  14. One of the fears I had originally was that HHH always has to look strong so he can't accurately play the role of Vince...who got his ass kicked quite a bit. Well so HHH goes from being total evil boss to sorta kinda evil boss that mostly punishes faces but occasionally sticks it to his own guys one gets over because now he's 50/50 booking a good vs evil feud by 50/50'ing his role.

    Now he could just use Brad Maddox as his "Big Johnny"...or just bring back Big Johnny...but my guess is Maddox, who will take the bumps, would probably get himself over in the role and....well that would take attention off of HHH and I don't he could deal with people not wanting to see him.

    I wish the fucking guy would just book himself as an active wrestler in this Orton/Bryan thing and win the three-way match. I don't think he has any faith in anyone else involved so just pull the trigger on his self push and he can claim that they both got the rub while working with him. least this way SOMEONE gets over.

    The fear is this is what we're dealing with from now on. The guy has a great mind and I really believe he means well but he really can't get out of his own way to execute some of the good ideas he has.

    Couldn't we have just given him the standing ovation at Extreme Rulz? I have a feeling none of this would be happening if he would have gotten the send off he begged for.

  15. Beating up 4 dudes who just finished a 5 minute match.

    Bryan is booked strong. Not Cena strong perhaps. But strong nonetheless. Yes, plenty of mid-card goobers are goobing. But Bryan, Punk, the Usos and the Rhodes have all been portrayed as competent and worthy opponents for the Shield, Orton and Ryback.

    Equal booking between heels and faces is what we've wanted for YEARS. And now we've got it and people are whining because the faces don't raise their hands at the end of every show (just 75% of them).

  16. Has Big Show ever gotten any babyface over? I know people talk about how giving he is, but has he ever gotten anybody over...ever? Big Show was in the perfect place to turn heel...but it's fucking Big Show, and he's a fat sack of crap.

    I'm totally with you about keeping Orton away from Bryan and Ziggler would be perfectly acceptable for it (the shine has really disappeared from Ziggler for me, but it's a good spot for him). I know they're doing the psycho gimmick (and I think that's brilliant, Patrick Bateman heel FTW) but do not put your top two guys in their every single night facing each other.

    I think a major problem with this feud (and most wrestling feuds in general) is that everything is binary. A guy wins or a guy loses. You can delay the win and loss with schmoz finishes but it's...not fixing the problem. Bryan needs to get wins because he's a top guy, but if he wins the belt...the storyline is over. And DQ wins...have not been proven to be successful for getting babyfaces over.

    There needs to be victories for faces that aren't achieving the end goal (vengeance/titles). Middle goals that have the faces progressing on their journey, but don't end the goddamn trip either.

    I dunno, I don't know if we can get a really great wrestling feud for the title anymore. I'm not one to harp on nostalgia, but these hordes of PPVS and the necessity to keep the fans happy kill a lot of traditional storytelling tricks. Luke achieved things between his uncle dying and offing the Emperor.

  17. I think Bryan was booked strong. Now he's showing up at the end of shows and is almost an afterthought to a lot of other stories. He's certainly not being booked badly but he hasn't come out of this whole story with anything but a win against Cena which is rapidly being forgotten.

  18. He also won clean over Orton (which was a stupid decision).

    I agree though, the fact that he's been dicked around twice is hurting his credibility. It's cool that he can handle himself in the ring, but at some point it gets hard for crowds to cheer a guy that just repeatedly allows himself to get taken advantage of.

  19. I wasn't even counting the win over Orton because it got taken away from him.

  20. Let me clarify: he got the win, but without getting to be champion for more than 22 hours it might as well have been a countout or a DQ win. It devalues it a lot.

  21. Show kinda gave Brock a lil power rub at Survivor Series 02

  22. When the guy was booked as strong as he was for the last 15 years, its kinda hard for:

    1. the Ego to let go.
    2. the fans who have accepted him as this King of Kings to become a punching bag ala Vince.

    You just can't all of a sudden just have him get his ass kicked.

    The problem is he should have never assumed that role in the first place, and if he it was his destiny, it should have been a pre-conditioning to the fans that HHH is not the guy that he once was, instead of sliding out of the trunks and into the suit.

  23. Fantastic post, very well written and interesting.

  24. He won with a fast count and then the title was stripped...clean as a sheet.




  26. I just wanna give a special shout-out to jvc113, who just passed 5,000 posts here at the BoD.

    Finally breaking that glass ceiling!

    Good enough to main event a minion's thread like Cuuch's book reviews or Meekin's QOTD, but semi-main when you get to the SmarK reviews and Keith's mailbag.


  27. So let's see... I've heard people complaining for OVER FIVE YEARS that "Super Cena" never gets any adversity, and heels are never being booked strong, and it's boring. Now that heels are FINALLY Being booked strong, WWE sucks because faces are getting buried due to not being dominant for about 7 weeks? OOookkk....

    Can't wait for 4 months from now when Cena comes back, and I hear complaining about how JUST ONCE, you'd wish that WWE would book strong heels to give the babyface some adversity!!

  28. THIS is the one thing I'll never understand about the complaints.

    At least the landscape has changed dramatically in the last two months. Above all else, I'd say that's a step in the right direction.

  29. When you get right down to it, people's major gripes are with the poor quality of the storylines. We don't give a crap about what story they tell, just that they tell it in a logical, consistent, and clever way.

    The heels have been completely inconsistent and, at times, just flat out illogical over the last two months.

    Don't believe it's bad? Ask the 300,000-400,000 fans that have tuned out over the last year. I think complaints are justified, and the numbers reinforce this as well.

  30. Again my issue is Bryans heat is getting Vaccumed up by HHH every week. He did it to Punk and now hes doing it to DB. The wrong guy is taking over for Vince. People were cheering for Orton on Monday for christs sakes and the outcome I see now is Cena coming back to save the day.

  31. I feel it's perfectly logical to be honest. HHH is a power crazy madman, who even treats his allies (Orton, Shield) as pawns if need be. And the story seems to be that Daniel Bryan is human, therefore, if he's attacked 6 on 1, or attacked with a cheap shot from behind, he's vulnerable, but when it's down to 1 on 1 in the ring, he gets the job done.

    I'm not trying to be a contrarian, I feel that this long term storyline is perfectly fine by now (as we are closing out chapter 2). But I feel like some people in here were so desperately wanting to hate it, that they convinced themselves that it's a failure.

  32. I do not know this for a fact, but I would easily bet $100 that 99% of the casual audience totally forgot about that Punk/HHH match about 2 months after it happened. This blog here is really the only place where people obsess over it. It did NOTHING to hurt Punk's heat/popularity, and he went on a 400+ day title reign! IT MEANT NOTHING IN THE LONG RUN. HONESTLY.

    It's just irrational obsessive HHH hating.

  33. "It did NOTHING to hurt Punk's heat/popularity,"

    Tell that to his diminished pop and media presence

  34. HHH is cutting Babyface promos on PPV, The Ref fast count was a STUPID plot device. The problem here is that corporate power struggles suck, and have sucked everytime they went back to that well after the one time it worked with Austen

  35. HUH?? Few people get bigger pops than CM Punk... And the media presence was only for when he was "holding out" for 8 days. But hey, keep your delusions that HHH is the devil... I know i'll never convince any of you, you are too cemented in your opinions.

  36. I agree about the authority figure thing. The only positive thing is, at least this one is a different twist. But I do agree that it should go away.

  37. "But hey, keep your delusions that HHH is the devil."

    When did I say this, you are now assuming that because I think Punk's booking from August 2012 to his heel turn was bad, and destroyed the best chance they've had in years to have a cross over star, I think HHH is "the Devil".

    Getting a little defensive there aren't you

  38. -Someone used the Punk/HHH match as an example that HHH destroys careers...
    -I said it did nothing to hurt Punk
    -You said that Punk's pops dwindled and he lost his media presence.

    you didn't need to say "HHH is the devil" word for word, but It's called "reading between the lines". I'm pretty sure it's exactly what you implied.

  39. And the sky is red. Punk is so good he got his heat back and eventually cemented his spot as a top guy...AFTER A 400+ DAY TITLE REIGN. Most people aernt getting that follow up opportunity...see RVD, Booker T, etc. So yea, if everyone HHH sucks heat from can get that 400 day title run, that'll negate the damage HHH did them. But since we probably wont see that again...

  40. OR... Perhaps Punk was not damaged at all, and he was over enough to warrant a huge title reign? (or maybe HHH destroyed him and it took him a 400+ day reign to barely repair the damage that HHH *allegedly* made. hahah... )

  41. I would like to read more of your writing.

  42. One more thing I think that is hurting Bryan in the long run is this Total Divas shit. Anyway still that story in 2011 after the pipe bomb could have and should have went down as legendary, but HHH just had to go over Punk and for why? And this epic 400 plus day reign?? Punk was either curtain jerking or going on before Cena on every PPV sans Rock. I just see DB going back to midcard very soon and that shouldnt be the case.

  43. The company sure doesn't!

  44. OR...Punk really was damaged but WWE had to give him the strap bc Cena was doing his redemption storyline and they had literally nobody else. They tried giving ADR a run but saw how bad that was. Punk was the only option they had, even though he had been damaged. His awesome abilities plus that title reign really cemented him, not even HHH could bury him

  45. All in your head dude... I borderline feel sorry for you... :)

  46. All I can say is that...

    If you refuse to enjoy WWE as long as Cena is the top guy... And even the super pushes of Punk and Bryan is still not enough...You really need to stop watching for the next 2-3 years. Either accept it the way it is, or stop watching. But banging your heads against a brick wall will only cause you to be hurt more.

    Punk and Bryan are getting HUGE pushes. So what if it might change in 4-6 months? Why not just enjoy it?

  47. Yea, thats a deflection when you dont have a rational retort. The idea that Punk didnt cool off from MITB through the end of his HHH feud is laughable. In between was a win over Cena, HHH, and two shows with Nash. The majority of his interaction in that time was with HHH.

  48. I have been watching alot less these past few weeks. with my DVR I find myself maybe watching a half hour of the 3 hour raw. Im just dissapointed because Summer Slam got me excited again for the first time in a while, and now this angle is dying a slow painful death bc of the bad booking. DB winning at NOC than having it reversed i think was very detrimental. Any hoo thats just my .02.

  49. Why was it detrimental? Bryan won cleanly, and he got screwed over but a BS technicality (It's obvious that HHH paid off the ref to count fast). And as Daniel mentioned, the ref could have counted to 20, as Orton was knocked out.

    Honestly, how is this bad? You guys keep clamoring for long term storylines, but you're making it crystal clear that you cannot handle them. Cause the moment it doesn't go PERFECTLY, you deem the wrestler buried, and the angle ruined.

  50. There will always be cheering sections for cool heels. It's 2013, we're well past the times of crowds reacting exactly as the WWE telegraphs how they want them to.

  51. Inhale.

    I never said this angle would reach the heights of the original Austin/Corporation angle, I merely said that that angle laid a solid blue-print for how to go about building anticipation, sympathy and drama for this kind of feud.

    Obviously they don't have anybody on the roster the caliber of Foley or Undertaker, but the setup of the feud and how it built drama by putting obstacles between the eventual Austin/Rock match and Austin's eventual triumph could still be directly applied to this feud, if they simply gave Orton a face to occupy him and Bryan a heel to occupy him (at HHH's behest). In a post further down, I recommended Big Show and Ziggler, simply because they've been given TV time in this feud, but zero direction or progression. They're involved, but not doing anything of significance, so I figure, if they're going to be on my TV, then make them useful and somewhat important to building drama for the real feud (Orton/Bryan).

  52. If HHH was bothered about the details, rather than positioning himself as the main protagonist, he'd make more of an effort to make Big Show's story make sense. IRON CLAD CONTRACT? No, I've got your mortgage now without your knowledge. Did Show not sign either?

  53. It is when the guy he pinned was KNOCKED OUT.

  54. Exactly. I have no doubt that some people just put it in their minds on day 1 that they would find something to hate about it no matter what. Other than HHH getting Kneed in the head and getting put in the Yes Lock twice a week while tapping out like a bitch.

  55. Please read kbwrestlingreviews comment below. Perception is reality in this case.

  56. Why do you think this is just a blog thing? Screw ratings points, just look at total viewership: For special event or themed Raws, the company could draw about 4.5-5 million total viewers about a year ago. Last week drew about 3.6 million viewers.

    There is clearly something wrong with the overall tone of the product. The new facgime was good for about 2 weeks before it started losing its way, sprouting inconsistencies, and put too much spotlight on a part time player.

  57. I think Scott is burnt out and other people copy whatever the fuck he's saying.

    And I really do think H is eating a knee a couple months down the line.

  58. In this case, HHH winning helped in the WWE's fucking up the summer of Punk. THAT is what I said, the man isn't the devil. Over pushed, yeah, egotistical, absolutely! But I'm not the insane "not in the top 1000 crowd like Hart or Jobber

  59. HHH eating a knee would be so ironic.

    I dont think it will happen though.

  60. I could see how the Punk deal would derail people's hopes and dreams.

    Buuuut...Bryan seems like Benoit's successor in a LOT of ways (hopefully not all of them Brie) and Trips had no problem laying down for him multiple times.

  61. I hate to go on an anti-HHH rant here, but I uld see how he had no problem laying down for benoit.

    He was apart of creative and knew that benoit was not going to be factored in the top of the card and not positioned to be the guy afterwards.

    Meanwhilehe and hbk would still continue their feud at the top.

    HHH has been notoriouslyknown for jobbing to people he knows thag wouldnt be a threat of usurping his spot, but effectively crushing people like jericho rvd or booker.

  62. LOL, good point, I think if you pay off someone's loan, that does not make you the owner of their house, it makes you a schmuck unless you were doing it for benevolent reasons. Show should have slapped him on the back, said "THANKS!" and then knocked him the fuck out.

    "If I pay off your loan I own your house" is the new "If you cut off the tail, the dog dies."

  63. First of all, quit stealing Murphy's gimmick, it's all he has.

    And second of all. I think that he likes Bryan a lot more than he likes Punk. Punk and Trips seem similar, and I could easily imagine them hating each other. I don't get the vibe that Bryan would piss people off to that degree.

    I think Trips knows that heels have to lose...eventually.

    Triple H will eat a knee and maybe the Yes Lock.

  64. My bad, my typing was worse than usual, because I was on the tablet.

  65. I think banks can sell and trade mortgages without the person buying it having any say.

  66. Pretty much. I can't even keep track of how many times our mortgage has been passed around.

  67. To random individuals with multiple world title runs or actual financial organisations?


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