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Speaking of finishes...

The nitpick over the Rock/HHH Iron Man finish got me thinking if another one: the infamous tie in Royal Rumble 94.

I get that they were testing the crowd with dueling music and so forth, while instant replay tries to show whether Bret or Luger hit the floor first.

My point is: it doesn't matter. The "rules" state that the last wrestler IN THE RING is declared the winner. Video proves that the taller Luger clearly left the ring last.

Of course, that might have subjected us to WWF Champion Lex Luger, which probably would have killed business faster than Nash did.

Wow, Lex Luger fans really need to let it go already.


  1. Okay... by his logic:

    Shawn Michaels is on the apron, after being tossed over the top and safely landing on the apron. He does NOT climb back into the ring, however.

    Bret and Lex do the double clothesline spot, landing on the floor at the same time. Shawn, seeing those two go out, jumps down a second after, again, NEVER re-entering the ring.

    So Lex wins, because Shawn didn't bother to re-enter the ring... even though he's the LAST man to touch the floor? Fail.


  3. MaffewOfBotchamaniaOctober 3, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    Luger post on the blog?


  4. Michaels got backdropped to the floor over the ring post. Unless you are being sarcastic, I can't tell.

  5. Hypothetical, actually. I just used Michaels because I could see him doing something like that.

  6. I tried to buy the WWF 1994 Referee's Handbook on Amazon just now and they must be out or something.

  7. Do You Want To Be A Referee?

    Can You Count To Three, Even On Your Deathbed?
    Can You Raise Another Man's Hand Above His Head, And Point At Him?
    Do You Have Tunnel Vision Syndrome?
    Can You Ignore Gunshot-like Sounds, As Long As You Do Not See The Cause?
    Does The Slightest Contact Put You In The ER, UNLESS You've Been Told About It Coming Beforehand?
    Do You Mind Being The Scapegoat?
    Do You Have A Twin Brother?
    Can Your Hand Move At The Speed Of Sound?
    Can You Wrestle Poorly?
    Do You Like Masks?

    If you answered Yes to at least five of these, including the first three, CONGRATULATIONS! WWE can use you as a full or part-time Referee.

    Avoid being a screwup, and you might one day be in the exalted company of Guy in Light Blue Shirt, Guy in White And Black Striped Shirt, and Other Guy in White And Black Striped Shirt.

  8. Both still got their title shots, so who cares? Sure, Flexy Lexy lost his, but that was because YOU DO NOT LAY YOUR HANDS ON A WWF OFFICIAL.

  9. Speaking of finishes: LOL from the Dusty interview...

    Bleacher Report: It's not easy to wear the throne.

    Dusty Rhodes: They always ask me, "Why did you put yourself on top?" I asked Hunter the same thing. The would be booker that he is. He doesn't even have a finish named after him. How can Triple H be a great booker when he doesn't have a finish named after him. Where were we?

  10. Booker T knows what a Hunter finish is

  11. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonOctober 3, 2013 at 11:40 AM

    Why did I just hear Dusty's voice as I was reaing that?
    Why would it be funny and ironic if Cody and Goldust lose their match VIA Dusty finish?

  12. Lex should have done a heel turn after that Rumble, railing against dirty, cheating foreigners like Bret Hart.

  13. Because both went over the top, there WAS no last wrestler IN the ring and so it would be a no contest, or? ;-)

  14. Actually HBK would have been the winner, because it is not about who left the ring first over the top rope BUT who touched the ground. You can left the ring over the the top rop but you can still be in the rumble like Kofi Kingston some years ago or HBK in 95 when he hanged outside the ropes and the Bulldog was celebrating, because he thought that HBK was eliminated.

  15. We all know that... but I'm using a hypothetical according to the original's "logic". Flawed as it is.

    Michaels "leaves the ring" before the others, and does not re-enter, even though he's "technically eliminated" last.

    But, for the record, that would be one hell of a dramatic finish. There's still a few creative finishes left in the Rumble IMO.

  16. MaffewOfBotchamaniaOctober 3, 2013 at 2:28 PM

    Luger slammed it.

  17. Can Vince pay me enough to lose to Yoko? I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

  18. I don't have a problem with the finish in terms of a disqualification getting Triple H the title. I think that, frankly, it sucked the heat from the match and made Undertaker look like a fuck-up. Now if he'd come in, gone medieval on everyone's ass, and Rock had gotten the final pin as time expired... Louisville would still be reverberating today.

  19. They really missed the boat on having Zach Gowen in - and getting eliminated from - a "Rumble".

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it would have made for a fun little mid-card angle if he were to argue that his elimination shouldn't have counted, since the rules clearly state that BOTH feet must hit the floor.

  20. MaffewOfBotchamaniaOctober 3, 2013 at 6:09 PM

    I love CZW.

    I am also an idiot.

  21. The #lexexpress hashtag would have been even more annoying than most of the stuff they come up with. Glad that happened 20 years ago.

  22. Yes, and then they should hire "humpbacks" who are unpinnable b/c their shoulders can never be down.

  23. In his recent Timeline shoot interview, Lex basically said he didn't mind never being WWE champion. He basically thought of title belts as props that are a hassle to lug around at the airport.

  24. Well both herd AND Vince thought that was a great it must be genius. Lol

  25. I only know the Herd side of this. When did Vince say he liked the idea?

  26. I agree. Luger could have been a great heel in WWF. Even in '93 I think the Narcissist (w/Heenan) could have been a good foil to the new champ, Bret Hart. In '94 and '95 he could have been great in the role too

  27. Exactly. They still could have done the uneasy alliance of Rock/Taker/Kane against HHH/McMahons if necessary. Perhaps a Rock-HHH-Taker match too


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