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Undertaker Wrestlemania 30/31 Thought

Good day Mr. Keith.  All the recent discussion about UT's opponent for this coming up wrestlemania, really either Cena or Lesnar, has me clamoring more for the former for 30, and the latter for 31, and heres why they should book it.  A Lesnar/UT match needs more build then starting from what i assume would be no earlier than Royal Rumble, a Cena/UT match needs the simple "well, we haven;t faced eachother yet at wrestlemania" promo.  Plus CM Punk needs his rematch to close out the Heyman fued once and for all.  So this is how I would book it:

Lesnar wins title at Rumble, from Cena, Punk wins rumble, gets Lesnar at mania.
Cena loses title, and  on raw, wines again about how horrible his life is now, challenges for the streak.  UT excepts.

Punk beats Lesnar, UT beats Cena
Next night on RAW, Lesnar is PISSED!  at the loss, and as UT comes out to say, tease last night was his last match, Lesnar beats the living hell out of him, like a REAL MAN'S beat down, emt's, UT never gets up, the whole shabang.

Lesnar does his few appearances throughout the year, beats some babyface's along the way, as the rumble gets closer little hints of Undertaker symbols throughout, but very low key, and yes, I am kinda getting some Batman/Bane TDKR/Knightfall influence here.  The 2 months between Rumble & WM, the nods and symbolism to UT get more frequent, but he never shows up because WM would be his in ring return to challenge Lesnar.  It would be an effective way to build off an entire year, the beatdown selling UT couldnt come back till WM.  Waddya think?

btw: does all the frequent rumors for wm 30 conclude that Rock is not wrestling?

Pretty sure Rock's schedule and insurance will ensure he doesn't wrestle this year, yes. Why take the chance and jettison a $20 million movie payday anyway?

As for this, yes, I agree Taker-Lesnar is something that would probably need a more epic buildup, and I'd definitely have gone with Cena-UT and Punk-Lesnar this year.  But obviously everything is just rumors right now, so I'm not getting terribly worked up yet.  

Although this weekend really should be the final Punk-Heyman blowoff.  With Ryback apparently in the doghouse this will probably be it for Punk v. Paul for a long while,  I hope.  


  1. Would anyone buy Brock giving a shit enough about losing the belt to be THE reason for Brock/Taker? Maybe do the same set up but have some type of skirmish between Sable and Michelle?

  2. *accepts not "excepts" come on

  3. This is gonna be programmed into my phone as an autocorrect soon...UT/Cena at 30. If they dont do it their dumb

  4. Just keep it simple. Heyman wants to end undertakers streak at wrestlemania for his own ego, sends Brock to do the job.

  5. And the Bellas!

  6. That's a quality scenario this person laid out.

    Also, I'm so ready for Punk-Heyman to be over. I love both guys, and there's lots of time to fill before Mania, but I'm getting kind of :gasp: bored with their deal.

  7. Sounds good. And a triple main event of Punk/Brock for the WHC, Cena/UT, and Bryan/HHH (hopefully for the WWE title), is a WM I might actually shell out money for.

  8. I'm all for the idea of Brock destroying UT during his retirement speech. I was thinking of this idea right before Brock came back to the WWE.

    You could advertise it as UT's retirement speech at the end of RAW. Setup the ring like the funeral parlor with a coffin. Have Brock attack UT, and then shove the coffin through the ropes towards the entrance ramp. That gives UT an excuse to be gone for awhile, then have little clues of his return lead up to WM.

  9. Whose hand did Ryback not shake?

  10. Plus using apostrophes to pluralize, when they are supposed to be used to demonstrate ownership or used in contractions.

    Annoys the shit out of me.

  11. He gripped too hard.

  12. Taker/Brock just feels like a disaster to me. If someone has to make sure he's in shape to work the other guy's match, and then the first guy wins... nah.

    If he gets bumped around like Punk he legit may just shatter his hip in the middle of the ring. Then what? LOL.

    They shouldn't resist the Cena match, it has the biggest stakes, Cena works safe and works good, the crowd will eat that shit up, people will buy it, just frigging do it. The most important thing, IT'S CONCIEVABLE THAT CENA COULD WIN. Brock ain't winning and only the markiest mark doesn't know that.

  13. You really want Goldberg back? Do Sheamus/Ryback and have Orton be in the multi-person "piece of the gate" preshow match.

  14. It's just a little added appearance. Makes the show seem bigger with something like that in the undercard. I mean it's better than Curtis Axel.


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