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WrestleMania 30

Would you be happy with the current rumored WrestleMania 30 card? That card being:
WWE Title Match
Randy Orton v. CM Punk
Undertaker v. Brock Lesnar
Daniel Bryan v. Triple H
World Title Match
John Cena v. Sheamus
Goldberg v. Ryback
Cody Rhodes v. Goldust
Throw in 2-3 more matches it could be a good show...but nothing really stands out.

Yeah, without Cena-UT it doesn't really stand out as a must-see show for me.  Orton-Punk and Cena-Sheamus in particular have been done to death.  Eh, we'll see how it shakes down.  


  1. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 5:34 PM

    Not only has Orton-Punk been done, it's been done at another WrestleMania.

    Assuming this isn't necessarily Undertaker's last match, you can hold off the Lesnar match until next year. You have to pull the trigger on Taker/Cena.

    Save Brock for a rematch with Punk. Although the feud was based more on Heyman, you can have Brock go apeshit and run roughshod over the roster until Punk steps up to challenge him.

    Then, I suppose you can lump Sheamus in with Orton... or have him wrestle ADR. Whatever, as long as you have the trio of HHH/Bryan, Punk/Lesnar and Cena/Taker they've done the right thing.

  2. Even if they were both faces I'd rather see Punk - Cena and have Sheamus-Orton in the "second match of the card no one cares about" spot.

  3. A little sports-entertainer heavy for my tastes. Needs more celebrities and special attractions.

    They should start a Twitter feud between celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and Jerry "The King" Lawler. They could pay that off in a Hell's Kitchen in a Cell match.

    Also, if they brought in former Malcom in the Middle star Frankie Muniz as the new general manager around Survivor Series, they could have him wrestle Brad Maddox at 'Mania to blow the angle off.

    Triple H against Bryan is okay. But Bryan trained with Randy Couture, and he was in the UFC and The Expendables, so why not bring him in to wrestle Triple H. instead.

    Undertaker/Lesnar is pretty rad. But maybe they could coax Shawn Michaels out of retirement for another rematch. Rematches>Matches.

    Speaking of rematches. Goldberg vs. Lesnar vs. Ryback triple threat. Do it.

    Cena vs. Orton. Rehash the greatest feud in WWE history.

    Hogan might be coming back soon. They should put him in a "First Time Ever Wrestlemania Dream Match" against Vince McMahon.

    Bryan, Punk, Fandango, Swagger, Clown-Shoes, The Shileds, etc... can get put in a multi-man tag or battle royal or whatever.

  4. Undertaker - Cena is absolutely not worth doing unless A. Cena is winning and B. Cena is turning heel. Face Cena winning or losing does nothing for either guy. Clearly they are not willing to pull to the trigger now (maybe ever) on heel Cena.

  5. Where exactly are these "rumors" coming from? Anything resembling a credible source?

  6. This post just made me realize that Sheamus was gone. Anyone actually miss him? I think this might be a good time to repackage him.

  7. I have literally never heard most of these rumored before. Particularly Goldberg...

  8. I can't say I miss him giving Dolph Ziggler a Brogue Kick every other show.

  9. WWoulnt it be worth doing to pop a massive buy rate? The WM brand will automatically do a million but a marquee on top will make the difference between 1.0 and like a 1.3. See WM 28 and 27.

  10. Yea, Cena is NOT gonna be in a WM match with Sheamus. Dont care what the rumors are saying.

  11. If you don't enjoy that then you don't enjoy sports entertainment, fella!

  12. A face vs. face match really kills either guys heat.

  13. I dont buy any of this. What would go on last? Why would Cena kick around in the third match from the top? Are we more then like 15% sure Goldberg will come back? Has WWE even been talks with him yet? This seems like bleacherreport garbage

  14. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 6:11 PM

    Mick Foley vs. Al Snow: The Score To End The War

  15. I'll just go ahead and say the card that sounds good to me. A blend of fantasy and reality.

    WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

    Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

    Goldberg vs. Ryback

    CM Punk vs. Rob Van Dam

    Triple H vs. Big Show

    World Heavyweight: Alberto Del Rio vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

    Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

    The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield

    You could probably add a title match to that (US, Tag) and make it work.

  16. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 6:17 PM

    Ugh, another triple threat match? Why would Orton even be there? He's the bitch to the other guys anyway.

    I kind of like Punk vs. RVD if Punk's heel, and the marquee can be TEN YEARS IN THE... BAKING~!

  17. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar w/ special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

    The winner? The WWE Universe.

    And then after the match, Steve Austin gets on his quad bike, looks back over his shoulder and says, "I'll see you two lugs in another ten years. Yippy kay yay, Stone Cold over and out!" and then the quad bike grows wings and he flies out of the arena.

  18. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    Hardcore Holly vs. The Undertaker: The Streak Versus The Mean Streak

  19. Bryan-HHH..maybe, probably not.
    The Rhodes..yes, but not worth $50.

    Everything else is a big fat zero.

  20. I can't stop imagining Austin flying around the world, distributing care packages and extricating refugees from floods.

  21. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    For trivia's sake, the care packages are filled with White Castle burgers that he bought from a drive-thru while he was wearing an ET mask.

  22. I heard the rumored double main even was Cena vs a Cancer Tumor and HHH wrestling himself to close the show.

  23. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    I've always wanted to see Triple H wrestle himself.

    "Where are you, you son of a bitch?"
    *Punches self in face*
    "Oof! Show yourself, you COWARD!? We are The Game!"

  24. The match would literally never end since neither would agree to do the JOB.

  25. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    Or, he's lying on his back unconscious after he hit himself with a sledgehammer, except he's hooking his own leg.

  26. If they don't do Cena/Taker the only other WM main I could really get excited about would be Cena/Punk, finally getting 40 minutes to show off that crazy chemistry.

  27. I dont get why people are saying "Takers got another few matches left so you cam do Cena next year." With Takers age, there really are no absolutes in how many more WM matches hes hot left. Pull the fucking trigger on Cena/Taker this year. Even if hes got 4 matches left, whats it mattwr if he does Cena this year or in 3 years. Pop a fucking massive buy rate while Takers streak is as marketable as possible, right now, and Cenas tjr clearcut #1 guy, right now.

  28. Love it. Imagine Steph at ringside being torn between evil and good HHH.

  29. So seriously, why wouldnt you do Cena/Taker this year? With Takers age, there are no guarantees how many WMs he has left. The streak is at its apex, marketability wise, and Cenas the clear cut #1 guy. Pop a fucking massive buyrate and move on. Even if UT has given them a guarantee for say 3 more WMs, whos to say Cenas as over in 3 years (see Hogans quick declines in popularity)? I just really dont get the logic here.

  30. No buy with that card.

    Mysterio/???? in Rey's farewell match
    Cody/Goldust in a street fight
    Shield match of some sort

    Give me something resembling that and you can have my paycheck for that week

  31. Ive given up on an Austin return.

  32. I dont think that it will not happen either, but its WM30 or bust. I just really think that if Vince thru so much money at him that he could not refuse, then its a possibility

  33. I dunno, if they do it correctly they could just do a simple build like Rock/Austin or Hogan/Warrior and I think theyd be ok.

  34. Because you feel like you can get at least one more year out of Taker ( he's not that old), Lesnar's contract is about to expire, and you have other plans for Cena.

  35. "Phone Home? Mothafucka, i'll phone my boot right up ya ass!"

    "Please don't kill my family!"

    *Austin Flies Away on a raindbow made of dreams*

  36. Brocks got two more manias.

  37. The problem is that, once they've done that match, there isn't a single believable guy left to beat Taker. Whether or not Cena wins, the streak is over as far as a money draw after that match. I guess maybe they think they can squeeze a few more dollars out of it by having Brock "I never get to win a match" Lesnar rolling over.

    I suspect Taker would like to do that match anyway as a sort of lol at Brock for having to come back to the business that he burned.

  38. No rumors are saying it. Unless some guys just randomly came up with matches and started spreading it.

  39. I suspect that this is actually at Taker's request.

  40. Yea. Austin would have to go on last if he ever was to wrestle again. Go Cena/Taker this year, IF Austin were to come back run with Austin/Punk at 31. I hope Austins got one more left, I just dont see it at this point.

  41. I'd highly doubt it, dude has more t-shirt money than Hanes, has been out of the ring for over a decade so he'd have to do an incredible workout routine to get back into shape, and judging by his podcast seems like he's having a hell of a lot of fun not getting his ass kicked.

  42. If we're making up Goldberg matches out of nowhere, you might as well have him come out of retirement to try to end Taker's streak. The natch itself would be awful. but the build world be great.

  43. I see your point, but the streak itself is marketable. Nobody thought Punk was gonna break it either, but that match still got buzz. I agree that Cena is the only legit option available to end it, thats why you gotta run with it now IMO. What happens IF Cenas not the clearcut #1 guy at WM 31. That match loses alot of draw.

  44. Yes, if Vince threw enough money at Austin that the WWE would lose money at Wrestlemania, then Steve might wrestle again.

    He's not coming back, and if he did it would be Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform - still decent but a shadow of how good he used to be.

  45. It's better than last year's, but no way on earth is Cena working that far down the card. That's, at best, 3rd down the card, and might even curtainjerk to get the crowd going.

  46. Oh, so gloriously awful.

  47. Awful card - no way should Orton be headlining the show.

  48. Taker vs. Cena

    Bryan vs. HHH (WWE)

    Punk vs. Austin

    Orton vs. Batista (World)** Sandow attempts cash in

    Mysterio vs. ADR

    Shield vs. Swagger/Cesaro (Tag Team Championship)

    Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

    AJ vs. Tamina (Diva)

    20 Person Intercontinental Battle Royal (All Past Champions)
    **note Langston wins championship from Axel, and drops it to Ryback prior to WMXXX)

    Big Show
    Booker T
    Jeff Hardy
    Honky Tonk Man
    John Morrison

    Preshow Match

    Ambrose vs. Sheamus

  49. Stranger in the AlpsOctober 25, 2013 at 7:21 PM

    Hey! Wrestlemania fantasy booking! All riiiiight!

    Good John Cena vs. Evil John Cena. Just like in Superman III. Evil John Cena can even toss back a bottle of scotch before the show.

    The Undertaker vs. Inevitable Retirement. Retirement appears to hit it's finisher, The 200 Acre Ranch but Vince runs down to ringside, waves 60% of the gate under his nose, and The Undertaker does the zombie sit up, tombstones Retirement, and walks off with Vince arm-in-arm. Rainbows appear over the ring.

    CM Punk vs. Twitter. This one gets a 10 second delay to prep the bleep button.

    I would pay $80 for this. And I want free John Cena dog tags when I provide a copy of my hard drive to show that I watched it for free.

  50. My prediction:
    Cena-Punk for the WWE title
    Sandow-Rhodes for WHT

  51. Also, if Cena's return is legit, I wouldn't rule out a unification match with whoever the WWE champ is as the main event.

  52. You got it all wrong. Itll be good Cena vs evil Cena vs Abeyance in a triple threat. Basically Cena giving imaginary AAs for 22 minutes.

  53. Can someone explain to me why Orton keeps getting shoved down our throats? He seems to run hot and cold in terms of popularity; and honestly, he hasn't been "hot" for fans for a number of years.

    He's a capable enough worker, but I've never seen anything special about him that warrants this constant push.

  54. Stranger in the AlpsOctober 25, 2013 at 7:46 PM

    Abeyance needs to retire already. Especially from the dictionary.

  55. Stranger in the AlpsOctober 25, 2013 at 7:52 PM

    I agree with your take on fantasy booking. Let's just go all the way into fantasyland and lose ourselves in it. I want to be on the back of Austin's quad, only with Stunning Steve Austin and his long flowing locks.

  56. Stranger in the AlpsOctober 25, 2013 at 7:54 PM

    C'mon. Everybody is secretly gay for him. Or openly, since that seems to be the norm these days.

  57. IF they can convince Rock to wrestle 1 more match, bring him back as Vinces avatar vs HHH. Those guys have SO much history to draw from, and Rock can be booked and go out how he should have all a returning, conquering hero, and all time great. Put this second fron the top after Cena/UT and youll break all the buyrate records.

  58. Hmm. Not my type.

  59. Stranger in the AlpsOctober 25, 2013 at 7:59 PM

    Too much thought on this. Just....too much.

  60. He was doing nothing, but having another top guy around as a body would be useful.

    I'd like to see Heyman guy Sheamus fight Punk, or Corporate Sheamus fight Bryan.

  61. Stranger in the AlpsOctober 25, 2013 at 8:00 PM

    Some people just have not. And I weep.

  62. Orton just got pinned by Bryan on Smackdown, so I guess that means his chances of winning the title are about zero. *sigh*

    The summer of Bryan was a big tease.

  63. One more Rock/HHH match would be the TITS.

  64. That's a pretty good looking card to me.

    Obviously this would be Bryan's moment where he defeats Triple H. That's big.

    CM Punk/Orton's been done before, but it could actually be Punk closing the show by winning the title, which he deserves at least once.

    I don't give a flying fuck about John Cena or Sheamus, but I assume some people do - turn Sheamus heel, let him work as more of a tough guy badass and let Cena defeat him to show he's tougher or whatever Cena fans want to see.

    Brock and Undertaker gives them a chance to show Undertaker beating Brock on future Undertaker DVDs, making up for that pesky Hell in the Cell he lost. Plus it lets a guy who thinks by watching MMA he's Mr.MMA beat an actual MMA fighter.

    If their current angle is an indication, Cody and Goldust could come up with a solid, old school brother vs brother angle.

    It's rumored Goldberg's interested in coming back, and WWE's interested in him for something - what else could they want him for other than a Ryback match? Do I care? No. But others probably do, and it would be a big moment for Ryback.

    Throw in a multi-person match and some Jericho humiliation and that looks about right.

  65. Yea man. DD sized. Especially now, after seeing how their careers have played out and diverged after coming up and rising to prominence together. Id LOVE to see Rock/HHH one more time.

  66. I'd love it just for the politics.

    "I should win because I'm the Game and it's good for business!"

    "Well I'm a successful Hollywood star, so if I don't win I'm leaving."

    "If you leave we'll bury you!"

    "Again, successful actor, so I don't really care"

    "We'll never work with you again!"

    "Well, I'm the Rock, and, again, successful actor, so, yeah, you will."

    And so on and so on.

  67. Not sure why so many people want to see 49 year old Austin and 49 year old Undertaker wrestle at Wrestlemania 30 and take up 2 of the marquee matches

  68. Yea, the political power play would be great. One of my favorite "what ifs" is if Rock never left for Hollywood. Hed be the undisputed #1 guy at the time HHH was really gaining power within the company. The political battles between those two would have been insane

  69. What's next, everybody wanting to see Debra's 50 years plus puppies at Wrestlemania 30?

  70. I would much rather see HBK vs. Bryan than see Austin make a comeback.

  71. I would much rather see HBK vs. Bryan than see Austin wrestle another match.

  72. Undertaker losing the Streak to SuperCena is turrible. Cena losing is also bad considering how bad he looked after losing to Rock at Mania 28.

  73. Ernie, thats tuuurrrible...

  74. I think he would actually be a good corporate champ since he's already a HHH guy.

  75. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    I mean, it's GOOD, but...ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  76. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 8:59 PM

    Well, his last match was ten years ago and it was against The Rock. That's pretty cool.

  77. WWE Title Match
    Randy Orton v. CM Punk - No desire to see this at all. Really the only guys I'd want to see Punk fight are Lesnar, Bryan, or Austin.

    Undertaker v. Brock Lesnar - Even though it was like 10 years ago, it still feels like "been there, done that". Cena is the money match.

    Daniel Bryan v. Triple H - I'd be cool with this match.

    World Title Match
    John Cena v. Sheamus - Again, feels like I've seen it a million times. Cena should be doing special attraction matches at this point.

    Goldberg v. Ryback - Never was much of a Goldberg fan and STILL I wouldn't want to see Ryback go over him.

    Cody Rhodes v. Goldust - I'm fine with this.

    I'd much rather see:

    UT Vs Cena

    Punk Vs Brock III (HIAC)

    Bryan Vs HHH

    Rhodes Vs Golddust

  78. Big Dick McGillicuttyOctober 25, 2013 at 9:07 PM

    You could have Cena/Taker Pt. 1 at WM30 with John coming *this close* to ending it, and if Taker can go again you get the rematch at 31.

    It's been said a million times, but if Cena ends the streak its only use is to fuel a heel turn. The only other person he could lose to for it to have any meaning doesn't exist yet; it has to be someone fresh enough for it to elevate and cement his career, but already over enough to have people interested and for it to be believable. Daniel Bryan comes closest in this regard, but who knows how long he'll even stick around.

  79. Just to take the Attitude Era stuff over the top, bring back Austin as the guest enforcer. Just to get all the nostalgia stuff out there in one match.

  80. Yea, Id prefer they end it to really get a younger guy over, but that guy doesnt exist right now. IF I had to book it, itd book it like you laid it out...go Taker/Cena at 30, have Cena lose by a hair. Hype the rematch for like 6 months for 31 and then go with the Cena turn at 31. This wigive WWE a whole year to fibd the new #1 face, either Punkbir Bryan, and get as much as possible off Cenas face run and both Cena/Taker matches.

  81. If we're doing this. . .

    Wrestlemania 30:
    - John Cena vs. The Undertaker
    - CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar
    - Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

  82. I'm absolutely on-board with that. Makes the most sense and has the highest buyrate potential, IMO.

  83. Heat? Undertaker works once a year and Cena is perpetually over as one of the top five guys of all-time. The heat for the match would be tremendous and that's all that matters in these 'special attraction' type matches.

  84. The match does nothing for either guy anyway. The dream match/special attraction type matches exist in a vacuum. They pop a big buyrate and the world goes back to normal afterward. Just doing the Taker-Cena match would be high profile enough to get the buys and deliver the biggest marquee match they have left.

  85. Yea, we didnt know it was his farewell match at the time though. Didnt appreciate the gravity of the moment.

  86. Agreed. Extreme minority opinion here, but I didn't give a shit about Austin back then--I sure as shit wouldn't now...

  87. Punk and Bryan hug it out to end the show and WWE gets back the WrestleMania XX ending.

  88. WrestleMania 30 is real simple for me. If they book Cena/Undertaker they have my money. Regardless of the rest of the card I will plop down however much it costs. I'll even get the HD. If they don't book Cena/Undertaker they do not have my money. Regardless of the card. Extreme I know, but damnit I want that match.

  89. At super-smark Wrestlemania, Cena is NOT treated like a face. The crowd will be 99% in Taker's favour if this match happens

  90. Nothing that happens on Smackdown matters.

  91. Orton will never be as big as Cena, he wasn't even as big as Batista, and Punk and Bryan have certainly eclipsed him in the last few years.

    Orton's fine as a second-tier guy, and should be utilized the same way as, say, Show, Sheamus, ADR, Rey, Kane, etc.

  92. That's absolute garbage. Orton in the main event is just...awful. Taker/Lesnar is a waste of time for everybody. Cena/Sheamus? Huh? Goldberg hasn't worked a match in 9 years and doesn't need to come back and give a rub to his ripoff that nobody cares about anyway.

    It's simple. Book the Cena/Taker match. Taker comes back early to avenge the wrongs of his old nemesis Triple H and wins the title from Orton @ Survivor Series. Cena wins the Rumble and plays tweener between then and Mania with Hunter trying to butter him up. At Mania, you can go two ways. Cena turns heel (Yes, Scott...we know it won't happen) and aligns with HHH to win the title and end the streak OR Taker goes out on top with the title and retires right there. Either way, it's a monumental ending that an event like this deserves.

    Lesnar/Punk. Enough said.

    Daniel Bryan vs. HHH (HBK as special referee....dun dun dun)

    Those are the 3 big matches. Throw in another special attraction match featuring Rock and a solid undercard and you have a special event.

  93. I was actually at his last match in Seattle and have zero recollection of it because there was no fanfare and it was by far the least compelling match the two ever had. I think it went on like...4th to last or something.

    In a funny way maybe it worked out better that way, the Stone Cold character never would've cried in the middle of the ring and waved goodbye anyway.


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