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WWE #! alternate covers...

I can place most of the references, but the Punk one is so jam-packed that it's hard to keep up.  The corner boxes themselves are ripe for discussion.

WWE and comic books are such a natural combination that I'm shocked they've never been able to pull it off before.  The audiences overlap and the larger-than-life characters totally lend themselves to the format.  

Plus they couldn't be any worse than some of the crap that came out during Villain's Month.  


  1. Yeah, Kofi was probably a bad example. Come to think of it, they actually have far more cartoonish/comic book personalities on the roster than I'm giving them credit for, upon second examination. Guys like Santino, Fandango, Tons of Funk, Los Matadores, 3MB, Khali, Sin Cara, Big Show, Sheamus, R-Truth, Paul Heyman and even the Ryback.

    Hopefully, these comic books are ridiculous, like that weird WWE spy novel that was published a few years back.

  2. Your_Favourite_LoserOctober 17, 2013 at 12:06 AM

    this is what the punk cover is based on. i recognized it immediately, and it makes sense given punks love of 'its clobberin' time'!


  4. Is the WWE Superstars cover based on an old Superman, where he's told he's no longer needed? That's what it looks like to me.

  5. I must track that down! It sounds like a ridiculous train wreck. OF COURSE Vince would make himself leader of that team of covert agents,

    Chavo? Really?

  6. Because Mick Foley is writing, I'm going to try out the first issue, because why not.

    Slightly off topic, I wish we had a regular Wednesday/Thursday comics thread for those of us that read. I know they don't usually get a lot of posts in the thread, but they usually have some good discussion.

  7. Anyone reading Villains Month? Mostly forgettable one-shots, but The Riddler one was excellent and Penguin was pretty good. Harley Quinn was dark as hell but they'll retcon it within 2 months.

    Surprisingly The Joker issue is the worst one I've read.

  8. I'm really thankful that Villain's Month is over. I skipped over a lot of Point-Whatevers of books I normally read because I just didn't give a crap about the villains.

    And the ones I did buy I just felt blah about because there was a lot of weak sauce released. Mostly Superman/Green Lantern/Justice League books, though I skipped about half the JL villains.

    And while the first issue of Forever Evil did a good job drawing me in, the second issue was the definition of decompression filler. It should have been the "Villains Month" issue of Teen Titans, since the next issue of TT ties directly into that issue.

    September is not a very fun month for comics anymore. Last year's Zero issues were bland, and now this, even though DC is doing some good stuff. Overall, though, it's starting to feel like a miss.

  9. Yeah, if I'm not mistaken, the Mark Henry one is a homage to one of the early Spidey/Venom covers.


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