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A+ Match of the Day

We'll stay in the 80s and go even a little further back to enjoy some more of the Madness. Originally I was looking for that Flair-Santana match that was referenced in another post yesterday. Found it, found another one I liked more and decided to save them. Then I saw a Savage-DiBiase match I liked but I was searching for the one I loved, still can't find that. In the process of searching I found a Savage-Santana no-DQ match from Toronto that without watching I could tell it wasn't going to suck. So enjoy this one while I search for the rumoured Cena-Orton three-hour empty arena iron man no disqualification falls count anywhere with interjected 15-minute promos match. It's got to be on Dailymotion somewhere.


  1. Seriously: This is cool.

    Asshole: How does it feel to be on the wrong end of evolution, Steve? Knowing your job will be swallowed up by the "modern media" some day, probably sooner than your retirement?


    But seriously, great article. And TNA live is damned fun, even if not as "big and famous" as WWE live.

  2. I've been amazed at the fact I've had a job in newspapers as long as I have (10 years now). I'm having fun starting to adapt things into a new digital structure. This year alone, we got a new website, started to push video and social media and are really expanding our digital presence.

    But I still wouldn't be surprised if my paper doesn't exist in less than 5 years... Not because of bad editorial management, mind you.


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