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A+ Match of the Day

I was going to post the Team DX wipeout of Team RKO at the 2006 Survivor Series because it had the rare teaming up of HBK, HHH and Punk. But I didn't like the video quality. Then I thought about the DX-RKO tag match at New Year's Revolution 2007, which would be mark the second time HHH tore his quad while working a match but I'll save that. Instead you get this mighty Smackdown 8-man match -- DX, Cena & Undertaker vs. Orton, CM Punk and 7 out of 8 ain't bad (sorry Ted Dibiase Jr., I had high hopes for you.). Enjoy this one.


  1. Who would have thought that Cody was going to be the one to have a great career after the Legacy breakup? Everyone was thinking Ted's going to be the next big star. Well, people have been proven wrong before.

  2. Cody always had a better look, a flashier move-set and better promos. I'm not surprised at all.

  3. Fun match, for sure.
    Not to threadjack, but I'm sure that everyone who gets the WWE Mobile service received a text this afternoon, regarding the most recent HHH sit-down interview. In the interview, they bring up "Rumors" that the Big Show would be joining the Authority. Is that *really* the direction they're going? Big Show is going to turn YET AGAIN? I get it, red herring, but I wouldn't be surprised by (another) heel turn and title run.
    I joked to my friends before this video came out that a Double Turn would be ridiculous and awful, and's probably the perfect way to put a coda on this stupid fucking storyline. Ironically, in doing so...they basically recreated the ENTIRE Show/Laurinitis feud from early Summer 2012, the one that led to No Way Out.
    So, to recap...
    --Bryan cleanly defeats John Cena to become WWE Champion.
    --Orton cashes in Money in the Bank and defeats Bryan with HHH's help.
    --The Authority (kayfabe) fucks Bryan over at every turn, leading up to Hell in the Cell, where Bryan is killed off once and for all (as a title threat).
    --Big Show and the McMahons babble about an angle that is not only unrealistic, but just plain stupid. None of us have any sympathy for a wealthy guy who made mistakes with his money.
    --Big Show and Orton settle feud, and if everything plays out, there will be a double turn at Survivor Series.
    Exactly WHO are we trying to push here?

  4. Jacking my own thread:

    They did a good job. And yeah Regal's piece on the "tribute" show was chilling in hindsight.

  5. HHH.

    Get with the Program.

  6. This whole situation just sucks. The murders, the condition of his brain,... everything about it is just tragic.

  7. It started with the Dashing gimmick, but for me, it really took off when he got the mask.


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