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Bryan comment on your blog

"Let's be brutally honest here:  if Daniel Bryan drew money like the Rock or Steve Austin, this wouldn't be an issue."

But isn't it kind of hard when your on screen boss won't show ass like Austin's on screen boss did?  If I as a fan am being brutally honest I'm saying the way he's been booked post summerslam has been a big issue. And that issue has a nose the size of California and an ego that doesn't match his accomplishments both inside and outside of the ring. Triple H to me is a guy bitter that he never became the in ring God like his hero Flair or buddy Shawn or had the mainstream media success of a Rock or Austin. So he constantly tells us how great he is and how bad others are in the hopes that eventually we'll believe it just as much as he wants to believe it.

Arguments about HHH aside, WWE follows the numbers much closer than we do (duh) and there just wasn't evidence that Bryan was drawing on top, so it's totally justifiable on their part to pull the plug and go back to Orton and Cena again.  Is it good or risky or desirable?  No, of course not.  But Vince loves money even more than he loves bodybuilding competitions, and if the numbers were behind Bryan than he would get all the protection in the world and no one would ever steal his catchphrase.  But house shows are way down, PPV is flat or down, and we all know what the ratings are like lately.  

I don't agree with the strategy, but I certainly understand it.